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Eavestrough Repair OshawaHaving a strong roof is not enough to protect the house from rain, snow, and wind. You need a stronger eavestrough that will withstand those elements and make sure water doesn’t fall closer to the house. Without one, excess moisture will start seeping into the ground and getting into the foundation and basement. Water that is not redirected can also damage your foundation and other elements that are farther from the house. For instance, it can cause erosion that will eventually tamper with your landscape.

Professional Eavestrough Repair and Installation in Oshawa

Getting a dependable gutter system is not a problem with Trades by Jack because gutter system installation and repair is our main area of specialization. We are also the main LeafGuard dealer in Oshawa and the larger GTA area. We take pride in helping homeowners regain optimal protection from the changing weather conditions.

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Signs You Need Eavestrough Repair for your Oshawa Home 

Several factors can show you that it’s time to change your eavestrough system.


In most cases, gutter systems start to sag when they can no longer withstand the pressure that comes with their functionality. They may not be able to hold the amount of water coming through or could be weighed down by debris. In other cases, they sag when the fascia boards begin to rot or when installed hurriedly.


Water leaks are more rampant with gutter guards that are joined together. The joints will give in to the pressure and start leaking. Sometimes this is a sign that the eavestrough is old. Either way, you need a better gutter system as soon as possible.


If you notice the gap between the eavestrough and the wall getting wider, call professionals immediately. Such pulling gutters cannot drain water properly and are usually affected by the same factors that cause sagging.


The main purpose of eavestrough is to serve as an outlet for the water from the roof. When that water isn’t being drained at the appropriate place, you’ll know you have a problem.

Missing parts

Missing sections are only common with regular gutters. They may fall on the ground underneath the gutter, but sometimes they get blown by wind further away. With LeafGuard systems, you won’t have missing parts.

Why Choose Us

Trades by Jack values customer service and satisfaction, which is why we make sure our teams are masters in their respective fields. When delivering any service, whether an installation or eavestrough repair, we think about what it will cost you to maintain and how well the gutter will serve you long-term.

We try to reduce the number of non-occupational falls that residents have in Oshawa by reducing the need for climbing ladders to clean gutters. By making our services easily available, we give you the option of not trying the maintenance procedures yourself and putting yourself at risk in the process. Call us for professional and friendly services that will guarantee your safety.

LeafGuard Gutters Warranty

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Lifetime No Clog Warranty

Guaranteed for the Life of Your Home or LeafGuard will clean it out for free.

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Limited Lifetime Paint Finish Warranty

  • Exclusive ScratchGuard® Paint Finish
  • No Chipping, peeling or cracks

Eavestrough Repairs Oshawa

Although repairing your eavestrough system is possible, it is not always the best solution. Problems like sagging, clogging, pulling away, and overflowing are likely to recur even after repairs if the gutter system is not strong.

Most repair professionals realign or re-slope the eavestrough to regain its functionality, and others prefer to replace the damaged area. It’s important to note that these are good temporary solutions, especially when you have a very tight budget. The best solution will be to replace the entire system with a higher-grade gutter system that will not require regular repairs and maintenance.

Downpipes are essential to eavestrough repairs. Their position, size, length, and number all determine how well the eavestrough will drain water.

  • Downspout Repairs: 

When you have joint gutter systems, downspouts can disengage when the weather elements become too much. Leaving your downspouts unrepaired will result in water reaching the foundation and causing it to rot.

  • Repair of Damaged Pipes: 

Eavestrough pipes can also fail when too much debris accumulates in them. Joined pipes may start leaking at the connected areas, or the corners may wear off and eventually give way. Inspecting them regularly to ensure they are clean can keep them in good condition for longer.

  • Addition & Replacement of downspouts: 

We can replace sections of a gutter system that are missing or loose, especially if they have to do with downspouts. It’s still better to have a seamless system that won’t have specific parts breaking apart.

  • Re-Route & Redirect with Extensions: 

Excess moisture near your walls and foundations can cause a lot of problems if left for long. That usually happens with cross-sections and gutter elbows, but it can be solved by redirecting the water to the right place. Remember, even if the gutter system is working properly, but the water is draining at the wrong place, you can still have dampness near the foundation.

Eavestrough Cleaning Oshawa

Ordinary gutter systems require cleaning, even if they have gutter guards. Without the guards, you may end up clearing off debris at least four times a year, but with them,  cleaning twice will be sufficient. Spacing your cleaning routine correctly can help reduce the frequency with which debris will gather. For instance, cleaning in spring and fall when a lot of leaves fall can keep you from cleaning during the other seasons.

If you can afford to, have professional cleaning services once a year, regardless of whether you have trees nearby or not. However, this can be very costly, but it will protect you and your loved ones. Other reasons why hiring professionals is a better option are:

  • Safety: 

Professionals know how to navigate different types of roofs safely, which reduces the chances of accidents occurring. This is better than climbing a ladder yourself and endangering your life.

  • Quick and efficient: 

Gutter cleaning is not a simple process – only experts make it look easy. They take less time but will get you the best results.

  • Equipment: 

Not every household tool and cleaning product is good for your gutters. Hire professionals with all the right equipment to get them to the roof and clean all parts of the gutter efficiently.

  • Many services: 

Most gutter cleaners will go beyond the cleaning to ensure your eavestrough is in good condition. Most inspect and identify signs of problems with the gutter when cleaning. Some even repair minor damages, which saves you money.

Trades by Jack has the best solution to all these gutter problems. We will take away the headache of having to look for a professional service provider regularly. Our LeafGuard systems will prevent damages caused by excess water such as:

  • Growth of mould
  • Leaking in the basement, walls, and windows
  • Eroding landscape
  • Insect and rodent infestation
  • Issues with foundations

Preventing all these problems is better than waiting until they occur before fixing them. Contact Trades by Jack today, and we’ll give you the best gutter systems.


Years of





Eavestrough Replacement Oshawa

When eavestroughs are clean and not obstructed by leaves, twigs, or gathered dirt, they allow water to flow through easily and drain at the right site. That is why they need to be installed correctly and cleaned regularly. However, even the best care and maintenance is sometimes not enough to prolong the lifespan of a regular eavestrough. You will be forced to replace it at some point, especially if you have the regular gutter guards.

Choose the LeafGuard gutter when it comes to replacement. You will get more value and a very durable gutter system that you won’t have to tend to for many years.

Factors for replacement are:

  • Leaks: 

The more weather takes a toll on the gutter, the more it is likely to start leaking. In most cases, repaired leaks still recur, making replacement the best option. Insist on a quality gutter system that won’t need additional services.

  • Missing sections: 

Sectional gutters will separate or fall off after some time. It’s easy for the parts to separate and be blown by the wind. Replacing the entire system is better than repairing or replacing the parts that are missing. If possible, get a continuous system that won’t have missing sections.

  • Pulling away: 

Pulling gutters separate from the roof, which makes them dysfunctional. By the time they start to pull away, your fascia boards could be rotten, rendering repairs fruitless.

  • Sagging: 

Decaying fascia boards or improper gutter system installation are some of the factors that cause sagging. It’s possible to realign the gutter, but for a better, long-term and cost-effective solution, replacement is a good idea.

  • Pooling water: 

A well-installed gutter will lead water away from the house. Noticing water or increased dampness near your walls are, therefore, signs that it’s not doing its job, and another one should be put in place.

An eavestrough protects your immediate surrounding as much as it protects your house, which is why we stress proper installation. If not handled by professionals, you may end up with a gutter system that is not doing its primary function. Bad installations can also result in regular clogging or leaking that will result in constant repair costs.

Trades by Jack gives you a gutter system that fits in with your roof perfectly and is not joined. We customize them to fit the specifications, but we don’t join separate gutters. Our LeafGuard gutters are the stress-free solutions you deserve. You get a variety of colours and styles to choose from, but they all have in-built protection.

Eavestrough Installation Oshawa

Keeping your eavestrough in constant working condition is the best way to save money and have the protection you need. However, not everyone can spare the time or handle the amount of work it takes to maintain their perfect condition. 

Trades by Jack can make it simpler for you. We strive to be the roofing partner of choice in Oshawa and beyond. We are also always available for repairs, replacements, and new eavestrough installations. We also provide other exterior home improvement solutions. Call us for consultation, professional services, or any of our services.

LeafGuard eliminates ladder-related accidents


fall fatalities
(age 65-74)


non-occupational ladder
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10 feet

average height
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Oshawa Eavestrough Installation Process

We try to keep our installation processes simple and straightforward, but that doesn’t mean we skip any crucial step. We found a way to deliver comprehensive installations within three steps, and we don’t disappoint.

Step 1: 

We start by inspecting the current gutter system or the space for the new install. The assessment allows us to determine whether there are hidden problems like rodent infestation. We then clear the space for the new LeafGuard.

Step 2: 

We’ll measure the space and cut the LeafGuard to meet your specifications. We prefer to handle this process on the site to avoid any errors and guarantee precision with the measurements and cutting.

Step 3: 

The final step is hanging the system in place. This is a crucial step because the slightest mistake will mean starting over again. Our team takes precautionary measures that prevent any mistake and guarantees that the job is done correctly the first time. There is no trial and error with us.

Never underestimate the role of an eavestrough in a home. They may look insignificant, but the way they keep water from your essential structural elements makes them vital. If you notice any problem with your gutter, regardless of the cause, Trades by Jack will bring you the solution. Our employees are familiar with the roofing requirements in Oshawa and other GTA areas, so you have nothing to worry about. We will get your gutter in optimal condition in no time.

Why Choose Professional Eavestrough Installation in Oshawa

Hiring a professional for gutter installation offers unparalleled convenience – you will not have to take time off work, follow up on permits, and dispose of the debris from your old gutter system. It may even be the cheaper option if you do not have the tools and equipment needed for the job.

A professional is skilled and experienced, meaning they will do the work right with minimal risk of damaging the gutter system. Even in the unlikely case of unsatisfactory results, you will still be covered by a workmanship warranty. Hiring a pro is vital because gutter and roof manufacturers may fail to honour the warranty when gutter installation is not done by a professional.

Hiring a pro is the safer option. A pro has the training and safety gear needed for the job. In the unlikely case of an accident, you will not be held liable since gutter installation companies are mandated to insure their workers.

Free Estimate

When you contact us for LeafGuard installation, we will send a gutter installer to your home to evaluate your current gutter system. Our gutter installers are licensed and highly experienced. The installer will do a walkaround to determine the problem with the current gutter system. The installer will give you an honest assessment and make recommendations, such as replacing rotten fascia boards. The installer will demonstrate how the LeafGuard system works, take measurements of your home, and then give you a written estimate on the spot.

We give free, no-obligation quotes. Find out more about the cost of LeafGuard and schedule a free estimate today.

Quality Eavestrough Installation in Oshawa Done in Just One Day

The LeafGuard system features a seamless design and a built-in curved hood, which makes it easy to install. However, this is not to say that it should not be installed by an experienced and certified installer. The installation process usually takes a day or less. As soon as the gutter system gets to the site, we will dismantle the old gutter system and then proceed to cutting and shaping to your home’s precise dimensions.

Once we’ve cut and shaped the gutters, our installer will insert the hangers 2 feet apart. The installer will then connect the gutters to the fascia board using screws and internal fasteners for support.

We take time to ensure that the pitch is just right. We will then attach and reinforce the downspout. Lastly, our team will then remove all the debris.

“I got the utmost professionalism from the workers that Trades by Jack sent. I wasn’t sure about how well their eavestrough would function until it rained today, and they are perfect. I recommend them to anyone looking for a gutter systems upgrade.”

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