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Eavestrough Repair EtobicokeWater is usually a major cause of problems at homes or offices, but the damage it causes is mostly avoidable. A fully-functional gutter is always enough to keep those problems from manifesting, but many property owners normally downplay their role. The more you ignore your eavestrough, the more excess moisture gets into the property interior sections and starts causing rotting on the wooden structures. If the spilling water becomes too much, the soil around your house will be swept off, and in worst cases, the landscape becomes damaged.

Professional Eavestrough Repair and Installation in Etobicoke

At Trades by Jack, we recommend giving as much attention to your gutters as you do other house elements to ensure they last long. We can help you find a good gutter system for your situation and install it; all you have to do is call us.

Signs You Need Eavestrough Repair for your Etobicoke Home 

As a homeowner, the last thing you may want to hear is gutter repair, but sometimes it’s a necessity that you can’t ignore. The following signs can guide you in making that decision.


Most gutters only show cracks when it’s shining and there aren’t any clouds. Smaller cracks may be easier to see during a storm. Regardless of the size or how they look, cracks should be repaired quickly. Leaving them will only cause more leaks.

Separating seams

When the areas where different sections of the gutter meet start to separate or show signs of distress, the gutter may be falling apart. Some of the sections may even go missing. Seams can sometimes be repaired, but you should be ready for the same problem after a short while. That is why our experts recommend a seamless system.

Peeling paint

If paint on the gutter, the nearby walls, or fascia begin to peel, they are absorbing too much moisture. Some of the wooden parts may sag, but even if they don’t, inspecting the gutter and repairing the damage is crucial.

Other signs are gutters that are pulling away, pooling water, and rotting.

Why Choose Us

Apart from the years of experience we’ve amassed as a company, Trades by Jack also offers the best warranties in Etobicoke. We don’t send you amateurs to repair your eavestrough, and we don’t take the gutter problems lightly. We understand every aspect of a roof and how it works with a gutter system. We also know the features of various eavestroughs, which enables us to suggest the best ones that won’t have you preoccupied with maintenance.

We also aim to keep property owners safe and reduce the statistical numbers of accidental falls by none professionals. Your safety and long-term business mean a lot to us. That is why we only give you the best services, products, and advice.

What is The LeafGuard Advantage?

LeafGuard Keeps Out







LeafGuard eliminates ladder-related accidents


fall fatalities
(age 65-74)


non-occupational ladder
falls per year

10 feet

average height
of fall

Eavestrough Repairs Etobicoke

An eavestrough only performs its duties when it is fitted on the roof properly. Without that, you will encounter common gutter problems more frequently, and the eavestrough will fail in fulfilling its main role. You should always monitor your eavestrough and contact the experts if you see any of the signs above.

If you need a company that will keep your eavestrough working throughout, look no further than Trades by Jack. We offer excellence when dealing with eavestroughs because, to us, these systems are not supplemental. From eavestrough selection to inspections, we are the best in the industry. We are always looking forward to sharing our know-how and expertise with Etobicoke residents. Give us a call.

  • Downspout Repairs: 

If you have seamed gutters with separate downspouts, then you’re likely to deal with more repair than those with seamless gutters. The areas where they are joined may become loose at any time.

  • Repair of Damaged Pipes: 

Eavestrough pipes can also become loose occasionally, and if not spotted in time, can cause a lot of moisture issues. Foreign objects and poor installation are usually the main cause. It’s always better to change the whole system and not the section of the pipe that is damaged only.

  • Addition & Replacement of downspouts: 

Pay attention to the gutter elbows and call us if they show any problems like being loose or leaking. Issues with cross-sections are also indications for repairs.

  • Re-Route & Redirect with Extensions: 

Some eavestroughs that are installed as DIY projects or by professionals who don’t care will end up draining water improperly. Clogged or damaged eavestrough can also cause water to overflow too close to the foundation. Adding extensions or re-routing them will channel the water to the right place. Get an expert that knows how to handle the installations without damaging the rest of the system.

Eavestrough Cleaning Etobicoke

Many homeowners mainly don’t like to hear about gutter cleaning, but it’s part of the responsibility of having a gutter system. Cleaning doesn’t just remove detritus; it also removes ice and snow during winter. Timing the cleaning process correctly influences the kind of results you get. It has to be at the correct time of day and the right season. This, and the danger that the job poses, are why you’re encouraged to hire professionals instead of DIY cleaning. Consult us for information about when and how cleaning should be done. Professionals will give you many other advantages, including:

  • Safety: 

Apart from knowing the dangers of the job and how to navigate through them, professionals also have insurances that can cover liability and medical expenses in case of injuries.

  • Quick and efficient: 

When you hire an expert, your gutter system will be thoroughly cleaned within a day or a maximum of two days. They complete the job faster and don’t leave any place untouched.

  • Equipment: 

Since they already provide such services to many other people, they have invested in the most advanced equipment that they will use to deliver the services you need.

  • Many services: 

Professionals offering gutter cleaning services also specialize in other roofing systems. They can identify potential gutter problems as they clean and may even solve them if they are not too time-consuming.

Trades by Jack replaces and repairs various types of roofing elements. We can give you a new eavestrough system, complete with soffits, downspouts, and fascia. We also engage in a wide range of repair services that will keep your fascia from decomposing, fungi from growing on your house, excess moisture from your basement, and ensure the foundation remains safe. Our services will also keep away insects and pests from invading your roof or attic. Reach us today to start the process of getting LeafGuard gutters.

While all gutters carry water from your home, you can expect only from LeafGuard to do it with a patented and debris shedding design that, in fact, is way better than any other gutter guard on the market these days. In addition, no other gutter system is designed to provide LeafGuard’s level of quality protection, abolishing the problems most homeowners worry about:

  • Rotting fascia and soffit
  • Damaged foundation
  • Basement flooding
  • Damaged driveway
  • Landscape erosion
  • Damaged roof
  • Mold and mildew
  • Insects and pests

Eavestrough Replacement Etobicoke

Every property in Etobicoke needs a working eavestrough to remain in perfect shape. Without one of these, your home will soon succumb to many water-related issues ranging from rotting wooden frames to rapidly growing mould. You may be tempted to install one of the regular gutter types, but that will only result in more problems. You will spend most of your time devising ways to keep it clean or repair one damage after the other. A LeafGuard system is the best option to avoid such problems.

Regardless of the type of gutter you decide to install, knowing the signs that it’s time for a replacement is crucial.

  • Leaks: 

If you don’t see an actual leak, search for rust or stained areas around the gutter. Stains can come off as orange spots on walls, fascia, or even the eavestrough repair. Don’t ignore the smallest sign of leaks.

  • Missing sections: 

Seamless gutters don’t usually have missing parts, but seamed ones do. This problem interferes with the flow of water and should be rectified immediately for that smooth flow to resume. Check areas where two eavestrough parts are joined together because they are usually the weakest in the link.

  • Pulling away: 

If the boards used on the fascia absorb a lot of water, they will expand and cause the eavestrough to pull away from the wall. You don’t need an expert to identify this problem. Just check the gap between the gutter and the roof.

  • Sagging: 

Like pulling, sagging is caused by the availability of excess water. Call a professional to check if it is being caused by a bad installation, poor quality eavestrough, or decomposing fascia.

  • Pooling water: 

When water doesn’t flow, your gutter system isn’t doing its job. Several factors can cause pooling, and they all need to be addressed quickly.

Choosing a good installer is just as important as choosing a high-quality eavestrough system. It ensures the system is put in place in a way that optimizes its functionality. If you get the best system, but it is installed by unreliable personnel, you will still have erosion, overflows, and other related problems.

Trades by Jack can help you select and install the most durable and reliable gutter systems. We take pride in protecting Etobicoke homes and businesses through our unequalled LeafGuard systems. The compatibility of these systems will ensure you find one that matches your design style. You won’t be constricted by one colour either.

Inspect. Measure. Install.

Step 1

Check and
remove old

Step 2

gutter onsite

Step 3

installation in
one day

LeafGuard is custom fit by our professional installers to the exact specifications of your home. No need to worry about performance, fit or unsightly seams. With LeafGuard enjoy clog free gutters guaranteed. Get it and Forget it!

Eavestrough Installation Etobicoke

Getting low maintenance and highly functional eavestrough starts with making the right selection when hiring an installation partner. Look for a company that has the same objectives as you and can help you keep your costs low.

At Trades by Jack, we know that an eavestrough can solve a lot of problems and make the homeownership journey more enjoyable, which is why we don’t take them for granted. We also know that they can disintegrate with time and will need to be replaced. That is why we offer unmatched installation and repair services.

Etobicoke Eavestrough Installation Process

We usually take a step-by-step approach when installing LeafGuard systems. It helps us keep everything on track without consuming too much time or complicating the process unnecessarily.

Step 1: Some of our team members will visit your property and discuss your needs before assessing the installation area. We’ll remove the old eavestrough and clean up space, then sort out the existing problem by targeting the root cause.

Step 2: We’ll bring the new LeafGuard to the job site, take measurements of the roof, and cut the eavestrough according to those measurements to get the perfect fit we are looking for.

Step 3: Our team will suspend the eavestrough in place by using special hangers that won’t give in to the harsh weather conditions or damage your roof by creating holes. We’ve done such installations numerous times before, so you can be sure we won’t make any mistakes.

This process is simple but detailed to ensure you get the kind of eavestrough that will protect your investment as it should. Our LeafGuard systems also never disappoint. You will have a sufficient system to redirect water and snow-melt to the designated place for as long as possible. Whether you want a brand-new system or you want to try to restore the current one, you can rely on Trades by Jack to provide solutions that work for you.

Why Choose Professional Eavestrough Installation in Etobicoke?

Avoid the common temptation of installing your eavestroughs yourself. When you work while trying to balance on a ladder, this is an obvious safety risk. A professional will have the necessary safety gear and will be insured in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Most eavestrough and roof manufacturers will not honour the warranty unless eavestrough installation is done by a certified professional. Hiring a professional gives you unparalleled convenience in that you do not have to bother with permits, and the installation will not eat into your work and social life.

When you hire a professional, you do not have to buy ladders and other equipment and tools, meaning you end up saving money. A professional will have the experience and skills necessary to do a good job the first time out. A good installer will advise you on such matters as where to buy the best gutters at a good price and will offer a workmanship warranty.

Free Estimate

When you hire us for LeafGuard gutter installation, we will deploy a gutter installer to evaluate your current gutter system with the view of pinpointing problems that need fixing before installing the new gutter system. These include rotting soffit and fascia boards that may need replacement, nearby trees that may require trimming, and so on. Our installer will give an honest assessment and make recommendations.

The installer will then take measurements to determine how much material will be required. After a brief demonstration of how the LeafGuard system works, your installer will then give you a written estimate right there and then.

Call us to find out more about the cost of the LeafGuard system and our offers.

Quality Eavestrough Installation in Etobicoke Done in Just One Day

For your LeafGuard system to serve you as it should, it should be installed by an experienced professional. We complete most LeafGuard installations within one day, sometimes less.

When the team gets to the site, they begin by disassembling the old gutter system. We will then custom-make the LeafGuard systems on-site based on your home’s exact measurements. We have the necessary tools and equipment for this, including our roll-forming machines to shape the gutters.

Once the gutters have been cut and formed, we will then insert the hangers 2 feet apart and connect the gutters to the fascia board. We use high-quality internal fasteners and screws.

We pay particular attention to the pitch to ensure water flows efficiently. This is followed by downspout attachment and reinforcement and finally, debris removal.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the attentiveness this company showed. They made sure the LeafGuard matched my house design perfectly. At first, I thought the gutter only looked great, but a few days ago, I confirmed it works great as well.”

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