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If you need a unique lighting fixture that can transform your outdoors, gemstone lights in Toronto and Scarborough and Markham are available, perfect for showcasing the striking features of your outdoor space. They provide the ideal illumination – you control placement areas and brightness levels.

Assured safety
Inimitable charm
They are fun to use
Digital control
Reliable protection
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Clark Griswold undoubtedly puts the fun in falling off a ladder when hanging Christmas trees. However, the reality is far from that portrayal, as shown by the surge in related hospital reports every year. Ladder accidents account for most hospital visits over the festive season, with most surviving victims having extensive injuries. Some do not get so lucky – the accidents turn fatal.

Trades by Jack serve Markham and Scarborough regions to eliminate such occurrences. Our gemstone lights installation will keep you off the ladder forever.

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Gemstone lights are guaranteed to give your home the kind of attention that makes people slow down and marvel at the beauty when driving by. Some neighbours may even ask for referrals about where you got them. The charm they portray after dark is unlike any other, and it gets better with their programmability. You can change the settings to get different colours every night while the lights remain hidden in the soffits during the day.

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Gemstone lights have an app that you can use to change your outlook. They are fun to use, especially in the evenings, when you need to relax. You can sit outside and try different usability features on the app surrounded by your loved ones. The colour wheel is one of the app components, offering a variety of hues you can try. Enjoy decorating your house by dragging a few buttons on the screen.

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You can change the appearance of gemstone lights in Markham according to the season of what you want to celebrate. They can become pot lights when you are not celebrating anything, but you can also change them on specific days like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day. You only use the app to make the desired changes, even when you want to celebrate your favourite sports team. The lights have endless usability opportunities.

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Security professionals agree that proper lighting is one of the best ways of deterring thieves, as indicated by fewer burglaries in well-lit properties. Gemstone lights can take your lighting up a notch, given their four-channel 12-volt LED pixel with 23 lumens per bulb. We place the lights nine inches apart on the track, guaranteeing proper illumination. You can set them up to turn on automatically at night.

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You can enjoy the cost benefits in various ways. One, you only buy the string of lights once, same as installation. Two, they use minimal energy because they use LED bulbs. Your electricity bills will not skyrocket once you start using gemstone lights. You may not even experience any difference in your monthly consumption. You can use the lights every night without dimming them or fearing higher utility bills.

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Outdoor Lights for Numerous Occasions Throughout the Year – Unlimited Customizable Options and Assured Permanence


The gemstone system is designed and developed for local usage. That means it adapts to Canadian weather and does not succumb to warping or cracking under the summer sun and winter cold.
Our tracks are not plastic – we prefer a durable metal like aluminum. We take care of the lights the same way we do soffits and eavestroughs, assuring lasting durability to our clients. We also ensure the lights match the eavestrough and soffit to maintain invisibility during the day.


Ladder injuries can be fatal – the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre states it as the most dangerous thing to do. The 9000 or so Emergency Room visits every year attest to that. The dangers increase with the numerous trips you make up and down a ladder to hang Christmas lights.
That is an avoidable risk when you choose gemstone lights. You only install them or have a professional handle the task once, then all you need to do afterwards is change the lighting options using the app or switches. You never have to worry about a trip up the ladder during Christmas again.


Gemstone lights can put your mind at ease if you are concerned about security. They provide the illumination you need to discourage intruders from breaking in without diminishing the enchantment of the outdoor space. You get a more attractive home. The efficient LED bulbs are powerful enough to brighten the property without using too much power.



Scarborough gemstone lights do more than illuminate the space – they also add to the curb appeal when you pair them with the architectural design correctly. That is a critical factor to remember when shopping around for a suitable lighting fixture – it is one reason their popularity has grown recently.
The outdoor lights are also a valuable addition because of the modern touch they bring. They ooze a level of sophistication beyond compare to any home, giving you an enchanted space you can enjoy being in at night. You get durability, low power usage, water resistance, changeable dimming and brightness, space-saving solutions, and environment-saving lights.


The versatility of gemstone lights is one reason that sets them apart from any other outdoor lighting like pot lights. Apart from the numerous colour options, you also get multiple control alternatives. You can have switches in several places in the house to enable easier accessibility. No need to worry about more energy use if you do that – you can even have multiple lights in one switch, with a main one where you can use the programmable timer that turns on all the lights simultaneously at the same time.
We understand that you may want brighter lights in one section of the room than the other. This feature will enable that, which allows you to soften the brightness in other areas. Our installers guarantee the best installation measures that ensure you enjoy using all the switches separately or concurrently without hitches.


If you still wonder whether Scarborough or Markham gemstone lights are a good idea, be assured they are perfect for every homeowner. The soffit lights are suitable for outdoor exposures. They can withstand harsh Canadian weather ranging from hot summers to freezing winters.
Their waterproof, weatherproof, and salt-air-resistance features ensure they last the longest after installation. No additional maintenance or protective measures are necessary, but you must choose a track made with metal. Ensure you work with an installer that can give you a labour warranty – some offers extend to 30 years.



Home exteriors do not always get the same attention as interiors, but they have beautiful features that attract attention as much as the interior. Gemstone lights can make those sections stand out, improving the aesthetic appeal. You can change the brightness level depending on the specific feature you want people to see best.
The lights are small enough to fit the soffit and remain hidden from open view during the day. You only see them at night when you turn them on, so they are not distracting in daylight. Customization options also make them usable in every home design and style.


Pot lights tend to produce extreme brightness, creating hot spots that result in the spaceship effect. Gemstone lights do not do that, but you still get several customization options to make the lighting as good as you prefer. You can still highlight specific sections of your home by making the lighting softer or brighter accordingly – the brightness can be dimmed by half.
Remember, there is a difference between soffit lights and entryway lighting. The latter does not need to blend with the lighting fixture, but the former should synchronize. For that reason, consider the house design and the exterior colours when shopping for soffit lights.


Wall-wash lights add beauty that is impossible to compare with any other, but only when placement is correct. They also have the added advantage of more control, allowing you to use various wall wash techniques to make indirect lighting that illuminates just as well. You can also choose a suitable lighting effect from the numerous options available without a hassle. Incorrect placement can diminish the lighting effect, so you should be ready to invest enough time in the planning stage before installation.
Trades by Jack technicians can install the lights in a manner that guarantees perfect balance and composition. We do not make the lights too bright – a gentle wash moving upwards is enough to highlight the most beautiful features on your wall.

Better Alternative to Outdoor Pot Lights

house light decorationBeing left out of neighbourhood celebrations can be a thing of the past when you purchase gemstone lights. The alternative to outdoor pot lights eliminates the need for climbing a ladder to change a string of lights with every occasion. Our licensed gemstone lights Scarborough dealers can install them once, after which you enjoy changing the display according to the event.

Better Lighting Solution Than Pot Lights

You get smart lighting technology that allows you to try out various lighting effects when you choose gemstone lights instead of pot lights. That feature can convert your home from a basic to an architectural masterpiece unlike any other in the neighbourhood. That, and durability, are why the lights are increasingly gaining popularity in Scarborough and Markham.

Outdoor Lights to Boost Your Scarborough and Markham Property

Our lights can last throughout the year in perfect condition. They also have other benefits like:

Programmable controls

Nothing can stop you from adjusting the lights once we hang them in place. You decide how they should appear and make the necessary changes through dimmable switches, Gemstone Light App, or timers. Get them to turn on at specific times or change their colours.

Numerous personalization options

Although they can remain hidden during the day, gemstone lights allow you to change the colours however you wish. Multiple lights exist with the lighting system, including a warm white option, for a cozy and inviting aura. You can also dim them if you wish.


Gemstone lights have impressive durability, at the very least, with the ability to last at least 50,000 hours. You can depend on the waterproof ability to give them endurance against outdoor elements.
Hanging outdoor lights is time-consuming, and maintenance is even more challenging because of the trips up and down the ladder. However, you can forget about all that when you choose gemstone lights from licensed professionals, Trades by Jack. You can learn more about our innovative outdoor light fixtures by contacting us. Our learned team will provide all the answers you need.

Installing Pot Lights Tends to Take Longer Than Gemstone Lights – Why? Get An Idea of How Professionals Handle the Task

Before starting the job, our seasoned team provides all the answers you need, including price estimates.

Accuracy, efficiency, and friendliness are some factors that make us better at serving our clients and completing gemstone light installations quickly and perfectly. We also give our clients quotes beforehand to facilitate a quicker installation process. Our client’s needs always come first, and we use our experience to sort them out.
We supply soffit lights, which also helps with a speedy installation timeline. Get in touch for further clarifications, consultations, or estimates.

Extra effort that includes cleaning up after installation

Extensive knowledge and experience, faster project completions, and a clean home after installation await you at Trades by Jack. Our long-serving crew will not leave your property messy. Our industry-specific knowledge and advanced understanding of outdoor fixture features and functionality put us ahead for such installations. You can check our track record from our long history of successful completion of similar projects. Our services are the best.

Safety insurance – putting your mind at ease

Forget about faulty wiring, electrical fires, and damage to your home when you hire experts who have undergone proper training and love what they do, like the team from Trades by Jack. Our insurance coverage allows us to give you complete ESA certification after completing your outdoor light installation.
We are a team that excels at delivering customer-oriented services. Failure to meet your expectations renders our services pointless. Our pride and satisfaction come from knowing that we have given you a lighting solution that will serve you well for many years. That makes us the go-to gemstone lights Scarborough and Markham installers. Call us today to enjoy perfection.

“I could go on and on about this company saying nothing less but wonderful things. From the sales agent, to the men that came to do the install, to the customer service. Highly recommend this company to anyone. You're valued and appreciated and they make sure you're very happy throughout the entire process from start to finish.”

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