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Traditional or old-fashioned lighting solutions can be monotonous, but our gemstone lights in Toronto and Oshawa are a more intriguing option. You can use them to brighten your home as a replacement for outdoor pot lights. The best part is that you can install them yourself and enjoy ultimate control over their functionality.

The Lights Keep You Safe
The Lights Provide a Breathtaking View
The Lights Are Amusing
Defence against burglaries
Various Money-Saving Options

Hospital emergencies skyrocket during the festive seasons because of ladder accidents when homeowners attempt to hang Christmas lights. The injuries are usually severe, with some people not surviving. That shows that falling off a ladder is not as funny as Clark Oswald makes it appear.
You do not have to take the same risk. Invest in our gemstone lights and do away with climbing ladders entirely.


Programmability is one of the distinctive features of gemstone lights that allows you to get the elegance you deserve. With that, you can have any design you prefer, meaning your house can have a different colour display every night. Setting up the colours to change gives you a sight to behold every evening when you get home from work.
The soffit lights also remain inconspicuous during the day – we colour-match them with the soffit and install them in a manner that guarantees they stay hidden.


Our clients who get the lights attest to the pleasure of having them. Most of them report enjoying sitting on their driveways, trying out different settings and features with their families. The colour is a favourite feature among them, with the numerous hues allowing you to make the changes you want without a hassle. You can customize the gemstone lights in Pickering however you want and have fun.


The customization features you get differ from any other lighting solution and cannot match those you get with gemstone lights. The lights allow you to change the light colours however you like, including per any celebration. You can make them red to match the valentine’s day theme or have them mimic any other event of the day conveniently with the push of a few swaps on the colour wheel on your mobile device.


Security officials agree that the chances of home intrusions reduce when there is sufficient light, which gemstone lights can provide. You can improve your lighting without the additional burden of higher energy consumption with our outdoor lighting option. They consist of four-channel LED bulbs, 12 volts with 23 lumens each. Placement requires at least nine inches between the bulbs, meaning you get sufficient brightness for safety.


Gemstone lights allow you to save money by enabling you to purchase only once. You do not have to worry about another investment in outdoor lights once you get them. Installation does not require a redo either – our professionals get it right the first time. Additionally, the bulbs do not consume too much power to function, so you do not experience a surge in utility bills. The change in energy use is mostly unnoticeable.

Assuring. Multifunctional Soffit Lights to Use Throughout the Year


Trades by Jack prioritizes quality when handling Pickering gemstone lights. We use aluminum tracks because we know durable metal is better than plastic. Our material choice is less susceptible to warping and cracking even when exposed to the highest temperature fluctuations – heat and cold.
Note: Gemstone lights are made locally for local use. That means they are not vulnerable to damage by environmental factors and can last long.


Climbing a ladder may seem fun, but it is one of the most dangerous activities in any home. The proof is in the large number of hospital visits annually – Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre says around 9000 people seek services from emergency rooms with ladder-related injuries. That is why you should leave the Christmas lights hanging to experts. With Oshawa gemstone lights, you will never have to take several trips up and down the ladder every festive season.


Intruders prefer homes with insufficient lights that allow them to lurk in the shadows as they try to gain access. That is why well-lit homes tend to encounter minimal intrusion. The gemstone lights system does that without reducing the visual appeal of the outdoors. You get powerful lighting that you can rely on, but the power bills remain the same.



Exterior lights can improve curb appeal, but only when selected correctly. Lights that contrast with the architectural appeal can reduce the visual appeal instead of enhancing it. Choose gemstone lights if you want better illumination without interfering with the home attraction.
Pot lights have become more popular, but their value addition to the property remains questionable. The perfect alternative is gemstone lights that have assuring value-addition benefits. They are durable, highly efficient, resistant to water and weather elements, and environment-friendly. They are also easy to control, allowing you to dim and use multiple switches. You do not have to worry about your contribution to the detriment of the environment when you use them.


Walking to the switch to turn on the lights can be inconvenient and is the main disadvantage of lights that have single turn-on points. You never have to experience that demerit when you buy gemstone lights in Ajax. The lighting system allows the usage of multiple switches, giving users more control options and easier accessibility. Whatever your preference, whether you want the light brighter on one side and dimmer on the other, you can make it happen with the available control options.
You can compare your options with our installers to find the best placement areas. Some installation options you can consider include having a programmable timer and a main switch that allows you to adjust all the lights, putting a dimmable switch on each side of the house, and combining two lamps in one location. Their low-energy usage rate will ensure you do not get an increase in your monthly power bills.


Not every trending home improvement fixture can be good for you. As such, you may wonder whether pot lights are suitable for your needs despite their popularity. We understand, which is why we provide better alternative soffit lights.
The Pickering gemstone lights we provide are more durable and guaranteed to remain in the best condition for several years. Some admirable features include weatherproof and waterproof qualities and resistance to damage by salt air. The deal gets better when you choose an installer that provides warranties – you can get up to 30 years.



If you have a specific part of the design you want to showcase more, the gemstone lights will do that effortlessly. Being dimmable, you can have a softer shine or a stronger glow depending on the feature you want to highlight. Another exceptional feature is their ability to remain concealed, which keeps them from diverting attention from the feature you want to showcase.
You also get multiple control options to test the best light output that matches the home feature. Whatever your preference, soffit lights will give you the best outcome. They add elegance that always misses on other lighting solutions.


Ajax gemstone lights do not have a single illumination option, unlike pot fixtures that can be too bright. That means their chances of leaving hot spots on the walls are minimal to nil. You will never deal with the spaceship effect when you install the lights – you can reduce the brightness if you notice it is extreme.
You also get several options for ensuring the lights enhance the home elements. For instance, you can reduce the brightness by half or change the colour display.
Pro Tip: Avoid confusing entryway lights with soffit lights – they are not similar. The entrance lighting is usually part of the house foundation and should be brighter. The soffit lights are additions we put in later, ensuring the colours synchronize with the design elements and possibly the landscape.


Wall-wash lighting works well if you want to save space while adding light to dark areas. The ambiance they provide is incomparable, and the indirect illumination they add makes every section of the property stand out. However, the up lighting can fail if you do not balance them correctly. Proper composition is vital for perfect results. Gemstone lights are small and easy to use, meaning achieving quality placement is simple.
You can count on our team for an outstanding job that will result in a gentle wash of lights across your home. We plan accordingly before installation because we understand the intricacies the job entails. Our approach ensures you save more money from energy efficiency as we achieve the perfect balance and composition necessary for lasting beauty.

Better Alternative to Outdoor Pot Lights

house light decorationBeing left out of neighbourhood celebrations can be a thing of the past when you purchase gemstone lights. The alternative to outdoor pot lights eliminates the need for climbing a ladder to change a string of lights with every occasion. Our licensed gemstone lights Scarborough dealers can install them once, after which you enjoy changing the display according to the event.

Revamped Pot Lights

Gemstone lights Pickering installers can ensure you get all the benefits of the pot lights without the downsides, proving that they are a better option. You can boost the appearance of your home by showcasing all the distinctive architectural elements with the help of the soffit lights.

Outdoor lighting that will not disappoint

Outdoor LED lighting has distinguished pros that are unlike any other. Examples are:

Digital controls

Gemstone lights do not limit performance after installation. You can change the colours, patterns, or timers with the help of dimmable switches and the Gemstone Lights App. You can make your home whatever you like as you enjoy utmost flexibility.

Colour adjustability

Numerous customization options await you for gemstone lights Ajax installation. You can change the light colours or brightness on a whim, according to your mood or the ambience you want to create. For example, a warm white LED setting is a good idea for creating an inviting outdoor environment.

Waterproof features

Gemstone lights are waterproof and weatherproof. They last long with outdoor use. You can always change a few components that get destroyed beyond repair.

Licensed gemstone lights Pickering dealers are available if you need clarification or have questions. We also install them swiftly and ensure the placement of the light is according to your standards. The superior outdoor lights are the durable solution you deserve. You will forget about the stress of climbing up and down the ladder once and for all.

Differences between gemstone lights installations and pot lights – plus a few ideas on how professionals handle the process

We give factual answers and estimates regarding our outdoor lights, which are the best alternative to traditional pot lights

We are available if you need to deliberate on your outdoor light options. We also have extensive knowledge and expertise that we apply suitably to ensure our clients get the best results. Our gemstone lights Oshawa crew has undergone comprehensive training ad gathered enough experience to prevent potential issues that could slow down the installation process. You can reach us anytime whether you require installation services or more information to help your decision-making processes.

Personalized installation that includes cleanup afterward

Light installation is our area of specialty. We are passionate about seeing different lighting systems come together to solve the unique needs of our clients. We have a proven track record from a long history of installing lights. That, together with our understanding of the various systems, provides the assurance you need regarding the quality you get during light installation from our team. We also strive to leave your property as clean as we found it – we do not leave messes behind.

Protection from safety insurance

If you have been looking for an installation company that does not fail its clients, look no further than Trades by Jack. Our pride comes from your happiness, and our passion drives us to complete all installations successfully. You can rely on our high level of expertise and previous projects. We have accomplished successful projects in different regions, including several GTA regions.

Our gemstone lights Pickering, Ajax and Oshawa installers have mastered the art of improving your outdoor space using different lights. We only succeed when you approve of the job. That is why we strive to surpass your expectations and deliver perfection.

“I could go on and on about this company saying nothing less but wonderful things. From the sales agent, to the men that came to do the install, to the customer service. Highly recommend this company to anyone. You're valued and appreciated and they make sure you're very happy throughout the entire process from start to finish.”

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