Cleaning Your Gutters Or Eavestrough To Protect Your Home

When it comes to home maintenance, there’s nothing more annoying than the task
of cleaning out your gutters or eavestrough. It’s dirty, it’s arduous, and it can even
be dangerous since you have to do it all while 6 feet up a ladder. However, keeping
your eavestrough clear of debris is vital to protect your roof and home from damage.
But we’ll go over everything you need to know about cleaning your eavestrough and
how Leafguard can help ease the process.



How To Clean Your Eavestrough


The first and most important part of cleaning your eavestrough is to safely position
your ladder against the side of your home. Use a stepladder whenever you can
where the ground is solid and level, and if you have a two-story home, use an extension
ladder, but ensure that it’s securely leaned against your home.
You’ll want to wear gloves to protect your hands and use two buckets: one for the
debris you collect and the other for any tools you use. Start cleaning your eavestrough
near a downspout, clearing larger debris like leaves by hand. For smaller,
compacted debris, you can use a scoop or a trowel to remove it.
Once you’ve cleared the debris, you’ll need to remove and clean downspout
strainers, then, using a garden house, flush out your eavestrough with water,
ensuring that it comes pouring out of the downspout unobstructed.



Having Your Eavestrough Professionally Cleaned


Because cleaning your eavestrough is such a messy and potentially dangerous
process, many people choose to have their eavestrough professionally cleaned. And if
you feel unsafe using tall ladders or you simply don’t want to have to deal with the
arduous process, you can turn to Trades By Jack for eavestrough cleaning.
Also, in addition to cleaning your eavestrough, we’ll closely inspect it to see if there are
any parts that need to be repaired. These include broken pieces, missing parts, any
signs of sagging, and any sections that have started pulling away from your home.
Quickly identifying and repairing your eavestrough allows it to better protect your
home from damage that will result in costly repairs in the future.



Install LeafGuard For Better Protection


If your eavestrough system is old, damaged, or you’re simply tired of constantly
having to clean it out, you can install a new LeafGuard eavestrough protection
system to eliminate the need to clean them. LeafGuard gutters feature a built-in
hood that is guaranteed to keep your eavestrough clog-free. As a result, the one-piece design
allows water to flow in through the front-facing entrance while keeping debris out.
Trades By Jack can install a LeafGuard system for homeowners in Mississauga and
other cities in Ontario and throughout the GTA. Also, if you’re tired of standard gutter
covers that can damage the shingles on your roof, visit our website at and contact us today to find out more about how a LeafGuard
system can help protect your home. Then you’ll never again have to worry about cleaning
out a messy eavestrough! Also, you’ll get to meet a friendly Jack of all trades and learn about the many offerings there are at Trades by Jack.
Because Trades by Jack is a multi faceted organization, we can offer you many different ways of making your home safer and more beautiful. As well as keeping our customers off the ladder to clean their gutters, we also keep them off the ladder at Christmas time with our Gemstone Lights. And you can check it all out at Also, check out our youtube.

Man Cleaning Gutters on a Ladder Against a Brick House

The LeafGuard Gutter works using the principle of liquid adhesion.

Water rolls into the gutter while debris is shed off.

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