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Eavestrough Installation Mississauga ONAre your eavestroughs worn out and becoming an eyesore on your home in the Mississauga, Ontario, area? Do you find that you’re constantly having to risk your safety by climbing a ladder to clean them out? If so, Trades by Jack can offer a permanent solution to your gutter woes: the LeafGuard gutter protection system. This state-of-the-art product, combined with our exceptional eavestrough installation expertise, can offer you peace of mind knowing that your eavestroughs will function year-round and will never need to be cleaned.

Expert Eavestrough Replacement in Toronto

A good performing eavestrough is essential in maintaining the structural integrity of a house, which is why replacements are sometimes necessary. You need a trustworthy company to handle such procedures to ensure you get the best possible results. Trades by Jack is here to ensure you get superior eavestrough replacements when you need them.

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Why Choose Us

You need responsible and reliable installers to help you select the right eavestrough materials suitable for your commercial or domestic property before ensuring they are installed. For such experts, look no further than Trades by Jack. We take pride in helping our clients find cost-efficient gutter solutions regardless of the type of property they have. We believe that it deserves the best protection from external elements, whether the building is old or new.

Our professional eavestrough replacement team also has the fastest response time, especially when contacted for emergency fixes. We understand how the smallest crack can cause maximum damage that results in very expensive restorations. 

Some of the qualities that make us stand out include:

Warranty: We issue labour warranties for our services, which gives you peace of mind knowing your investment is safe.

Financing: We understand that sometimes roofing emergencies occur, and you may not have the funds to cater to them immediately. We have the most affordable eavestrough replacement rates that will be suitable for your budget and the job that needs to be done.

Independence: All our gutter installers are licensed, skilled, and insured. We also do background checks before hiring them to ensure you get the best services. In addition, we do the replacements and other services in-house without outsourcing from other companies.

Reach us today, and we will answer all your questions.


We issue labour warranties for our services, which gives you peace of mind knowing your investment is safe.


We understand that sometimes roofing emergencies occur, and you may not have the funds to cater to them immediately.


All our gutter installers are licensed, skilled, and insured. We also do background checks before hiring them to ensure you get the best services.

The LeafGuard Advantages Everyone Should Know

Not a single gutter system can compare to LeafGuard. The patented design of this original and only one-piece gutter system has revolutionized the whole gutter industry for over 2 decades. All of this makes LeafGuard the most trusted roof protection in Canada.

With LeafGuard, you can Get it and Don’t Regret It! All thanks to the fact that these gutters eliminate the problems homeowners usually worry about.


Clog free design


Eliminates gaps
and leaks


Debris and
weather protection


Scratch guard


Durable one-piece system


Customized to
your home

Signs That You Need Gutter Repair or Replacement Service

Many people know the importance of having eavestrough systems, but very few consider the signs of damage that should be identified and repaired to prevent gutter replacement. Knowing these signs and inspecting the gutters occasionally can help you maintain the structural integrity of your property and save a lot of money. 

Regular maintenance of the gutters is another essential factor that can also prolong their lifespan, but eventually, eavestrough replacement will have to be done. Some of the signs include:


The smallest crack on the roof or gutter is usually an indication that the eavestrough should be replaced. Water that reaches inside the house or damages the external surfaces like walls can cause damage if left unattended. Inspection is the only way to find the root cause and stop it in time. Look for stains that indicate water is flowing down on the walls, peeling paint, and moisture-related problems like mould growth inside the house.


The whole reason for installing an eavestrough is to have it drain rainwater from the roof to a predetermined location where the water will not damage the house or landscape. The trough has to be clear for it to perform its intended purpose. When filled with debris, water starts to pool and eventually overflows. If you notice water pouring over the sides of the eavestrough instead of through the downspout, check if there is an object blocking the system. If it still overflows but is clean, call Trades by Jack, and we will give you a suitable solution.


Paint used on the outside walls is usually high quality and durable, with the ability to withstand natural elements. However, sometimes paint can start to peel prematurely when exposed to too much water. That is likely to happen if your gutters are not redirecting water properly. If you notice orange flecks appearing on the walls, contact professional gutter repair professionals. In most cases, the problem can be repaired without replacing the whole system.


Sagging determines whether an eavestrough should be replaced or repaired. Spotting such an issue is very simple and does not involve putting your life in danger by climbing a ladder to inspect the gutters. Gutters that sag tend to pull away, which means you can check the gap between the walls and the eavestrough while standing on the ground. If left for long, the whole system will fail, and the only remedy will be a replacement.

Cracks or Splits

Most property owners consider small cracks and splits to be harmless and do not usually report them until they become bigger. The smaller ones also tend to go unnoticed until they cause bigger problems. The best option is to inspect and report them immediately you see them. Fixing them sooner will prevent leaks and damage to the fascia and soffit or the shingles on top of the gutters. Also, check if there is water under the trough after rainfall.

Damaged Fascia and Soffit

The facia and soffit are essential in improving air circulation in the upper rooms in the house and keeping rodents and insects away. With a good eavestrough, these fixtures remain in perfect condition for a very long time. However, when gutters stop functioning efficiently, they start to rot due to constant exposure to excess moisture. The longer the decay, the more they damage the roof and the more money you will spend to solve the problem.

Examine. Measure. Install.

Our professional experts will make sure to custom-fit LeafGuard to the exact specifications of your home. Do not worry about performance, fit, or unsightly seams. With LeafGuard, you’ll be able to enjoy clog-free gutters guaranteed. So Get it and Don’t Regret it!

sturdy one piece design

Step 1

We check and remove
old gutter

sturdy one piece design

Step 2

We fabricate customized
gutter onsite

sturdy one piece design

Step 3

We install everything
in one day

Why Is It Better To Hire Professional for Gutter Replacement

For most people, the enticement of saving a few bucks and doing gutter replacement as a DIY is too good to pass. Unless you have experience with roofing repair, hire professionals to handle the job for you. It is the only way to avoid making mistakes that could end up making the problems worse, thereby costing you too much money in the end. A licensed contractor will not make the problem worse because they have the knowledge, experience, and equipment. They also have a reputation to uphold and maintain, which is only possible when they do a stellar job. Some of the mistakes you are like to make with the DIY approach include:

Setting gutter pitch – Contrary to popular belief, gutters are not always even. For water to flow seamlessly through them, they need a slight angle that must be handled properly during installation. Experienced contractors know how to approach such aspects to ensure water reaches the downspouts by making sure the gutter system is pitched correctly. 

Possible ladder accidents – Injuries and deaths resulting from falls are common with the DIY approach when it comes to roofing services. You need extensive skills to be able to position your ladder correctly and ensure you remain stable as you work on the gutter. Experts know and have the right type of ladders to use in every situation. They also have insurance that will be helpful in case of an accident.

Wrong choice of eavestrough – Different types of eavestroughs are suitable for different properties. Some are built to handle large quantities of water, making them perfect for commercial buildings, and others are suitable for domestic properties. Distinguishing them can be challenging if you are not an expert. Call our specialists, and we will help you with the selection whether you like steel, aluminum, copper, or vinyl.

Benefits of LeafGuard Gutters

Over time, gutters are bound to collect debris like twigs, birds’ nests, and other seasonal detritus if measures are not taken to protect them. Annual cleaning is one of the necessary steps you must take, but you can also install LeafGuard gutters to reduce the debris that lands on the eavestrough. In most cases, these fixtures are installed when the house is built, but they can also be fitted in older properties that do not have them. Some of the benefits you will experience with these systems include:


In dry climatic conditions, detritus that accumulates on the eaves can easily catch fire from embers that float when you have a barbecue. LeafGuard gutters will ensure the dry, crisp leaves fall on the ground instead.


Without LeafGuard gutters, you will be forced to clean the gutters at least twice every year. With gutter covers, the frequency can be reduced to at least once every three years. LeafGuard gutters will have fewer problems, which means you will spend less time and money tending to them.


Overflowing water is usually caused by too much debris in the eavestrough, causing clogging. Without LeafGuard gutters, you will have to do frequent cleaning to ensure the gutter continues to serve its primary purpose.


When wet debris remains on the gutters for too long, the metal sheets are bound to rust. By keeping debris from the eavestrough, LeafGuard gutters reduce the chances of decay and sagging.

Superior Installations

At Trades by Jack, our goal is to provide a low-maintenance solution for your home. LeafGuard is designed to prevent clogging, and with our eavestrough replacement expertise, your gutters will also be virtually leak proof. That’s because we will size your new eavestroughs so that they fit your home exactly, eliminating the seams that are created with prefabricated systems. Seams are potential weak points where water can leak out and high winds can blow in, increasing the risk of damage. With Trades by Jack on your side, you can rest easy knowing your gutters will always protect your home without clogging or leaking. And, we’ll include a limited lifetime warranty with your LeafGuard system for added assurance that your investment is well placed.

To learn more about the benefits of LeafGuard gutters and our professional eavestrough installation services, contact Trades by Jack today. We’re the exclusive dealer of LeafGuard gutters in the Mississauga, Ontario, area, and are proud to install this industry-leading system on homes throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Limited Lifetime Paint Finish Warranty

  • Exclusive ScratchGuard® Paint Finish
  • No Chipping, peeling or cracks

Lifetime No Clog Warranty

Guaranteed for the Life of Your Home or LeafGuard will clean it out for free.

Eavestrough Heater Installation

As a homeowner in Toronto, one of the issues you must constantly deal with is the cold climate that can negatively affect your gutters. Winter seasons can become intolerable when your gutters freeze, but that can be sorted with the installation of heating systems. A heater can keep the gutters fully functional throughout the season regardless of whether ice dams form or not. 

Choosing the right heating system is as important as finding the right people to put it in place, and that is where Trades by Jack comes in. We select fast-acting systems for our clients to ensure snow buildup is melted within the shortest time possible.

Leaving snow and ice on the gutter for a long time can have detrimental effects on the property and the people inhabiting it. For instance, the accumulation of snow on the ground can increase the chances of sliding and related injuries. Similarly, ice on the gutters can form icicles that can damage properties like cars beneath when it falls or cause mould growth in the basements and interior walls. All these can cost a lot of money to repair. Avoid the risk by spending a one-time fee on the purchase and installation of a heater.

Another advantage of having a gutter heating system is the elimination of the need for regular cleaning. You will not resort to using chemicals or spending a lot of energy and time clearing the snow manually. An efficient system will also keep you from hiring professional cleaners to frequently clear ice and snow from the roof and gutters. 

Contact us today for a consultation and subsequent heater installation or other roofing services.

Examine. Measure. Install.

Enjoy clog-free gutters with custom-fit LeafGuard. Get it and Never Regret it!

sturdy one piece design

Step 1

Check and remove
old gutter

sturdy one piece design

Step 2

Fabricate customized
gutter onsite

sturdy one piece design

Step 3

Easy installation in
one day

Expert Eavestrough Installation for Homeowners in Toronto

One of the best investments you can make towards protecting your home is having eavestroughs installed, and one of the best decisions you can make is hiring Trades by Jack. Our exterior renovation specialists are best suited to handle all kinds of eavestrough installations regardless of the size or architectural design of the property. In addition, we only work with the finest systems, which is why we are the exclusive dealers of LeafGuard gutters known for their longevity and high-performance efficiency. With our services and gutter products, clogging, leaking, overflowing, and every other problem related to ineffective eavestroughs will no longer be a problem for you.

We’ve Perfected Our Eavestrough Installation Process

Unless the right method is used when installing eavestroughs, they will become inefficient as soon as they are fitted. They need to be handled with care, and the right processes should be followed to ensure they function as expected. At Trades by Jack, we do not leave anything to chance. We follow a systematic pattern that eliminates potential problems that could arise from incorrect installations.

We start by removing the old gutter and clearing the area for the new install. Our next step is to take measurements to ensure precision when we finally put the gutter in place. We will then cut the new system before finally installing it and complete all these within a day.

Our technicians are certified, licensed, and experienced. We aim for perfection with every job we handle, and your eavestrough installation will be no different. You will also get a warranty that will give you the needed peace of mind.

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Reach out to us whether you need consultation or a quotation. We issue free estimates without any obligations attached and serve the entire Greater Toronto Area. Contact us with all your emergencies and services you would like to schedule.

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