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Custom outdoor soffit and pot light substitutes in Brantford

At Trades by Jack, we deliver the industry’s best Gemstone Lights Toronto for our valued customers.
What’s more, installing these lights is easy; you can do it yourself while enjoying the liberty of choosing their brightness and location.

Your safety is guaranteed
They are magnificent
They’re entertaining
They can be programmed
They safeguard your loved ones
They are low-cost
Your safety is guaranteed

You don’t want to be the victim of a ladder fall while trying to fix your Christmas lights. Such accidents are commonly reported during holidays. With this information in mind, we are committed to avoiding eventualities like fatal falls or serious, life-changing injuries. We strive to put a stop to ladder scaling by our clients by ensuring that they never have to hang Christmas lights. With Gemstone Lights in Brantford, our specialists ensure that your lights are up just the way you like them.

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They are magnificent

We all look forward to a warm welcome after a long day at work or running errands that sap our energy. This is exactly what soffit Gemstone Lights will do. They improve the curb appeal of your home. They draw the attention of passersby, who slow down to delight in the splendid sight of the evident splendour at night.

Their variety of colours, allowing you to select the one that best suits your mood, will have your neighbours wondering how you do it. This is especially true because the colours are harmonized with your soffits’, so they are invisible during the day.

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Gemstone soffit lights are efficient and have an excellent beam spread due to well-crafted lenses. This is great because you can change the effects of the illumination when you install it. You might prefer ambient lighting at times and a beam at others.

Our Gemstone App in Brantford allows you the luxury of strumming your fingers across the colour wheel. You will have fun with the kids, changing the colour of your house at your whim, like a magician! The customization options are limitless, allowing you to beautify your home however you want.

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They can be programmed

The soffit Gemstone Lights in Brantford are useful beyond Christmas. When the festivities are over, you can always come up with new celebration ideas because there is never a dull moment with Gemstone Lights in Brantford.

You can program your Gemstone Lights to holiday colour schemes, like white and red for Canada Day, green and red for Christmas Day, and pink and red for Valentine’s Day. You could also select your preferred colour for your birthday; the possibilities are endless thanks to their numerous personalized colour and graphics features.

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They safeguard your loved ones

Lighting your home sufficiently secures it. Both public safety and security authorities say that well-lit residences have fewer break-ins. Soffit Gemstone Lights in Brantford are effective deterrents for burglars. Each light is a four-channel 12-volt LED pixel with a lumen output of 23 and is spaced at nine-inch intervals along the course. You can program the timer to turn on at dusk every night. This way, you won’t forget.

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They are low-cost

Gemstone LED soffit lights in Brantford are a low-cost, versatile, and energy-efficient solution for your home. They provide sufficient light while not detracting from the appeal of an application. You will hardly notice any change in your electricity bill, despite leaving your Gemstone Lights in Brantford on the whole night.

Since you only buy Gemstone soffit lights in Brantford once, you save money by not having to pay someone to put them up and take them down.

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Exterior Pot Lights for the Soffit at All Times: Tailored, Long-Lasting, and Continuous

With our soffit gemstone lights in Brantford, the following is assured:


While installing the soffit Gemstone Lights in Brantford, the circuit we employ to set up the lights is made of premium aluminum, the same as your gutters and skirting boards, so you are assured of the protection of your lights from the warping caused by the summer sun or cracks during the winter.


Do you know the danger posed by just scaling a ladder in your house? Non-work-related ladder falls are said to cause increased emergency room visits in Brantford each year, especially during the summer. Putting up Christmas lights requires more than a single climb to the top and bottom of the ladder. Your days of hanging Christmas lights are behind you, thanks to Gemstone Lights in Brantford.


Lighting your property well keeps thieves away. The soffit-mounted gemstone system can assuredly achieve that in an appealing manner. Because the Gemstone Lights in Brantford are made with highly economical LED bulbs, this same system can give strong lighting while consuming little electrical energy.



Choosing the right lighting for your home’s architecture can significantly improve its beauty. A magnificently lit home is appealing to all, especially at dusk. Outdoor pot light placement has grown in popularity in recent years. So do outdoor pot lights boost the value of a home? Employing outdoor soffit pot lights to illuminate your home is a fantastic way to add a contemporary and stylish look to your house. The pot lights improve the quality of lighting while boosting the allure of your home in the dark. Soffit pot lights have grown in popularity for a variety of reasons, including fuel economy, moisture resistance, ability to dim and switch control, serviceability, storage, being eco-friendly, and accentuated lighting.


Managing soffit and exterior pot lights with many switches situated in various areas is an option. Multiple LED lamps can be combined in a single switch, given their little energy consumption. You can opt for a single switch per area of your house, like the back, sides, and porch. Another main switch with a configurable timer can control all the lights. You may use this option to switch on all exterior pot lights simultaneously. At times, you may need your exterior pot lights to give bright lighting in your home’s compound. Soft lighting, on the other hand, may be desired at times. A significant advantage of installing pot lights is the ability to add muted switches.


With the rising interest in soffit outdoor pot lights, you may be wondering if they are recommendable. Soffit lights are a great idea, especially when it comes to longevity. This exterior lighting system should last you a long time. The LED lights are water-resistant, weather-resistant, and resistant to salt air. When it comes to pot light placement, durable metal is the way to go. Also, go with an installation expert who provides a warranty. Look out for long-term warranties, some of which may go up to 3 decades on the professionals’ years of service.



Soffit exterior lights can be used to emphasize certain areas of your property. The lights can glow softly or be a powerful source of light that lights up a specific area of your home. Recessed lighting is hidden from view and does not draw attention due to its small space. Soffit outdoor lights in Brantford can provide vibrant or controlled illumination to any space, irrespective of the style and design of your home. This lighting alternative is ideal for homeowners looking to make their homes elegant.


Most homes with soffit outdoor pot lights have an excessively bright light output. Extremely bright lighting may cause hot spots on the home’s architecture underneath the lights, resulting in a spaceship effect. Gemstone Soffit Lighting can be improved to highlight the features of your property. The luminance of exterior pot lights could be halved to their original intensity.


After-dark lighting unifies your landscape while also creating a distinct ambiance. By utilizing a wide variety of wash lighting methods, you can transform a dark area into a welcoming and familiar environment. Illuminating your residence from the bottom up gives you more flexibility and control over your home’s general lighting outcome. Uplighting should aim for composition and balance.

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Exterior Soffit Pot Light Alternative

house light decorationTaking part in the celebrations in your neighbourhood by hanging lights on your house has a certain allure. It can, however, quickly escalate into a chore as you scale up and down the ladder for all celebrations that necessitate the use of lights. Trades by Jack is a licensed Gemstone Lights dealer in Brantford and has a solution.

Brantford Gemstone Lights: Better Outdoor Pot Lights

Gemstone Lights in Brantford can turn your house into a work of art. With the smart lighting approach, you can generate a captivating outdoor end result to transform the exterior of your property. This durable fix is becoming extremely popular among Brantford residents.

Exterior Lighting for Your Brantford Residence

Our continual outdoor LED lighting has the following distinct advantages:

Controls for Smart Devices

Our Gemstone Lights in Brantford App has amazing features! You can set several timers and change colour patterns and lighting by pressing a button on your smartphone. You have full control with no maintenance.

Colours are Completely Customizable

Gemstone Lights in Brantford have an inconspicuous design in daylight but can be customized with hypnotic animations in the dark. Enjoy some fun throughout the year too. Have the mutable lights customized to your preferred colours, as well as the warm white LED lights.

Watertight Connections

The Gemstone Lights in Brantford are made to last an average of 50,000 hours and are effortlessly replaceable in case they break. Each light has its own waterproof connection, so if it breaks, it is easy to find a replacement.

Trades by Jack has your back at all times. With our futuristic outdoor LED lighting, go ahead and enjoy your holiday decorations without using a ladder. While at it, don’t forget to show some love to your favourite team!

Contact Trades by Jack right away for more details about this exciting product that will make your Brantford home shine.

Why Installing Gemstone Lights in Brantford is More Time-Saving Than Installing Soffit Outdoor Pot Lights and Our Approach

We give you a quote and respond to any questions you may have about Brantford Gemstone Lights, the Recommendable Outdoor Pot Lights Substitute.

Our team comprises licensed professionals who will complete the task with precision and efficiency. We delight in giving you the best experience. Our years of service, coupled with our daily interactions with clients, have taught us our customers’ preferences. Pot lights are supplied and installed by our licensed, experienced, and insured professionals. Furthermore, we provide incisive and constructive information on issues related to outdoor pot lights. For any inquiries, quotations, or cost estimates, talk to us today.

Ours is a seamless installation, and we do a thorough clean-up after we finish

Our knowledge of pot light placement has allowed us to stand out from the competition by providing expert knowledge and experience in light placement. Our successful Gemstone Lighting project completion history goes way back. Our experts have firsthand knowledge of the workings of lighting systems. You can be confident that your soffit Gemstone Light installation will be completed safely if you employ our services. Don’t worry about any mess; we will tidy up once we are through with the installation.

The inspector provides safety insurance

Because we are totally insured, we guarantee that all of our customers will receive a comprehensive ESA certification upon complete installation. With our licensed and competent installation specialists, we promise a satisfactory experience and total contentment. We only use certified products and solutions that have been tried and tested to ensure that your home is not harmed. We feel happy and accomplished only if you are delighted by our services.

You are better off working with professionals like us. We are an insured and licensed soffit Gemstone Light installation company. Your risks of faulty wiring, electrical fires, or overall home damage are lowered.

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