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An eavestrough system is an integral component of every Burlington home and business. The system not only diverts rainwater and melting snow away from the foundation and siding but also helps wash away debris that could damage your property.

You should keep your eavestrough in good working condition to avoid clogging following rainfall or snowfall, prevent a leaky roof, pest infestation, mould formation, and improve curb appeal.

If you start noticing leaks, sagging, the eavestrough pulling away, missing sections, or pooling water, it is time for eavestrough repair Burlington. At Trades by Jack, our team has experience fixing eavestroughs through realigning the entire system, fixing sagging, re-sloping, and replacing the affected sections. If your eavestrough system is not serving its purpose or requires regular cleaning or repairs, we also do LeafGuard gutter system installation. LeafGuard is a patented debris shedding system that keeps leaves, insects, and even pollen away, ensuring you never have to clean your gutters again. We are the exclusive LeafGuard gutter dealer in Burlington and the rest of the GTA. Get in touch with us for exceptional eavestrough heater installation, repair, cleaning, and other exterior home improvement services.

Eavestrough Installation Process in Burlington

Our eavestrough installation process is straightforward yet comprehensive. Our team has the training, experience, and tools necessary to do the job perfectly and within a short period.

Step 1: We inspect the current eavestrough system to understand the cause of the problem. This ensures that the problem does not recur with the new eavestrough system. We will then remove the old gutters and prepare the area. We are careful not to damage the fascia board when removing the old metal. The preparation involves:

  • Replacing rotten wood in the soffit and fascia
  • Repainting the fascia
  • Fixing loose shingles
  • Fixing tears in the eaves of the roof

Step 2: Next, we measure the roofline to get accurate dimensions. We lay the eavestrough on the ground directly below where we want to attach it to get a better visualization of where to cut. Once we’ve figured out the dimensions, we use a set of tin snips or a hacksaw to cut the eavestroughs and then smoothen out the jagged or sharper sides with a file. Cutting the eavestrough at the site reduces the chances of errors.

Step 3: Once we’ve cut the eavestrough, the next step is installation. Our team has the training and experience necessary to get this right, and we usually need just one day to complete the installation. We finish by applying a sealant on all holes and elbows connecting eavestrough materials to prevent leaks.

The climate in Burlington consists of heavy rains and cold winters, which make eavestroughs a must-have for every property. Eavestroughs prevent damage to your roof, foundation, basement, and landscape. However, if your eavestrough system is not serving you as it should, it is time to call the Trades by Jack team for a new installation. We have years of experience installing and repairing eavestroughs in Burlington.

Signs that your Burlington Home Needs Eavestrough Repair

It is crucial that you discover problems with your eavestrough system in good time to prevent costly water damage. Below are signs that you need immediate eavestrough repair Burlington.

  • Leaks due to separating seams: Mend separating seams to prevent leaks. Seams of sectional eavestroughs have the tendency to give way due to normal tear and wear. Alternatively, you can install seamless gutters.
  • Peeling paint: Peeling paint is an indication that the area is getting excess moisture, which indicates that the eavestrough above could be leaking.
  • Basement leaks: A leaky eavestrough can cause water to find its way to the basement, causing flooding or mould damage.
  • Sagging and pulling away: Eavestroughs sagging or pulling away indicate that the eavestrough system is unable to handle the demands. This could be due to decayed fascia or poor installation.
  • Missing sections: It is not uncommon for entire eavestrough sections to fall off, such as during strong winds or heavy rain.
  • Clogging: If you notice debris is getting backed up, this is an indication the downspout is not working properly. If cleaning does not work, you may need to replace the downspout.
  • Cracks: A small crack will most definitely lead to a bigger crack and eventually leaking and should be fixed immediately.
  • Pooling water: Pooling water at the base of your home shows that your eavestrough system is faulty.

Why Choose Us

At Trades by Jack, we have experienced eavestrough installation experts who can help examine your eavestrough system to detect problems before they exacerbate. We will clean eavestroughs where the problem is clogging. For bigger issues, we will advise you if you need eavestrough repair Burlington or a completely new system. Our goal is to minimize the amount of maintenance needed for your home.

We ensure you never have to go up the ladder again to clean or repair your eavestroughs. The LeafGuard system is guaranteed never to clog. This is important considering that non-occupational falls account for over 160,000 ladder injuries every year, according to statistics from the Ladder Safety Institute.

Eavestrough Repairs

Eavestrough problems will cause untold damage and issues in your home. These include rotten soffit and fascia boards, basement flooding, mould and mildew, landscape erosion, damaged roof, driveway and foundation, and insect and pest problems. Sometimes cleaning is sufficient to prevent clog-related issues, but some problems require repairs.

Our eavestrough repair Burlington depends on the root cause of the issue. What works for sagging will not work for corrosion. At Trades by Jack, we specialize in the following eavestrough repairs:

  • Re-sloping: We do this repair to fix sagging. This involves setting the eavestrough at an angle that slopes towards the downspout. We maintain the recommended slope of 1/4-inch per 10 feet of eavestrough.
  • Installing missing sections: Some eavestrough sections can be dislodged by strong winds. We will fix these for you.
  • Downspout repairs: We fix loose and disconnected downspout cross-sections and elbows. Downspouts can be dislodged by extreme weather.
  • Fixing leaks: The most common cause of eavestrough leaks is holes, cracks, end caps, and loose fasteners. We fix leaks using glues, adhesives, or sealants – most manufacturers recommend compatible sealants. We clean the inside of the area using a water and soap solution, rinse it, dry it, and apply a liberal amount of the sealant.
  • Fixing backflows and overflowing: Backflow and overflowing can be caused by poorly situated eavestroughs, clogging, and improperly installed flashing. We fix this by realigning the eavestrough system to a more effective configuration.
  • Re-routing and redirecting downspouts with extensions: We redirect water from the base of the eavestrough to an area further away from the foundation.

Eavestrough Cleaning

You should clean your eavestroughs and downspouts regularly to prevent clogging. Clogging causes water to overflow and leads to water damage to the walls and fascia boards. Clogging also increases the weight the eavestrough system and roof have to support, reducing their lifespans. Cleaning your eavestroughs also prevents insects and rodents from nesting and breeding and prevents basement flooding. In addition, it improves the curb appeal and keeps the exterior landscape tidy and structurally sound.

If possible, clean your eavestroughs at the beginning of every season. The bare minimum is twice a year, during the fall and spring, when you have more leaves, twigs, and branches falling. The frequency should be determined by the amount of debris accumulating, which depends on such factors as how many trees are in the area and the type of trees.

Below are four reasons why you should leave eavestrough cleaning to a professional:

  • Safety: Eavestroughs are hard to reach. While climbing the roof may look easy, cleaning the eavestroughs while balancing on top of a ladder is not. There is a risk of slip and fall accidents. A professional will have the necessary experience and safety gear to do the job safely.
  • Expertise and equipment: More often than not, you will not have the right equipment to clean the eavestroughs. A professional eavestrough cleaning crew will have the tools and equipment needed to reach even the most hidden parts of the eavestroughs. A professional is also less likely to cause further damage to a damaged eavestrough system.
  • Convenience: A professional eavestrough cleaner will take less time on the job. Hiring a professional to clean your eavestroughs also gives you peace of mind.
  • Comprehensive services: A professional crew will not only clean the inside and outside of your eavestroughs but will also inspect the whole system and make the necessary fixes before the cleaning.

At Trades by Jack, we are the exclusive supplier of the high-quality LeafGuard systems in Burlington and the Greater Toronto Area. This seamless gutter system is guaranteed to never clog due to its patented one-piece debris-shedding design. It features the ScratchGuard paint finish that won’t peel, chip, crack, rot, or rust. We will cut it at the site to custom fit it to your home. The LeafGuard system protects your home from water damage, including:

  • Mould and mildew
  • Rotting soffit and fascia boards
  • Leaks and flooding of the basement
  • Foundation damage
  • Landscape wash-outs
  • Insect and bird nesting problems
  • Leaks inside the walls, doors, and windows

Statistics show that 8 out of 10 incidents that go wrong in a home today have to do with water damage. Protecting your home from water damage starts with installing the proper eavestroughs. Reach us today for LeafGuard installation.

Prevent Water Damage to Your Burlington Home with the LeafGuard System

LeafGuard has a seamless one-piece design that is stronger and more durable compared to what is on the market. LeafGuard gutters can handle up to 32 inches of rain per hour, which is way more than what you will ever receive in Burlington. The aluminum used in LeafGuard gutters is 20% thicker than that of standard eavestroughs, and the downspouts are 30% larger than what the competitors are using. LeafGuard gutters protect your home from issues homeowners worry most about, including:

  • Mould and mildew
  • Basement flooding and leaks
  • Rotting soffit and fascia boards
  • Foundation damage
  • Landscape erosion
  • Insect and pest problems
  • Roof damage
  • Damaged driveways

Eavestroughs Replacement

You should clean and repair your eavestroughs regularly, so they work as expected and increase their longevity. However, there comes a time when repairs are not enough, and the eavestroughs have to be replaced. Key indicators that you should replace your eavestroughs include:

  • Missing sections: If too many sections have been blown off by winds, fallen off, or pulled away, it is time to replace the eavestroughs.
  • Leaks: Leaks on the seams and cracks can be fixed using an adhesive, but too many cracks or leaking seams call for eavestrough replacement.
  • Sagging and pulling away: If sagging is not fixed in good time, the eavestrough will start pulling away. If the eavestrough is sagging or pulling away in multiple sections, it is time for a change.
  • Pooling water: If water starts pooling at different areas of your home, your eavestrough is giving way and needs to be replaced.

At Trades by Jack, we install LeafGuard gutters for our Burlington clients. This seamless one-piece gutter system is guaranteed never to clog. It comes in different shapes, styles, and colours. We are the exclusive dealer of the system in Burlington and the GTA. Call our team to arrange for your gutter replacement. 

Heater Installation

Burlington winters are very cold. This exposes your eavestroughs to ice and snow build-up, which can cause overflowing and backing up. This can cause damage to your fascia, foundation, and roofline. Eavestrough heating helps prevent snow and ice build-up, protects your home from water damage, protects family and vehicles from falling icicles, increases the longevity of your eavestrough system, and helps you avoid regular repairs, among other benefits. At Trades by Jack, we have vast experience with eavestrough heater installation. 

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