Different Types of Eavestrough Systems and Materials

When considering a new eavestrough installation for your home, you have several options to choose from. Most homeowners in Toronto do not know much about their eavestrough systems. Most assume that eavestroughs are just that, eavestroughs. They are not aware that there are several types of eavestroughs made from different materials. As long as the eavestroughs do their job, many homeowners rarely care about the type of material from which they are made. The role of eavestrough is to collect rainwater or winter thaw from the roof and divert it away from your home and the surrounding property. Failure to dispatch rainwater away from the foundation could lead to foundation damage and expensive repairs. The eavestrough systems add to the overall image and curb appeal of a home by giving the eaves of the roof a complete finish. However, not all eavestroughs are the same. There are two main eavestrough designs. Moreover, eavestrough can be made from six different types of materials.

What Defines Eavestrough Types?

Most eavestroughs are defined by their shape and where they are mainly used or installed. The two primary eavestrough types are K-style and half-round eavestroughs. Here are the key features of K-style eavestroughs:

  • They consist of flat bottoms and backs. They are mainly appropriate for modern or newer homes.
  • K-style eavestrough is front-facing, consisting of a decorative shape that is similar to a crown moulding.

Below are the key features of the half-round eavestrough:

  • They have a round semi-circle shape. They are popular in historic or older structures.
  • They are usually made of metal and have lesser capacity than the K-style gutters.

The Material Composition of Eavestroughs

In terms of the material composition of eavestroughs, homeowners have many options to choose from. Below are some of the materials that you should consider if you are planning a new eavestrough installation or upgrading your current eavestrough system:

  • Aluminum – Aluminum is the most commonly used eavestrough manufacturing material. Due to its lightweight, aluminum is easy to mould and install in any structure. Aluminum is also popular because it is rust-resistant and will not rust when it comes into contact with water. The material is available in several colours; homeowners have the freedom of choosing the colour that suits their home best.
  • Copper – Copper is also a common material in eavestrough manufacture. Compared to aluminum, copper is heavier and less versatile. The key benefit of copper is that it is rustproof and long-lasting. Unlike aluminum, copper cannot be painted. It takes longer to install because it needs welding and is more laborious.
  • Seamless aluminum – Seamless aluminum is typical in continuous eavestrough, which is made at the job site. There are fewer chances of leaks with seamless aluminum since the gutters do not contain joints and hinges. Seamless aluminum is more costly than standard aluminum, but its benefits outweigh the additional costs.
  • Steel – Steel is also a common eavestrough manufacture material. Despite being very heavy, steel is extremely strong. However, since it is prone to rust, the longevity of steel is questionable. Steel is available in several colours and can be painted as desired. The main downside of steel is its high installation cost.
  • Vinyl – The main benefit of vinyl is its affordability. Vinyl is lightweight and easy to install but limited in terms of colour choices. Compared to aluminum, vinyl is less durable, especially in cold weather conditions. Vinyl doesn’t rust even when exposed to rainwater.
  • Zinc – Unlike other metals, zinc doesn’t need to be painted. It is also extremely long-lasting. It is hard to install because the joints and seams have to be welded.

Choosing the Right Eavestroughs for Your Home

Eavestroughs are an important component of your home. If you are looking to renovate your eavestroughs or replace the existing one, you should know these crucial factors to consider in choosing the ideal eavestroughs:

  • The biggest choice to make when installing an eavestrough system is the type of materials. You can choose from stainless steel, copper, aluminum, vinyl, and PVC.
  • Consider the appearance that your eavestroughs will give. Eavestrough should complement the exteriors of your home to enhance the curb appeal.
  • Irrespective of the type of eavestrough that you choose, all eavestroughs require proper maintenance and upkeep. If you have a challenge identifying the ideal eavestroughs for your home, you could seek the assistance of a professional installation expert.

Eavestrough Installation

Some materials like standard aluminum and vinyl are easy to work with, making them ideal for DIY projects. However, it is advisable to leave the task of eavestrough installation to the professional. During eavestrough installation, several factors should be considered in addition to the choice of material and the colour. The additional factors that you should consider are:

  • The pitch and the size of your roof
  • The incline and the slope of the gutters
  • The fascia board’s condition
  • Safety
  • Gutter capacity depending on the gutter dimensions

You can only achieve an optimal performance of your eavestrough system by ensuring that you install it properly. This is the reason why you should have an experienced eavestrough installation expert who understands different types of eavestrough materials and their installation requirements. You can count on the team at Trades by Jack for all your eavestrough installation and maintenance needs.

Maintaining Your Eavestroughs

Alongside our eavestrough installation expertise, Trades by Jack provides maintenance services to ensure that your eavestrough system functions optimally. We have extensive knowledge of roofing systems. We can integrate any eavestrough system into your roof. You can count on our unmatched workmanship in terms of:

  • Eavestrough inspections and repairs
  • Regular gutter cleaning services
  • Leaf guard installations to ensure that your gutters are free from debris and leaves

The performance and the longevity of your eavestrough system will depend on many factors, including cleaning and maintaining the eavestrough system regularly. You cannot afford to neglect your eavestroughs, given the harsh seasonal weather conditions in Toronto. For reliable and experienced eavestrough installation, cleaning, and repair, we invite you to contact Trades by Jack for reliable services.

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