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Modern, Efficient Pot Light Alternative in Niagara

Are you seeking the right way to illuminate your outdoors in Niagara? Trades by Jack has a solution for you. We provide modern, energy-efficient, and customizable Gemstone Lights in Toronto. Our lights are available in many designs to match the diverse preferences of our clients.

They Keep You Safe
They are Magnificent
They are Fun
They are Programmable
They Keep Your Family Safe
They Save You Money
They Keep You Safe

Especially during holidays like Christmas, there is a surge in the number of people visiting the hospital after falling off ladders. With our soffit lights in Niagara, you do not have to climb up and down the ladder to hang the lights. Falling off the ladder could lead to severe injuries or even fatalities. Christmas or other holidays are a time to be happy with family and friends. Don’t let an unexpected fall ruin this moment. When our skilled installation experts install the soffit lights, you will never have to climb the ladder again to hang the lights.

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They are Magnificent

There is nothing as beautiful as a well-illuminated home, especially when darkness sets in. With our Gemstone Lights in Niagara, your home will be the envy of the neighbours. It is fantastic to come home to a well-lit home after a long day at work. Since our soffit lights are programmable, you can always customize them by changing the colour and brightness to match the occasion. The lights are not noticeable during the daytime because we choose a colour that matches the colour of your home.

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They are Fun

When you need a little fun, you can always sit outside and control the lights with an App. It can be exciting to see the entire house change colour at the press of a single button. Both kids are adults feel thrilled by this unique feature. If you are supporting a certain team in the playoffs, you can set the colour of the lights to match the team you are supporting.

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They are Programmable

You can barely exhaust the customization options our Gemstone Lights Niagara offers. For example, if it is on Valentine’s, you can change the colours to red or pink to create the mood of love. How about going Green for St. Patrick’s Day or red and white for Canada day? It doesn’t matter which season you are in or the occasion you are celebrating; you will find the perfect setting for the occasion.

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They Keep Your Family Safe

If your home is well-lit, intruders and burglars will not dare to come in. Burglars and trespassers mainly target dark homes because they can easily conceal themselves. In addition, when your home is well-illuminated, you will be able to navigate around the compound at night without tripping and harming yourself. All our lights are four-channel 12 Volt LED pixels. Every bulb has 23 lumens; we install a bulb every 9 inches on the track. If you often come home late, or even when you are away, you can set a timer so that the lights come on at dusk. This way, your house will be well-illuminated, and people will assume that you are home even when you are away.

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They Save You Money

In addition to being effective, Gemstone Lights in Niagara also saves you money. The lights are durable. When you install a string of soffit lights, you will not have to keep replacing the lights every now and then. You do not have to pay someone to hang the lights for you. The lights are also energy-efficient because they are LED lights. You will not notice an increase in your electric bill even if the lights are on every other night.

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Efficient, Year-Round Soffit Lights for All Seasons

Unique Design and Construction

We do not use plastic tracks when installing soffit lights. Instead, we use tracks made of aluminum. This means the soffit lights will serve you for a long time, just like your soffits and eaves troughs. Our design experts understand that the weather in Canada can be extremely harsh, especially during winter. Therefore, we design the tracks and lights with this weather in mind to ensure that they will not warp due to extreme weather conditions.

You Don't Have to Climb Ladders

One of the riskiest things you can do around your home is climbing a ladder, especially if you are not experienced. You could fall off the ladder, break your bones, or even die. The ladder could also slip and fall on your child or pet. Especially if your house is big, you will climb the ladder so many times before you install lights on the entire house. Instead of risking your life, why not leave the task of hanging lights to an experienced professional?

Keeps Your Home Safe

If you want to deter thieves and burglars from your homes, our Gemstone Lights in Niagara can help you to achieve this. Despite using very little energy, our LED lights are bright and will efficiently illuminate your home. Intruders will keep off your property when it is well-lit because they can easily be seen. Intruders will also fear being captured on surveillance cameras.


Gemstone Lights Are Friendly to the Environment

With the constant sensitization on the importance of conserving the environment, taking good care of the environment is an obligation everyone should be part of. Most of us are probably aware of environmentally friendly practices such as recycling that help to reduce waste and our carbon footprint. However, many individuals aren’t aware of new and emerging technologies that could assist us in reducing carbon emissions. LED lighting is a good example of this, as it has many environmental benefits. Our Gemstone Lights are friendly to the environment, making them ideal for your green home.

Feature Control Over Switches and Dimming

Since LED lights are energy efficient, you can have several lights connected to one switch. Therefore, you can put on all the lights by pressing a single switch. You can also adjust the brightness depending on your mood and preference. We normally require much less light than we realize when it is dark. The stark contrast between dark soffits and the bright areas on the architecture could lead to the spaceship effect. A dimmer control for exterior lighting can make a huge difference in reducing glare. In many cases, the lights’ brightness can be reduced to less than half of their original level. You can always set the soffit lights to suit your desire.

A Durable and Long-lasting Alternative to Outdoor Pot Lights

Soffit lights have continued to gain popularity over the years. What makes them so popular? Are they a good alternative to outdoor pot lights? Yes, soffit lights have many advantages over outdoor pot lights. To begin with, they are extremely long-lasting; you will not have to replace your outdoor lighting for years. The lights are also resistant to harsh weather conditions and salt air. We use durable aluminum when installing soffit lights. We are confident in the quality of our soffit lights. Therefore, we give a warranty of 30 years for our services.


Soffit Lights Accentuate Objects

You can create unique and appropriate lighting for your building by choosing the ideal power of your LED soffit lights and setting the spacing of their arrangement. The flexibility of this lighting system allows you to successfully implement the lighting of every building façade – all you have to do is choose the right power and put the lights with optimal spacing. Soffit lights can effectively illuminate any part of your home regardless of the size and design of the home. If you want to add a touch of elegance and bring the unique features of your home, soffit lights are the way to go. You can set the lights to give a strong light or a soft glow; it all depends on your preference.

Enhance Details Better than Pot Lights

Many architectural outdoor lighting designs include lights shining on a home’s exterior walls. Brick, stone, and even siding could take on a distinct appearance in the evening hours, adding a warm glow to the home. A lighting expert will decide exactly where lights will be placed to achieve the desired look. As previously stated, “Less is more” when it comes to lighting. You want just the correct amount of lights to achieve the desired visual effect without going overboard. Soffit lights are a fantastic way to accent the walls and add depth to your home. Wash lights cast soft light on walls and make excellent accent lighting.

An Excellent Wall Wash

A “wash” is a general application of colour and light that covers your wall uniformly. It is produced by installing lights so that a wide-angle light beam hits the wall, but some light fixtures are also made to be mounted on walls and throw light above or below them rather than in front of them. Wash lighting produces a uniform visual appearance, “washing out” details and emphasizing your wall as a huge flat surface. Your house will appear considerably bigger and more opulent as a result. Of course, you could use wash lighting anywhere, but the most common domestic application is in the outdoors. Wash effects, rather than creating more practical illumination, are best used for visual appeals, like making your house or garden appear larger and emphasizing sight lines.

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The Best Alternative to Outdoor Soffit Pot Light

house light decorationExterior lighting is just as essential as interior lighting. It should be correctly installed to provide you and your family with a soothing and safe environment. That is why it is critical to consider where you will place the lights. You must also consider what type of exterior lighting you will use to illuminate your home. The only downside with exterior lighting is using the ladder regularly when hanging the lights. However, with soffit lights from Trades by Jack, you will not have to climb the ladder or risk your life.

Gemstone Lights Niagara – An Alternative to Outdoor Pot Lights

Your exterior lighting can enhance or break your outdoor space. When done properly, landscape lighting could provide multiple benefits that improve your yard and outdoor space. Soffit lights are a proven outdoor lighting solution that has become popular with homeowners in Niagara.

Outdoor Lighting for your Niagara Home

The major benefits of our Gemstone Lights in Niagara include the following:

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another benefit of soffit LED lighting. Useful lumens, which measure the quantity of light a device outputs for every watt consumed, are a popular method of assessing a lighting source’s energy efficiency. Initially, we measured light in terms of lumens, but in actuality, some of these lumens are wasted. Compared to other lighting options, LED lighting generates higher useable lumens and little waste light. Your energy efficiency could increase by as much as 60% to 70% if you switch to LED soffit lights for your outdoor lighting.

They are Friendly to the Environment

It is becoming more and more crucial for businesses and homeowners to go green. Consumers are demanding more environmentally friendly products, and choosing a sustainable light source can help businesses use less energy. The production process for LED lights is environmentally friendly as well. Mercury is a major component of numerous traditional lighting sources, including mercury vapour and fluorescent lights. Therefore, they need special attention as they near the end of their lifespan. With LED soffit lights, you don’t have to worry about these concerns.

Resistant to Harsh Weather

Conventional lighting sources do not do well in cold temperatures. Lighting sources, especially fluorescent lamps, need a higher voltage to start when temperatures drop and the intensity of their light output diminishes. LED lights, however, perform about 5% better in cold temperatures. The ability to perform well in cold weather makes soffit LED lights an excellent choice for parking lot lights, perimeter lighting, and outdoor lighting.

A Straightforward Installation Process

When it comes to installing soffit lighting, you have many options. You can have them controlled by a switch wirelessly, a timer, your phone, and a wired switch, among many others. We will assist you in selecting the best option for you based on your lighting needs. Not only can the lights be switched in any way you want, but we can also install lamps that allow you to choose colours, which could range from warm and cool white to pink and green; the possibilities are endless.

Neat Soffit Light Installation

We understand how important it is to keep the exterior of your home looking neat and organized. Therefore, our installation professionals always clean up after installing soffit lights. We will leave your yard looking as neat as we found it.

We are Licensed Experts

We only work with the best installation experts and use materials from the best manufacturers to ensure that we give homeowners the best. By choosing to work with our licensed experts, you reduce the risk of hazards like faulty wiring, electric fires, and other harm to your home.

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