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Eavestrough Repair NewmarketWater is essential for life, but it can also have devastating effects on buildings. Common effects are rotting of wooden structures, cracking walls, eroded landscapes, and peeling paint. However, all these are avoidable when you have proper water drainage from your gutters.

Professional Eavestrough Repair and Installation in Newmarket

Trades by Jack has been providing premium gutter systems to the residents of Newmarket for the longest time and can help you with the repairs or installations you need. We know everything about eavestroughs and will help you get befitting solutions to your needs. Our goal is to equip your home with the finest gutter system, so you don’t spend most of your time searching for repair personnel or fixing damages. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call us today.

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Signs You Need Eavestrough Repair for your Newmarket Home 

Most people often ignore the warning signs that an eavestrough needs repairs, and it ends up costing them dearly. If you notice any of the signs below, contact Trades by Jack immediately.

Splitting: Gutters that crack or split may appear in different magnitudes. You can ignore smaller cracks, but when they get bigger, you will have to repair them. The longer they remain, the wider they get, and the more they cause leakages.

Sagging: This is the easiest sign to notice because you won’t need to climb a ladder to get a closer look at the gutter. Most gutters sag when they are weighed down by excess water, and when not dealt with, they will begin to pull away from the roof. It’s rare to have pulling gutters that aren’t sagging; if you see one, get help as soon as you can.

Overflowing water: When water pools in the eavestrough, it will start to overflow and damage the areas it wasn’t supposed to reach in the first place. Debris build-up is the major cause of pooling or overflowing water and in most cases, cleaning the gutter gets back optimal flow.

LeafGuard is the only system that carries water away from your home better than any other gutter guard on the market nowadays. LeafGuard’s patented and debris shedding design provides a high-quality level of protection, eliminating the problems homeowners worry about:

  • Rotting fascia and soffit
  • Damaged foundation
  • Basement flooding
  • Damaged driveway
  • Landscape erosion
  • Damaged roof
  • Mold and mildew
  • Insects and pests

Why Choose Us

We are roofing contractors that are easy to reach. You can contact us whenever you need help with your eavestrough, and we will try to assist you without delay. We are also specialists in gutter systems, which means we won’t mislead you or take advantage of you in any way.

We serve our clients to help save as much as possible, which is why we consider how long the services we give you will last. We strive to reduce the number of accidental falls that has been rising steadily in Toronto in recent years. By making professional services easily accessible, you won’t have to try the repairs yourself.

Eavestrough Repairs Newmarket

Repairing a gutter isn’t supplemental and should never be perceived as one. Regardless of the cause of the problem, or sign showing, your gutter should be treated with the utmost care when being repaired.

Trades by Jack has experience handling all types of gutter problems, including sagging, pulling, and clogging. We have done common repair routines like re-sloping and realigning many times, and in most cases, we do partial replacements or repairs.

We consider all the essential factors, including the size and type of downspouts. Our repairs are geared towards eliminating water problems in the house, ice sheets on pavements, and splitting gutter pipes.

  • Downspout Repairs: 

Gutters that don’t have in-built downspouts usually disconnect when the natural elements become too much. If left unattended, the problem will only worsen.

  • Repair of Damaged Pipes: 

One of the common signs of damaged pipes is dampened ground near walls. They usually start as cracks and may split with time. An inspection can help discover them, and a whole replacement may be a more economical solution for long-term goals.

  • Addition & Replacement of downspouts: 

Sometimes a single downspout is not enough to drain water properly, especially if it doesn’t match the house size. Our technicians can replace them with more efficient options that are also the right size.

  • Re-Route & Redirect with Extensions: 

Gutters that are installed too close to the exterior wall will not drain water at a safe distance, which will lead to water pooling close to the house. Gutters that become loose or worn out can also lead to pooling water. Both scenarios require urgent repairs for the house to remain protected.

Eavestrough Cleaning Newmarket

Gutter cleaning can be occasional or regular, depending on the type of system you have. Most of the regular gutters have to be cleaned every season, but some can function well with cleaning twice a year. Others like the LeafGuard system may require once a year cleaning routine.

This form of maintenance doesn’t just take away the debris and foreign elements that could clog the pipes; it also ensures the gutter lasts longer, as indicated by the manufacturer. If you don’t have a good LeafGuard in place, be ready to pay for more frequent cleaning. Hiring gutter cleaners will bring you several advantages such as:

  • Safety: 

By making sure you don’t climb dangerous ladders or hang around the site during cleaning, professionals ensure you remain safe throughout the gutter cleaning process.

  • Quick and efficient: 

Having handled such processes for longer, professional gutter cleaners offer high efficiency that you can’t find in a non-professional. They do the job fast but exceptionally well.

  • Equipment: 

The equipment that professionals have, together with their knowledge, training, and experience with cleaning, surpasses any effort by a homeowner. Avoid the hassle and hire them for superb results.

  • Many services: 

A professional cleaner will not clean inside the gutter and leave the outside untouched. They will touch every corner and crevice and will inspect the system while at it. In most cases, they will give you a comprehensive report on the condition of the gutter and the measures you should take to make it better.

Trades by Jack offer comprehensive roofing and home exterior services to both domestic and commercial property owners. We have advanced knowledge and skills to solve a wide range of problems, including rotting fascia, foundation and basement leaks, fungi growth, soil erosion on the landscape, and animal infestation problems.

We handle all the factors that can affect the structural integrity of your home, which includes soffit and fascia repairs. We believe that such services contribute to your home value, and we want you to have the best.

LeafGuard keeps out:







LeafGuard guarantees:


No Clogging


No Cleaning


No Leaking


No Water

Eavestrough Replacement Newmarket

No matter how much you try to keep your eavestrough in good condition, there comes a time when you have to install a new one. Common reasons for eavestrough replacement are low-quality gutters, poor installation, and longevity. Our friendly team can help you even if you’re unsure about the exact problem or if a replacement is necessary. Talk to us, and we will figure it out together and implement a solution that will keep problems at bay.

Some of the signs that can show you if a replacement is the best option are:

  • Leaks: 

You can discover leaks by checking if the gutters have stains underneath them or if the paint starts peeling. Regardless of what causes the leaks, replacing the whole gutter system may be better than sealing the leaks.

  • Missing sections: 

Connected gutters have screws that can come off at any time, breaking the seamlessness of the system. The break will interfere with smooth water flow, which will result in improper drainage. Once the water starts flowing where it shouldn’t, the problem will keep recurring until you get a new eavestrough.

  • Pulling away: 

Pulling means the gutter will be separating from the fascia, enlarging the space between the system and wall. Such eavestrough may also sag due to excess water presence, making repairs short-term solutions.

  • Sagging: 

Sagging may happen if the fascia can no longer support the weight of the eavestrough or if the eavestrough is not installed accordingly. Have a professional replace the fascia boards and install a better-quality gutter system.

  • Pooling water: 

Pooling can happen on the eavestrough or the ground under it. Don’t ignore a sudden increase in dampness near the house. Have a new gutter instead.

Apart from channelling water away from the internal house structure and exterior elements, an eavestrough also allows you to have the perfect landscape with rich soil and the ideal layout. Without a good eavestrough and excellent installation, you will have many problems in different sections of your house, ranging from the roof to the basement.

With the kind of systems that Trades by Jack provides, clogging, leaking, and every other water-related problem will be in the past for you. We match every eavestrough with the respective roof to guarantee tight-fitting that won’t result in sagging or any other problem. Our LeafGuard gutter systems are also the best.

Eavestrough Installation Newmarket

Making sure that your eavestrough is always working perfectly is the only way to ensure your home remains safe without spending thousands of dollars each year. You can start by choosing the optimal gutter system – the LeafGuard that Trades by Jack provides. You can also rely on the quality workmanship of this company during a new installation or replacement. Our roofing and exterior remodelling company will make sure you get gutter solutions that are only suitable for your needs to get you the personalized services you deserve.

Inspect. Measure. Install.

LeafGuard is custom fit by our professional installers to the exact specifications of your home. No need to worry about performance, fit or unsightly seams. With LeafGuard enjoy clog free gutters guaranteed. Get it and Forget it!

sturdy one piece design

Step 1

Check and remove
old gutter

sturdy one piece design

Step 2

Fabricate customized
gutter onsite

sturdy one piece design

Step 3

Easy installation in
one day

Newmarket Eavestrough Installation Process

Every installation we do is tailored to meet specific needs. We only follow three simple steps, but they get the job done as expected.

Step 1: Assessing your needs is the first step to getting you a befitting installation. We try to find possible causes of the problems with your current gutter and how to solve them permanently.

Step 2: We cut the new eavestrough as we prepare it for hanging. We make sure it has the exact size of the roof and the same style as your exterior design.

Step 3: Our team hangs the gutter system. We make sure it works with the rest of the elements like the soffits and can function effectively. Since our gutter systems already have built-in gutter guards, installation is a seamless process that we get right at the first attempt.

Investing in a good eavestrough is one of the best decisions you can make for your business or home. You will be making sure your premises stay safe and comfortable for a very long time, which will also bring you great returns in terms of property value appreciation. We have been providing exclusive eavestrough repair services in Newmarket for a long time, making us one of the best companies you should rely on.

Why Choose Professional Eavestrough Installation in Newmarket?

Installing gutters yourself without the necessary experience, tools, and equipment may lead to costly mistakes. If you are worried about the cost, note that having to buy the tools and equipment needed for installation will still bring the total cost of the project up.

A professional gutter installer will be able to quickly pinpoint potential issues with your home, such as rotten fascia boards and provide solutions for the same. Gutter installation requires working at heights, which brings the possibility of accidents into account. A professional will not only have the necessary safety gear but will also be insured, indemnifying you in the unlikely event of an accident.

With DIY gutter installation, there is a risk of voiding the manufacturer warranty of your gutter system and your roof. Other benefits of hiring a pro are that they will deal with permits and get rid of debris after the job.

Free Estimate

At Trades by Jack, we have a team of licensed and experienced gutter installers who will visit your home for the first initial assessment. The aim of this assessment is to see your current gutter system and determine what ails it. The installer will then give you an honest assessment and make recommendations. The installer will then demonstrate how the LeafGuard gutter system works, take measurements of your home, and then provide a written estimate. At Trades by Jack, we give free, no-obligation estimates. Call us to find out more about LeafGuard gutter system costs, our gift cards, seasonal sales and other incentives.

Quality Eavestrough Installation in Newmarket Done in Just One Day

Thanks to its seamless design, installing the LeafGuard system is pretty simple. It usually takes our team 1 day, sometimes less, to do the installation.

The process starts with dismantling the old gutter system. We will then cut and roll foam the gutters on-site based on your home’s precise dimensions. We have the necessary tools and equipment for the job, including a special roll-forming machine.

Once the gutters have been rolled, the gutter inspector will insert hangers 2 feet apart. The gutters are then connected to the fascia board using high-quality screws and an internal fastener designed to withstand North America’s harsh weather conditions.

During the installation process, the installer will ensure that the pitch is sufficient for efficient water flow. The process ends with downspout attachment and reinforcement. We will remove all debris before we leave the site.

“I was impressed with the way workers paid attention to detail. I couldn’t tell if they had done a good job, but I got proof when it rained yesterday. They proved that they are masters when it comes to eavestrough installation.”

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“They were on time, did a great job and cleaned up at the end of the day. It has rained since the installation and everything looks good, no issues. Great job and would recommend them for sure!”

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