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Living in Ontario where you are constantly bombarded by freezing weather requires special items when it comes to home maintenance. One of the items that is often overlooked until it is too late is a heater for your eavestrough. Many don’t realize how significant such an application is. When snow and ice buildup on your roof or in the eavestrough, they can lead to water backing up and overflowing over the sides. This can lead to damage to your foundation, fascia, and roofline. Our eavestrough heaters are the best solution to the issue of buildup since they keep your eavestrough at a warm enough temperature to keep water flowing as it should and away from your home.

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Why You Need Gutter Heaters

  • Safety: Frozen water along your roof and eavestrough presents a detrimental safety hazard to you and your home. It can clog and weigh down your gutters, causing them to sag, pull away, or fall off of your house completely. Furthermore, icicles can form and drop on you, your vehicle, or anywhere else.
  • Investment Protection: When water freezes in your eavestrough, it prevents the flow of water away from your home. Instead of being redirected as it should, the water overflows over the side of the gutter to cause damage to your fascia, landscape, and foundation.
  • Save Money: The addition of an eavestrough heater to your home prevents you from having to make costly repairs in the long run.
  • Convenience: Once you have an eavestrough heater installed, you no longer have to worry about snowfall and ice clogging your gutters or clearing it away anymore.

Keep Your Eavestrough Clear with Trades by Jack

Don’t fall victim to the cold climate and have an eavestrough heater installed on your home first. Our heaters are designed to protect your investment and make your life easier. They aid in the prevention of ice damming, frozen gutters, and icicle formation. All you have to do is flick a switch and let the heater do the work for you. For more information about our eavestrough and gutter heaters, contact us today!

“Workers were very professional and thorough. The eavestroughs look great and it rained today so we got to see them working perfectly. I would recommend this company for sure.”

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“They were on time, did a great job and cleaned up at the end of the day. It has rained since the installation and everything looks good, no issues. Great job and would recommend them for sure!”

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