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Excess moisture can cause a lot of damage to your house and landscape. When you don’t give the water a proper direction, it will damage your siding, ruin your landscape, and cause erosion from the foundation. A gutter system is the best solution, and Trades by Jack is the best company to implement that solution. We service Kitchener and other Ontario regions, and we look forward to sharing our expertise with you.

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Professional Eavestrough Repair & Installation Services For Kitchener ResidenceEavestrough Repair Kitchener

Signs You Need Eavestrough Repair for your Kitchener Home


Water leaks in sectional gutters and overflowing in one-piece gutters are some of the crucial signs you should never ignore. These can be caused by various factors and solving them means discovering what those factors are.


Sagging is another important sign to look for. It doesn’t just make your home look unattractive; it also hinders proper drainage of water from the roof. Repair techniques range from replacing rotten fascia to choosing the best materials.

Missing components

Parts of the eavestrough system may loosen and fall off, showing that the entire system is at risk of doing the same. Repairing the missing parts before the whole gutter system is damaged can help you save your property.

Collected water

Water that pools near the base of your house show that the gutter system is no longer capable of redirecting the water.


The gutter system is supposed to be part of the roof, but sometimes it will start to pull away. The main reason for that is sagging, which means that fixing what is causing the sagging will fix the pulling.

Why choose us

Studies by Ladder Safety Institute have shown that more than 160,000 people get injured when they climb ladders to fix their roofs. To avoid being part of the statistics, hire a reputable company to handle the repairs for you.

At Trades by Jack, we strive to be different from other service providers in the Kitchener region. We have highly skilled workers that have mastered the art of gutter repairs. Over the years, we have specialized in our home improvement abilities and are dedicated to keeping you from taking the risk of climbing the roof on your own. Safety is one of our priorities. We will make sure your roof remains in an excellent state without putting anyone in danger.

Eavestrough repair Kitchener

Whether you experience common problems like sagging or uncommon problems like damaged soffits, Trades by Jack is here for you. We take pride in solving all types of gutter problems on commercial and domestic properties. We assess every situation to find a befitting solution for each. That is why sometimes we may repair the entire system by replacing a single section.

We also take all the essential factors like the number of downspouts needed to make the system effective into consideration. We never rush our services, but we still try to finish early so you can resume your normal routine. With us, you won’t have ice sheets on your driveway or walkway. You won’t experience other problems like overflowing gutters during winter and splitting pipes.

We do repairs on:

  • Downspouts: These are pipes that lead water away from the eavestrough system. They must remain securely connected to the gutters for the system to be efficient. We also add new downspouts where necessary and can replace old ones as well.
  • Gutter pipes: Pipes can split, and sometimes the joints and seams become loose. Debris can also get stuck in the gutter pipes and cause water to overflow. We take damaged pipes seriously and will fix them urgently.
  • Extensions: Pooling water is a common problem in many Kitchener residences, and one of the best solutions to it is the addition of extensions. Re-routing the water is the best way to keep your house safe.

Eavestrough cleaning Kitchener

Every gutter system should be cleaned at least twice a year. However, for best results, cleaning once every season is better. You can time the cleaning to seasons when there’s a lot of debris and dry leaves. If you can only afford cleaning twice a year, do it in spring and fall.

If you live in an area with many trees, especially pine trees, the cleaning should be more frequent. Investing in a quality leaf guard can reduce the need for cleaning, but you should still have experts inspect the gutters for dirt regularly.

Why hire professionals

Some of the reasons why you should hire a qualified gutter cleaner and not clean it yourself include:

Safety: Don’t put yourself and your loved ones in danger by attempting to clean the gutters yourself. Let experts who have mastered the art of climbing ladders safely and cleaning effectively do the work instead.

Professionalism: Cleaning gutters is a difficult task that can consume too much of your time if you don’t know what to do. Experts will take less time but still give you excellent results.

Equipment: Gutter cleaning companies already have the equipment they use to access and clean every part of the gutter system. They also know how to use the equipment to access the gutters from all angles. Our company also know effective and safe cleaning supplies to use, making us your best gutter cleaning partner.

Multiple services: Instead of cleaning the inside the gutters and leaving the outside area, professionals will go the extra mile to clean every inch of the gutter. Additionally, experts will inspect and repair small damages found in the process.

Leaf guard installation is part of our roofing services, and we get it right from the leaf guard selection to the installation. We offer services aimed at helping you avoid problems such as:

  • Decaying fascia
  • Leaking walls and basements
  • Problems with foundations
  • Bird nesting and insect infestation

Eavestrough Replacement Kitchener

Eavestrough systems form a big part of gutter systems and may have to be replaced for the system to continue functioning optimally. Systems that are working correctly will have water flowing freely and away from the house. You may also have to replace your gutters even if you clean them regularly.

Signs that a replacement is needed are:

Leaks: In most cases, leaking gutters can be restored by repairs. In other cases, replacement is the best and most cost-effective solution. If the leaks keep recurring even after repairs, it’s time to replace the gutter.

Missing parts: Strong winds blowing off seams and other small parts of the gutter system is common. If the missing parts are replaced, the gutter system resumes its operation.

Pooling water: Water can pool at the base of the house to show that there is a problem with the system.

Sagging panels: This is one of the most visible signs. If you notice the space between the roofline and the eavestrough widening, call for a replacement immediately. Sagging can be because accumulated dirt in the eavestrough causes too much pressure on the panels.

When you have eavestrough systems that work, you won’t worry about erosion or too much moisture around the windows, roof, and foundation. Our gutters are meant to help you avoid common problems property owners experience with poor disposal of rainwater and snow melts. Be assured that working with us means getting rid of all your gutter problems.

Since every home has a different style, our gutter systems come in different styles, colours, and shapes. They also have built-in hoods that give them added protection. Call us today, and we’ll get you problem-free gutter systems.

Eavestrough Installation Kitchener

If you want an efficient roof without worrying about what it will cost you, install an eavestrough system and keep it in working condition. Trades by Jack can help you with all your roofing needs, especially with gutter installations and maintenance. To us, having an eavestrough system isn’t enough. It has to serve its purpose. We can restore failing systems and keep perfect ones from failing. We also take pride in our professionalism. We won’t disappoint you.

Get an eavestrough in three easy steps

Eavestrough installation process doesn’t have to be complicated for the system to work effectively. We do it in three simple steps, but we still give you exceptional results.

#1 Inspect the Area

We’ll begin by inspecting the area before we remove any existing eavestrough. We also look for damages that could hinder the proper functionality of the new leaf guard gutters.

#2 Customizing the Eavestrough

For the leaf guard systems to function optimally, they must fit properly. We take measurements of the area and use them to cut the eavestrough material to guarantee precision. Customizing the gutter guards also helps us complete the job faster.

#3 Install the eavestrough

We’ll put the eavestrough in place. Our reliable team will ensure there are no mishaps during this process. We’ll try to be quick with the installation to avoid disrupting your regular routine too much. However, we won’t compromise the quality of our work and will give you five-star services. We won’t take more than 24 hours on the site.

Get a quotation

Trades by Jack issues free no-obligation quotes to all clients interested in our services. We serve the Kitchener area and the entire GTA diligently. Feel free to contact us today, and we will give you more details about our services.

“I could go on and on about this company saying nothing less but wonderful things. From the sales agent, to the men that came to do the install, to the customer service. Highly recommend this company to anyone. You're valued and appreciated and they make sure you're very happy throughout the entire process from start to finish.”

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