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Our gemstone lights in Toronto and Brampton have an extraordinary illumination capacity that is unavailable in most outdoor fixtures. They make your space stand out as you enjoy other benefits like enhanced security. Installation is simple and possible as a DIY. They also give users enough control room to tweak them as desired.

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Many homeowners become victims of ladder falls during the Christmas season. Some survive serious injuries, while others do not make it through such accidents. Hospital reports about the hiking numbers of emergency room visitors with such incidences serve as a testament. That means ladder falls are far from what Clark Griswold portrays them – you can hurt yourself.
You can choose a light option that prevents you from taking such a risk again – gemstone lights.


Gemstone lights are beautiful – there is no dispute about that. They are guaranteed to put a smile on your face when coming home in the evening, and some of your neighbours may even inquire where you got them. They give your property a complete transformation making it stand out within the neighbourhood. Since they are programmable lights, you can always have a different design every night without worrying about daytime visibility.

The enjoyment of playing with the colour wheel is something homeowners who have installed the lights have in common. You can use the app and watch as the colours in your property change whimsically, something that can be more fun when you share the moment with your loved ones. The app provides limitless opportunities to decorate your house however you like.


The multifunctional performance of gemstone lights makes them better than other outdoor light fixtures. It comes from their programmability, and you can change them to suit every occasion or use them as pot lights when there is nothing to celebrate. For example, you can have them match Valentine’s Day colours, St. Patrick’s Day, your favourite sports team, or any other celebration you like. You do not have to make such changes manually – you do so at your comfort using a mobile device.


Choosing our gemstone lights means getting four-channel 12-volt LED bulbs placed nine inches apart on the track. The outdoor lights also come with a timer that you can use to turn them on automatically at specific times in the evening.
That means they provide better security that you can rely on to deter burglars. Remember, homes that have proper illumination get fewer burglary attempts. Even experts agree that illuminating the property is one way of boosting security.


Gemstone lights come with the assurance of one-time purchase and installation. You will not have to budget for another outdoor light once you hang them. You save more money than you would with any other lighting option. Their low energy consumption rate is a bonus. The LED bulbs draw minimal power but provide powerful illumination that brings all the above advantages. You will not notice a change in your power bills when you buy the soffit lights.

Customized • Permanent • Year-Round Soffit Outdoor Pot Lights for All Occasions


Gemstone lights have been designed for local use, so they do not destruct easily by weather elements, especially heat in summer and cold in winter. Warping and cracking are not an issue when you purchase the lights, and neither is visually unattractive exposure. We match the light colours with the soffit to keep them less visible during the day. We also use durable metal for the tracks – aluminum is our go-to choice instead of plastic. You can be sure of utmost superiority and lasting results.


Several trips up and down a ladder to hang Christmas lights are both hectic and dangerous. An increasing number of emergency room visits from non-work-related ladder falls each year is enough proof – approximately 9000 people become victims of such accidents. Why take a chance when there is an assuring option? Our gemstone lights are guaranteed to keep you off the ladder forever. Once we place them correctly, you will never have to worry about Christmas lights again.


Gemstone lights shine bright but do not consume too much power because of the efficiency of the LED bulbs. That makes them the perfect solution to discourage potential intruders. Remember, bright lights hinder thieves – they will not have the courage to attempt a break-in. Professionals agree that it is the most effective way to enhance security in a home.



Gemstone lights in Brampton are not just safe for you; they are also better for the environment. They do not contribute negatively, thanks to their high efficiency and environmental friendliness. Other benefits they bring are numerous control options that include dimming, the possibility of using multiple switches instead of one, extensive longevity, and water resistance capacity.
Tip: Choose lighting fixtures that match the architectural design if you want the best results. Too much contrast can sometimes be visually distracting, but a perfect match blends well to create a focal point. Gemstone lights can match your soffits to create the beauty you deserve.


Imagine having outdoor lights that you can control from any point in the house. That is one of the joys of having gemstone lights. Apart from creating leeway for you to adjust the lights from any area, the soffit lights also leave room for multiple lamps instead of one. The LED bulbs do not use too much power, so you can customize them however you want.
The lights also have a programmable timer you can use when you want to turn on all the lights. You can also soften or brighten the illumination according to your mood or desire using the dimmer switches that are also available. All that is in addition to the Gemstone Lights App, which allows you to change the hues as you wish.


Soffit lights are undisputedly the best option compared to outdoor pot lights. The latter may be more popular but may not be the best solution for your lighting needs.
Soffit lights have a naturally longer lifespan that you can take advantage of, but you can practice the following measures to ensure they last as long as they should. One, ensure you hire a professional installer that can give you a guarantee – some give up to 30-year warranties. Two, choose lights made with durable metal that can withstand outdoor weather, excess moisture, and salt air.



Soffit lights are small, meaning concealing them is easy. They remain hidden from plain sight, allowing the visual focus to shift to the architectural features you want people to see. They can also provide the brightness you desire, whether soft or brighter, to prevent distractions that veer attention from the house.
Customizable features enable flexibility that every homeowner can enjoy. You can change the lights according to your home style and design preference without much hassle.
Look no further if you have been searching for a solution likely to make your home classier while improving security and enabling multifunctional usage.


It is advisable that you do not confuse soffit lights with entrance fixtures. The lights you put on the entryway are usually part of the foundation, but the other outdoor option can be for cosmetic purposes only.
Brampton gemstone lights are suitable for magnifying the appearance of specific design elements you want to highlight. They differ from pot lights that can become too bright, with no way of reducing the illumination level. Our options are adjustable, allowing every user to set them to an individually comfortable illumination level.
Note: Consider the architectural elements when choosing soffit lights to avoid contrasting results. You can then place the lights on the landscape to ensure all components synchronize accordingly.


Property owners yearning for a different lighting system that gives more control and versatility can turn to a wall wash effect using gemstone lights. The space-saving and energy-efficient lights can give your home the bright and breathtaking transformation you deserve by connecting various landscaping and architectural elements. You get a seamless flow that results in unparalleled aesthetic appeal.
Using soffit lights as wall wash is not challenging – you can try various techniques to find the most appealing one for your taste. Flexibility, energy-saving, and space-saving attributes are some of the factors that make outdoor lights worthwhile. Our installers enhance it by planning adequately and placing the fixtures correctly for maximum benefits, regardless of the house design or personal style preferences.

Let Go of Traditional Pot Lights – We Have an Alternative

house light decorationCelebratory lights can make you part of a neighbourhood celebration, but they are tasking to hang. The several trips up and down a ladder you must make are tedious and dangerous, which is exacerbated when you have to change the lights each time there is a different celebration. A stress-free option is now available – gemstone lights. You can get yours from our certified dealers at Trades by Jack.

Gemstone Lights Proving to Be Better Than Pot Lights

The durability of gemstone lights is one reason they are popular in Brampton and other cities. The attractive transformation they enable is another reason. You can easily make your design stand out by investing in the lights today – they will give you the desirable redefinition.

Reliable outdoor lighting unlike any other

The benefits of gemstone lights are limitless, but we’ve outlined a few of the popular ones below.

Controllability – Users get maximum flexibility when using gemstone lights. You get the gemstone lights app, multiple switches, and timers. You can set the lights to change colour at specific times or have them turn on or off. The versatility you experience with functionality gives you complete control.

Customizability – You never have to worry about the lights being visible during the day unless you want them to be. The dimmable feature allows every user to change the brightness according to preference. For instance, you can have a warm white LED setting if you want a fun outlook that creates an inviting ambiance.

Waterproof – You get 50,000 hours average of durability with the gemstone lights. They require minimal to no maintenance, and you can change individual components if they get damaged.

We bring you a solution that makes ladder-climbing exercises a thing of the past. You no longer have to go the extra mile to show your support for your favourite sports team by hanging lights and risking your life. With gemstone lights, you can show your solidarity with the tap of a few buttons. You can contact us with inquiries if you need more information.

Gemstone Light Installation Process from An Expert View – Why It Takes Less Time Than Pot Lights

You get a quotation when you contact us. Our knowledgeable team also provides all the answers you need. 

Our installation crew is dedicated, learned, and experienced. We aim to do the job once, meaning we are cautious and accurate. We understand client needs and use our experience to apply various solutions where applicable for your satisfaction. Insurance coverage, licenses, and certifications are also available for your peace of mind. Our team gives professional advice to clients who need outdoor soffit lights as a bonus. Feel free to contact us today for more elaborations.

Stress-free installations for the client – a professional crew that cleans up when done

The ability to go the extra mile for our clients also sets us apart in the industry. Our knowledge of outdoor light installation is also worth noting, as it distinguishes us in the industry. We understand how various lighting systems work and how they can serve our clients. Be assured of the most superior services from a friendly and dedicated team that puts your needs first.

Comprehensive insurance covers

License, insurance, and certifications are critical elements that every electrical technician must have, and we ensure every crew member has that. We give ESA certifications after completing the job to ensure you enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is in good hands. We aim for a stressless experience every time we deal with a client because your happiness and satisfaction matter the most to us. You never have to worry about possible electrical fires, faulty wiring, or other damages to your house. Our pride comes from installation successes, which is why we are the go-to company for gemstone lights Brampton placements.

“I could go on and on about this company saying nothing less but wonderful things. From the sales agent, to the men that came to do the install, to the customer service. Highly recommend this company to anyone. You're valued and appreciated and they make sure you're very happy throughout the entire process from start to finish.”

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