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They Ensure Your Safety
Captivating Look
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They Ensure Your Safety

According to the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre, climbing a ladder is one of the most dangerous things you can do around your home! They say that there are approximately 9000 Emergency Room visits annually in Ontario from non-work related ladder falls. Depending on your home’s size, you could climb up and down that ladder 10, 20, or even 30 times before you are done. Statistics show that for the age group 65-75 ladder falls result in 59% of all fatalities caused by falls. When you consider all the other ways a person can fall and the fact that we spend a relatively small percentage of our time on ladders, that is a frightening thought.

Captivating Look

Any professional landscaper will tell you that the appearance of a property can be drastically improved by proper lighting. It draws the eye and dramatically highlights elements of the installation, thus increasing the impact of the view. This effect is even more noticeable when viewing the property from the street instead of up close, allowing one to appreciate the entire vista. That’s why they call it Curb Appeal – it is best when viewed at the curb. Your home can receive all the attention and admiration of everyone that passes by.

They Are Fun!

The Gemstone light system provides much more than just Christmas lights that are used for two months of the year and then packed away in the basement to be untangled next year. It also takes the place of architectural accent lights, pot lights, flood lights, motion activated spot lights, and specialty displays for holidays like Canada Day or Halloween. You can even light up the house with your own pattern to celebrate a birthday, or proudly display your team’s colors when they are playing a game.

They Create a Perfect Entertainment Space

At Trades by Jack, we offer two lines of products that will help you create an entertainment space you can be proud to display. Palmiye pergolas and awnings offer protection from extreme heat, rain and winds, allowing you to use your space in any weather. Want your party to carry on into the evening? Gemstone lights will save the day. They can be installed on your home or pergola or even on a deck or around your pool. Light up the night with bright or soft white lights, or keep the party going with multi-coloured disco effects.

They Are Money and Energy Sufficient

Gemstone lights are manufactured with high- efficiency LED bulbs the system can provide powerful lighting for your property while, at the same time using very little electrical power. That means, unlike conventional pot lights or spotlights, you can light everything up for pennies a day! No worries about large electrical bills. Each bulb provides 23 lumens of light- doesn’t sound like much, but when you have anywhere from 50 to 250 bulbs installed that provides you with some powerful deterrence.

They Are Flexible and Reasonably Priced

Not just boring old pot lights, the Gemstone Light Hamilton system can provide an unlimited number of choices for the appearance of your home. Using the proprietary app to control the system, you can select different colours and animations for every holiday. So Christmas, of course, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labor day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving can all be celebrated with different light shows on your home. You can even get the kids involved, picking colours for their birthday, Mother’s day, or Father’s day.

Customized • Permanent • Year-Round Soffit Outdoor Pot Lights for All Occasions


Our track for installing the lights is made of durable aluminum, the same material used for your eavestroughs and soffits, so you don’t have to worry about the summer sun warping it or the winter cold causing it to break. The aluminum also allows us to colour-match the track to your home, making it virtually invisible in the daylight. On top of that, the Gemstone system was designed in Canada by Canadians specifically for the Canadian climate. Therefore, it is customized for any Canadian house, and rest assured you’ll be satisfied with the results. 


Putting up a set of Christmas lights does not just involve one trip up and down the ladder – depending on the size of your home, you could be climbing up and down the ladder as many as over 20 times before you’re done. That is why Gemstone lights Hamilton is a safer alternative to traditional outdoor pot lights, as it does not require ladders or other dangerous tools to install. The system is installed by simply connecting the LED-illuminated panels to the roof’s eavestroughs, soffits, or fascia boards, which makes it much easier and less dangerous than using ladders. With Gemstone Lights in Hamilton, you won’t have to worry about hanging lights ever again.


Studies have shown that proper lighting helps deter thieves in both commercial and residential properties. Installing a Gemstone lighting system can help you enjoy improved security in your home. The lights are manufactured using high-efficiency LED lights which offer powerful lighting for the property without inflating your electricity bill. The best thing is these lights do all that in an attractive way.


Enhancing the exterior appearance of your property dramatically benefits from selecting the right lighting for its architectural style. Everyone enjoys coming home to a brightly lit house. The installation of outdoor pot lights has been very popular recently. This is because using outside soffit pot lights to illuminate your property is a great way to give it a contemporary and elegant feel. These lights give off a pleasant amount of ambient lighting while giving your house a magical appearance at night. Energy economy, water resistance, flexibility over dimming and switches, sturdiness, space savings, environmental friendliness, and accent lighting are just a few of the benefits of soffit pot lights that have made them popular.


The beauty of outdoor soffit lights is you get the choice of managing the lights using several switches placed in strategic locations. There is no issue with mixing various LED lights in a single switch since the lights use low energy. Every area of a house, including the sides, rear, and porch, ought to have a switch. A programmable master switch can be installed to turn on or off all the outside pot lights at once. Outdoor pot lights can be used to illuminate the property brightly or dimly, depending on your mood. You can add dimmer switches for this. Dimmer switches can change the brightness of the lamps to your preferred level.


With more homeowners and professionals recommending soffit lights, it is common to wonder whether these options are durable. The answer is yes. The outdoor lighting system is engineered to serve you reliably for years. The lights are salt-air-resistant, waterproof, and weatherproof. The rule of thumb, however, is to pick durable metal when installing a pot light. It is also important that you leave the installation work to the experts. The professional you choose for the installation of your lights should not only be experienced and come highly recommended but also offer a great warranty. The warranty provided by the majority of professionals goes up to 30 years.


One of the best ways of using soffit outdoor lights is by highlighting parts of a building. Depending on what you want, you can adjust the lights to produce strong lighting or to give a soft glow. The lights can be adjusted accordingly to illuminate various areas of a house. Thanks to their small size, the recessed lights can be concealed easily. Soffit outdoor lights offer the best option to accentuate objects around your house. They work great with homes of any design and style. This is why they are considered the best choice for people looking to add style to their buildings.


The issue with soffit outdoor pot lights is that they can be too bright. Lights that are very bright tend to create hot spots, which cause the spaceship effect. The best thing is there are several methods you can use to enhance soffit lighting. For example, thanks to dimmer switches, you can ensure the best details of your architecture are highlighted by adjusting the brightness of the outdoor pot lights. You can adjust the brightness so that the entryway lighting is different from the backyard lights. Placing lighting in the landscape of the foundation can ensure there is proper color synchronicity.


When you want an unmatched ambiance once the sun goes down, you should consider wash lighting. There are several techniques you can use in wash lighting to transform dark areas into welcoming spaces. Lighting the house from the ground up offers more control and flexibility. With uplighting, the objective is to cast a gentle wash across your home. When done properly, wash lighting works great regardless of the style and design of your property. Keep in mind that proper lighting requires lots of planning and proper installation. Soffit outdoor pot lights are a great investment in wash lighting.

Outdoor Soffit Pot light Alternative

house light decorationAt Trades by Jack we take pride in offering our customers only the finest products for their home. That is why we have chosen to work with Gemstone Lights in Hamilton. It has been said that the best way to save money is to buy the highest quality product that you can so that later on, you don’t have to spend more money repairing or replacing your original purchase. At Gemstone that principle is taken to heart, and they strive to provide you with the best architectural lighting system possible.

Gemstone Light in Hamilton – Improved Outdoor Pot Lights

When you want to transform your house into an architectural work of art, Gemstone lights in Hamilton are the option you should choose. Smart lighting technology makes it possible to achieve an outdoor outcome that is fascinating. As a result, Gemstone lights have become a reliable solution that more and more homeowners in Hamilton are turning to.

Outdoor Lighting for Your Hamilton Home

There are numerous unique advantages you get all year from outdoor LED lighting. They include the following:

Smart Device Controls

Gemstone lights in Hamilton permit complete control and adaptability with minimal to no maintenance. The available control options include setting up many timers, switching up the patterns, and changing the light color. This is all made possible at the press of a button on a Gemstone Lights App that can be installed on a smartphone.

Fully Custom-Tailored Colors

The beauty of Gemstone lights in Hamilton is that they are muted, which makes it possible to conceal them during the day. At night, you can personalize them with fantastic animations. The color option is diverse – you can set the color that best suits your style in ambient lighting.

Waterproof Connection

The average lifespan of Gemstone lights in Hamilton is 50,000 hours. They also have individual connections, which make it easy to replace them when the need arises. These lights are the perfect addition to a home not just for their waterproof connection but also for their long life. You never have to climb the ladder to replace a damaged light.

Our team at Trades by Jack is happy to help with new installations and repairs and answer any questions you may have about outdoor LED lighting. Give us a call now to find out more about Gemstone lights in Hamilton and the services we offer.

Why Does It Take Less time to Install Gemstone Lights in Hamilton Compared to Soffit Outdoor Pot Lights Installation, and How Can We Help?

We Will Offer You a Detailed Quote and Answer Any Questions You May Have About Gemstone Lights in Hamilton

Regarding the installation of Gemstone lights in Hamilton, we are committed to offering the best services. Our in-house team is not only insured and licensed but also experienced and skilled in installing the lights with remarkable accuracy. Our years in the business enable us to understand the needs of our clients as well as meet and, in many cases, exceed their expectations. We are happy to offer advice, answer any questions, and help you find and install the best outdoor pot lights. Get in touch with us today for an estimate, quote, or with any inquiry. 

We Guarantee Easy Installation Which Includes Clean Up

Our years of experience in pot light installation enable us to distinguish ourselves from other companies in Canada. We offer superior experience and knowledge in outdoor light installation. Our track record is also easy to verify, thanks to our success in light installation project completion. We have a great understanding of the working of lighting systems and how to install them to get the best results. When you hire us, you can be guaranteed a hassle-free experience in light installations. Best of all, we clean up once the work is done.

Safety Insurance Provided By Inspector

At Trades by Jack, we come fully insured. This enables us to guarantee complete ESA certification for our customers once the installation project is complete. Our experts are also licensed and skilled in the installation of lights. This enables us to deliver a fun experience and total customer satisfaction. To further guarantee the best experience and the highest quality, we only use authentic products to attain excellent results. This helps ensure there are no malfunctions or damages to your house. We take pride in being able to meet the needs of our clients. Don’t gamble with your next project. Hire us to enjoy the safety and beauty of working with experts that are licensed, insured, trained, and experienced in the installation of pot lights.

“I could go on and on about this company saying nothing less but wonderful things. From the sales agent, to the men that came to do the install, to the customer service. Highly recommend this company to anyone. You're valued and appreciated and they make sure you're very happy throughout the entire process from start to finish.”

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