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Are you looking for a way to highlight specific areas of your outdoors? Our gemstone lights in Toronto and Oakville , and Burlington is the answer. The extraordinary illumination they provide is one advantage, but you can also capitalize on their ability to work in any location.

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You may have giggled a bit watching Clark Griswold, but falling off a ladder when handling Christmas lights is not as funny in reality. The immense number of casualties visiting the hospital over the festivities with serious injuries yearly confirms that fact. Some patients never get lucky enough to survive the injuries, while others end up with permanent life-changing conditions. Gemstone lights keep you off the ladder without compromising your Christmas decorations.

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Gemstone lights in Burlington and Oakville provide an unsurpassed beauty that makes your house the focal point in the neighbourhood. You may start getting questions about where you got your lights once you hang them. Since gemstone lights can have technological infusions, you can change the lighting colours daily. The best part is that the hues will pop at night and remain hidden during the day as they blend with the soffit.

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If you have been looking for a reason to spend more time outdoors, gemstone lights will provide a reason to do so. You can spend as much time as you wish in your driveway going through the Gemstone Light App and trying out the various shades on the colour wheel. The app features enable unparalleled customization options for each person, ensuring you get your style decoration – your Christmas season can never be the same again.

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Oakville gemstone lights are programmable. That means they can elevate the mood even when you think there is nothing to celebrate over the holidays or any other special occasion. St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or any other special celebration will never be the same when you have the lights. You can adjust them to suit the mood and colour theme for the day with the push of a few buttons.

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Adding more lights is a home improvement idea you can try when concerned about security. Gemstone lights serve that purpose while adding elegance to your property. The four-channel 12-volt LED pixel with 23 lumens per bulb can drive off potential burglars, especially with the installation measures that require the placement of one bulb after every nine inches. Working with a timer makes it better – set it up to turn on at night.

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You buy and install the outdoor lights once, translating to tremendous cost savings. You do not have to worry about your utility bills doubling or hiking either – the LED bulbs consume minimal energy that does not cause a significant difference. Many of our customers have attested to the low power usage and money savings – nothing worrisome.

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Lights That You Can Use All Year Round with Guaranteed Personalization and Permanence


Expect nothing but pure quality when you hire us for gemstone light installation. We use tracks made with aluminum instead of plastic and prefer the same material for soffits to prevent possible warping or cracking during extreme weather changes. Our gemstone lights are also locally made – they can withstand Canadian weather changes, even during the harshest seasons.


Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre states that climbing a ladder is one of the most dangerous things in any home. Around 9000 Emergency Room visits annually from non-work-related ladder falls serve as proof of that.
Remember, Christmas light installation may involve multiple trips up and down the ladder. You may use the ladder up to 30 times or at least ten times, depending on the size of the house. Burlington gemstone lights prevent that from happening.


Improving your home security does not have to be too expensive or dull – gemstone lights are proof of that. They are a perfect way of preventing intrusion by thieves while beautifying the outdoors. The high efficiency of the bulbs is a bonus – you do not get hiked bills when using them, but that does not reduce the brightness of the lighting.



Outdoor soffit lights have many advantages that contribute to their increasing popularity and preference in various places. Some benefits include water resistance, user control, longevity, energy efficiency, and space savings. Environment friendliness is another prime merit that appeals to most people. That means you can modernize and accentuate your home with the help of the lights stress-free.
Remember, choosing the correct lighting is critical in the kind of home you want. If you want an elegant exterior like everyone else, you must get ideal gemstone lights that blend with your architectural design. The ambiance that such fixtures can provide is unimaginable.


Lights with one control center can be challenging, unlike those with multiple switches. Gemstone lights in Oakville and Burlington fall in the latter category. Our crew can install dimmable switches in several strategic areas of your choice to facilitate convenient control. You can also combine several LED lights in one wall switch. No need to worry about increased utility bills from more electricity usage – thanks to the low energy consumption rate.
Having one switch for every section of the house is advisable. For instance, one can be on the porch and another on the side. That functionality allows you to adjust the lighting according to the preferable brightness, whether dimness or full-blown illumination.


Despite the popularity of soffits, it is natural to wonder if they suit your home. They are perfect if you require a long-lasting lighting solution or anything you will not have to change in a few years. Some of the incredible features the outdoor lights have include weather resistance, water resistance, and resistance to salty air. You can use them in any location, including around coastlines.
Pro tip: Choose metal when shopping around for soffit lights. Working with a professional installer that can provide a warranty is also vital. You can get up 30-year guarantee from the correct installer.



Every home has extraordinary features that homeowners may want to highlight. The customizability of soffit lights allows you to accentuate those features hassle-free – you can dim or brighten the lights depending on the kind of illumination that showcases those features the best.
The lights remain hidden throughout and do not draw attention from the feature they illuminate. That makes them perfect for any home design or style, a valuable touch of class. They are also the best outdoor alternative if traditional options are not appealing.


Gemstone lights in Burlington and Oakville have all the pros of pot lights and minimal to no cons, like the brightness level. Unlike pot lights that can become too bright to create hot spots underneath, gemstone fixtures can shine softer. You can reduce the brightness by up to half and still get the accentuation you need without worrying about the spaceship effect.
Pro tip: Soffit lights are different from entryway lights. The entrance should have proper illumination because it is a primary part of the home architecture – you can place the lights in the landscape according to the foundation. Choose your lighting according to the design elements, including colours.


If you have always thought of having wash lighting on your walls, you can do so now with gemstone outdoor lights. Our creative technical team can help you determine various ways of utilizing the light to highlight essential areas and get the enchanting transformation you deserve.
Wash lighting has benefits that differ from soffit lighting. They allow better composition and provide a better lighting balance that allows a gentle stream of light across your walls. That means you must invest enough time in planning the layout and placement of the fixtures. Gemstone lights Burlington installers will ensure you save space and energy with our new outdoor lighting solutions.

Dependable Substitute for Outdoor Pot Lights

house light decorationEngaging in neighbourhood events brings a different kind of joy. You can always participate in various ways, but one of the easiest is hanging lights that support the celebration. That can be difficult if you do not have versatile lights that allow you to change the outlook of your home without a struggle. A proper solution awaits you at Trades by Jack, a licensed Gemstone lights dealer.

Gemstone Lights to Replace Pot Lights

Gemstone lights use an innovative lighting technology that benefits users the most. You can change the appearance of your home in an instant without the hassle of using a ladder or manual switch. Once set up correctly, the lights will make your home exterior the masterpiece it deserves to be.

Outdoor Lighting to Transform Your Burlington and Oakville Home

Our soffit lights have numerous pros and no cons. The ability to perform well throughout the year is one. Others are:

Simple control from mobile devices

Using your mobile device, you can have fun changing the colour tones, hues, and patterns of gemstone lights. The Gemstone Lights App is easy to use, but you can also choose dimmable switches if you do not like the app. Enjoy making your house noticeable in the neighbourhood.

Changeable colours

No restrictions to the colours the lights can display. Maintain a minimalistic design during the day and change it into a bolder colour at night. One option is a warm white LED, but others are also available on the colour wheel on the app. Dimming and brightening are also possibilities.

Water-repellent connections

Gemstone lights naturally last an average of 50,000 hours. However, you can replace specific components if the need arises. We ensure the connections are waterproof.
A simple but effective way of showing your support for local teams or engaging in neighbourhood celebrations is available at Trades by Jack. We will keep you from taking trips to the roof through a ladder that risks your life. Our superior lightning is guaranteed to change your home for the better. We are available to answer all questions you may have. Call us today.

Do Gemstone Lights Take Shorter to Install Than Pot Lights? We Provide the Answer and Show You How We Take Care of The Process

Cost estimates and answers are available if you need them before getting the best alternative to outdoor pot lights

We only send a skillful team with the technical know-how to handle installations. They complete the job accurately and efficiently, ensuring perfect placements and functionalities. We listen to understand, then apply the industry-specific skills from experience to solve various issues and prevent their recurrence. As installers and suppliers, we have the insurance and licenses that show our capabilities. Expert advice is available – we give you all the fats for an informed decision-making process. Contact us.

A straightforward procedure that includes clean-up

Do not stress over your outdoor lights after you hire us. We put our best team at work to ensure the task ends quickly and according to the highest standards. Our team has vast knowledge, experience, and firsthand understanding of how the lights work. We do not disappoint when handling outdoor light installations. We never leave a site without cleaning – that is our final process after you confirm that the job is up to par.

Inspector-issued full insurance coverage

Insurance coverage, license, and certifications are crucial components you should not ignore when hiring a service provider dealing with electricity. We understand the vitality of those elements, which is why we insist that every team member should have them. We also believe that experience and technical know-how are crucial in achieving the best installation results.
Our gemstone lights Burlington and Oakville efforts are geared towards giving homeowners reliable and lasting lighting solutions without potential mishaps like electrical fires or wiring faults. We focus on solving your immediate and future lighting needs, something we excel in because of our training and experience. With us, you will enjoy all the benefits of state-of-the-art lighting without the cons.

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