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Trades by Jack is a trusted and authentic Gemstone Lights dealer in Guelph Kitchener. Gemstone lights can be used for architectural lighting, security lighting, and party lighting.

The Gemstone Lights Toronto are based on LED technology (they glow when voltage is applied). Additionally, they provide a professional appeal, customizable to match your needs, and can offer permanent lighting for your home or office.

They Reduce Accident Injuries
They Add Aesthetic Appeal
They Create Fun Opportunities
They Can Be Programmed
They Enhance Safety
They are Cost-Effective
They Reduce Accident Injuries

Losing your grip and tumbling down a ladder when installing Christmas lights can cause severe injuries. Research shows that hospitals handle more non-work related ladder falls during the Christmas season than any other time.

Sadly, these injuries can be disabling or fatal in extreme cases. Our mission is to eliminate the climbing of ladders. To this end, the Gemstone Lights are designed in a way that you will no longer have to climb a ladder to hang a Christmas light.

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They Add Aesthetic Appeal

People passing by your home will likely stop to stare and marvel at the beauty of your Gemstone Lights. You will undoubtedly be proud every time someone inquires where you sourced them. Everyone likes being unique, so you will always be happy when you see how your property stands out in your neighbourhood.

Since Gemstone Lights are programmable, you can change their design whenever you want. Also, no one can know the lights exist during the day since they’re colour matched.

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They Create Fun Opportunities

Many of our clients have used the Gemstone Lights in Guelph Kitchener App to create fun moments. Adults play on the App in their driveways while children enjoy playing with the colour wheel to change the colour of the house at the touch of a button. With the App, customizations are limitless.

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They Can Be Programmed

While Gemstone Lights are popular for Christmas lighting, they can be used on different occasions. You can change colours to match the colour theme of your occasion or event.

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They Enhance Safety

Darkness creates the perfect environment for crime and dangerous occurrences. With the Gemstone Lights in Guelph Kitchener, your property will be well-lit. Each light consists of a 4-channel 12 Volt pixel to provide sufficient lighting.

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They are Cost-Effective

You’ll only do one installation, so no regular stringing and hiring an installer. As a result, Gemstone Lights in Guelph Kitchener will undoubtedly save you money. Additionally, they leverage LED technology, meaning the utilization of minimal electrical power and decreased power bills.

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Customized • Permanent • All-year-round Outdoor Gemstone Lights for All Occasions


Gemstone Lights have a superior, attractive, and stylish design. They are a great way to add a unique and stylish touch to indoor and outdoor spaces. These lights are typically made from a combination of gemstones and coated in aluminum. This promotes durability, creates an eye-catching and unique look, and allows them to withstand all weather conditions.


As per the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre, climbing a ladder in your home is a major safety risk. Statistics show that Ontario Emergency Rooms typically handle 9000 ladder falls annually that are not work-related.
Installing your lights may mean taking several trips up and down a ladder. On average, you can climb up the ladder a minimum of 10 times in a small house and over 20 times in a big one to complete an installation job. With Gemstone Lights, climbing the ladder is a thing of the past.


Thieves typically thrive in unlit or dark spaces, so illuminating your home is a perfect way to keep thieves at bay. The Gemstone system does that perfectly and will even surpass your expectations.
Gemstone Lights in Guelph Kitchener leverage LED technology. This technology utilizes minimal electricity to powerfully illuminate your property. As you know, using minimal electrical power means decreased power bills.



Gemstone Lights can be controlled remotely, unlike many others. With soffit outdoor pot lights, you can control your lights with switches in different locations around your home. Since their energy consumption is lower, controlling different LED lights from one switch should be easy. You’re advised to have a switch in every part or room of your house, such as the porch, bedrooms, sitting room, and more. However, a master switch to control all lights with a programmable timer can be installed. With a master switch, all the outdoor pot lights can be controlled at once.
Sometimes you will want to adjust light intensity from high to low. With pot light installation, you can add dimmer switches. That said, you’ll be able to adjust your lamps to the desired light intensity. The best way to control individual Gemstone Lights depends on the specific lights you’re using and your preferences. Be sure to consult the user manual or contact us to guide you on how to control your lights.


Gemstone Lights have become a popular lighting option for many people thanks to their enhanced durability. These lights are manufactured with hardy and wear-and-tear-resistant materials.
Quality Gemstone Lights can be quite sturdy and long-lasting if they are properly installed. They’re designed for all weather conditions and air and salt resistance. For the best results, work with Gemstone Lights services that offer warranties. On average, many reputable installation professionals offer a 30-year warranty.
On the other hand, pot lights are recessed lighting fixtures that are installed in ceilings or walls. While aluminum-coated pot lights are long-lasting, their durability can’t be compared to that of Gemstone Lights. Also, some pot lights are made of less durable materials like plastic and hence, are short-lasting.


Gemstone Lights can be a creative and visually appealing way to accentuate objects, adding colour, texture, depth, and dimension to create a more dynamic and interesting display. They have small, polished crystals that refract light and create colourful, eye-catching displays.
If you place a Gemstone Light next to an object, the light refracted through the gemstones highlights the colours and patterns of the object and adds an extra layer of visual effects. The way light is refracted through the gemstones creates a three-dimensional effect and enhances the depth or shape of the object.
Also, Gemstone Lights can draw attention or focus to a specific area of an object. For example, if you place a Gemstone Light under a glass figurine, the light will automatically draw your eyes to the intricate details and patterns of the figurine, making it a focal point of the display.



Outdoor pot lights are typically too bright, which could negatively impact the beauty of the architecture of your property. With Gemstone Lights, you can enhance the details of your home. Gemstone Lights can be adjusted to a brightness level that won’t exaggerate the details of objects on your property.
Your property has many key architectural elements that should be considered when choosing ideal Gemstone Lights. To this end, you must make sure that the colours of your preferred Gemstone Lights will synchronize with the different architectural elements of your home.


Nothing creates an unrivalled ambiance after dark like wash lighting. You can create a smooth “wash” effect by using vertical and indirect lighting placed at an angle and some distance from a wall.
Wash lighting can transform dark spaces into friendly and serene spaces. Uplighting (ground-to-top lighting) gives you more control over the lighting of your home.
The primary purpose of uplighting is to achieve the right light composition and balance. Lighting your property from the foundation going up hides rough imperfections, eliminates shadows, and uniformly lights up walls.


Outdoor pot lights, particularly those made from soffit, are a reliable and long-lasting choice when it comes to exterior lighting solutions. LED lights are waterproof, weatherproof, and resistant to salt air, making them ideal for outdoor use. Opting for metal fixtures ensures durability and longevity, and it’s recommended to look for a professional installer who can offer a long-term warranty, such as up to 30 years of service. With the proper installation and maintenance, these pot lights can provide reliable lighting for years to come.

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The Perfect Outdoor Soffit Pot Light Alternative

house light decorationHanging lights around your home creates a good ambiance for neighbourhood parties. However, going up the ladder to string the lights can be daunting. Fortunately, you don’t have to encounter such drawbacks— Trades by Jack, an authorized Gemstone Lights dealer in Guelph Kitchener, has got you covered!

Gemstone Lights Guelph Kitchener– Improved Outdoor Pot Lights

Gemstone Lights in Guelph Kitchener will transform your property into a masterpiece. With smart lighting technology, homeowners can create breathtaking outdoor effects to redefine their home’s exteriors. Gemstone Lights have become a popular outdoor lighting choice for Guelph Kitchener homeowners and other Ontario cities.

The Outdoor Lighting Solution for Your Guelph Kitchener Home

The unique benefits of our permanent outdoor LED lighting are:

Smart Control from Your Mobile Devices

You no longer have to be in your home or property to control Gemstone Lights. All this can be done at the touch of a button on your mobile device. With the Gemstone Lights in Guelph Kitchener App, homeowners can control many aspects of Gemstone Lights, including setting timers, switching up patterns, and changing light colours, among others.

A Wide Range of Customizable Colors

Gemstone Lights in Guelph Kitchener’s design maintain a low profile during day time. However, it can be highly personalized with breathtaking animations at night. For instance, it features dimmable lights that can be customized in different colours, like warm white LED, for lighting throughout the year.

Waterproof Connections

On average, Gemstone Lights in Guelph Kitchener last for 50,000 hours, and they’re easy to replace, courtesy of waterproof connections. Courtesy of Trades with Jack, you can support your favourite team and enjoy your holiday decorations without the tiring task of having to climb up and down the ladder. Contact Trades by Jack today for more on this state-of-the-art outdoor lighting solution for your Guelph Kitchener, Ontario, home.

Why Installing Gemstone Lights in Guelph Kitchener is Faster Than Installing Outdoor Pot Lights and How We Take Care of the Installation Process

We Provide a Quote to Our Clients and Answer Any Questions About Gemstone Lights in Guelph Kitchener– the Best Alternative to Outdoor Pot Lights.

Our professional, skilled, and qualified team ensures the job is done accurately and efficiently to maintain quality standards. We have a vast experience in this field, so we understand our client’s needs and wants. Besides supplying and installing Gemstone Lights, our qualified experts advise clients on issues related to Gemstone Lights. All you have to do is reach out to us for a quote, estimate, or inquiry.

Enjoy a Hassle-Free Installation and an After-Service Clean Up

Providing quality services over the years has played a key role in setting us apart from our competitors, not to mention our extensive knowledge and experience in light installation. We have a reputation for timely installations because our team understands the lighting system and hence, can work much faster.

With Trades by Jack, your light installation projects are in safe hands. We don’t leave any mess behind after completing our installation projects—cleanliness is second nature.

Your Safety is a Priority 

Trades by Jack is a fully insured company. We provide ESA certification to our clients after every light installation job. Our lighting experts are licensed and skilled; you can expect a worry-free experience and maximum satisfaction. As an industry leader, we not only use quality and effective but also certified products to avoid potential damage or risks to your home. Client satisfaction is one of our core principles—if they are happy and satisfied, we’re also pleased. It’s imperative to work with a licensed, professional, and insured Gemstone Lights installation company. This mitigates potential risks, such as electrical fires, faulty wiring, and damage to your property.

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