Eavestrough Installation Cost in Toronto

Eavestrough installation costs in Toronto will vary depending on various things, including the material and the labour requirements during installation. The typical cost of galvanized or aluminum eaves ranges between $4 and $9 per foot. Vinyl eaves are much cheaper; their cost ranges between $3 and $5 per linear foot. Vinyl eaves are much easier to set up than aluminum or galvanized eaves. These costs mainly apply to a DIY eaves installation project. If you involve a professional eavestrough repair and installation company, the total installation costs may range between $1050 and $2400. Below is a breakdown of the prices that you need to consider when carrying out an Eavestrough project:

Labour Costs

If you decide to have the eavestrough installed by a professional, you should set aside some money to cater to the labour costs. An experienced expert will install the eaves in a short time. Roughly, it may take a contractor around 7 hours to install a 50-foot segment. Therefore, the contractor might take up to three days to complete the entire project resulting in labour costs of around $2200.

The Cost of Removing and Disposing of the Old Eaves

You will also incur some costs in removing and disposing of the old eavestroughs—the cost of professional eaves removal and disposal averages around $100.


The prices of eavestroughs vary greatly depending on the material. Vinyl and PVC are the most affordable eaves materials. The cost of plastic eavestroughs ranges between $4 and $9. Steel eaves are cheaper, with a cost of $2 to $4. Aluminum eavestroughs are the most expensive, with a cost of $20 per foot.

Cleaning Costs

To prevent your eavestroughs from clogging, it is advisable to have them cleaned at least three times a year. The average cost of professional eavestroughs cleaning is $100. If you opt to get a system, the cost for DIY is $1000, while for a professional setup, the cost is $5,000.

Downspout Screens

In addition to eavestroughs installation, you may also decide to install downspout screens. Downspout screens redirect floating debris from the downspout opening, allowing water to drain out instantly. If you are in an area prone to icing, you should consider installing heating components while installing eavestroughs.

Calculating How Much it Costs to Install an Eavestrough in Toronto

The best and the most affordable eavestrough installation in Toronto is the seamless aluminum gutters. They cost around $15 per linear foot. On the other hand, copper gutters are more expensive, costing around $35 per foot. The price will vary depending on the market value. The eavestrough installation costs will vary greatly depending on the material that you choose. The contractor that you choose to work with will also determine the installation cost. Installing around 200 linear feet of gutters will cost you around $1,500 for a DIY project. The installation cost could go up to $3000 if you hire a contractor. Even though hiring a contractor is initially expensive, it will benefit you in the long term.

Whether the High Cost of Eavestrough Installation is Worth It

  • Most homeowners spend between $2,500 and $3,500 to install 100 linear feet of gutters. While installing copper eavestroughs, the cost might be as high as $2,500 to $ 3,500 per 100 linear feet. The question is: is the high cost of eavestrough installation worth it? The cost of installing eavestrough might seem extremely high. However, considering the expensive damages that result from damaged gutters, the cost is worth it:

The common problems that result from damaged eavestroughs are:

  • Erosion of your home’s foundation
  • Mould growth in the attic
  • Basement flooding
  • Rots in the roof

If any of the outlined problems occur due to damaged eavestroughs, you will incur thousands of dollars to fix the problem.

The Cost of Different Eavestrough Materials

The eavestrough installation cost will vary depending on the eavestrough material that you choose. The common options are:

  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Vinyl

Steel eavestroughs are a great choice because they are long-lasting irrespective of the climate. The price of galvanized steel eavestroughs starts from $16 and could go to as high as $26. In areas that experience frequent severe weather, steel gutters are ideal.

Copper eavestroughs are the most luxurious and go a long way in boosting your home’s curb appeal. They cost around $35 to $40 per linear floor. Copper eavestroughs are mainly installed for aesthetics.

The Cost of Installing Aluminium Eavestroughs

Aluminum eavestroughs are more costly than vinyl but cheaper than galvanized steel and copper. They are a worthy investment due to their durability and lightweight. Aluminum eavestroughs are also easy to install.  The cost of aluminum eavestrough installation will vary depending on: construction height, labour rate, and eavestrough duration.  The installation cost will also depend on the number of corners, hangers, couplers, and downspouts. The supply and installation of aluminum eavestrough will cost around $5.54 per foot. For a DIY project, the installation cost will be around $3.15 per foot. Other costs include the costs of filler substances, which will vary from $1 to $3 depending on the type of filler material.

You may choose to install downspout screens alongside gun guards, and this will further contribute to the costs of installing eavestroughs. Below are some additional cost factors that you should consider while installing aluminum eavestroughs:

  • Aluminum is light and prone to dents; it also requires regular painting, and this will add to the costs.
  • License fee and taxes aren’t included.
  • The price increases if you are constructing a two-storey house.
  • You should also consider eaves removal costs by a contractor and the eaves cleaning costs.

The Cost of Installing Eavestrough Guards

While choosing the ideal eavestrough guards, you should first consider the types of trees that grow around your home. These guards play an important role in preventing debris, leaves, and other sediments from entering the eavestrough. How much does an eavestrough guard installation cost? The cost may vary depending on the type of guards you want and the number of eaves needed, and whether you will install the eavestrough guards yourself or seek the help of a professional installer. The average cost of eavestrough guards ranges between $7.50 and $10. If you go for more intricate and advanced eaves guards, the price will increase.



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