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The Gemstone Lights Simcoe Port Dover we offer bring the perfect level of lighting to your outdoor space. They are so compact that they can be installed without expert help. They offer total control over the location and brightness of your outdoor gemstone lights Toronto.

They improve safety
They are gorgeous
They are exciting
They can be programmed
They keep your family safe
They are inexpensive
They improve safet

Over the holidays, there is an increase in the number of injuries resulting from people falling off the ladder while installing lights. Many of the injuries are life-altering, while some cause death. Our top priority is to improve your safety by ensuring you never need to go up a ladder again to install lights. We achieve this with our Gemstone Lights in Simcoe Port Dover, which are durable, reliable and customizable.

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They are gorgeous

With our gemstone lights, passersby will stop and stare at the beauty your home radiates at night. Your neighbours will also want to know about your secret. You will never get enough of how beautiful your home looks as you walk or drive up to your home at night. The programmability of our outdoor lights further allows you to adjust the brightness and colours to your liking. During the day, the light fixtures will be concealed.

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They are exciting

Our customers admit to sitting in their driveway as they play with the Gemstone Lights in Simcoe Port Dover using the App. Kids, too, cannot get enough of changing the colours with a simple touch on the colour wheel while watching the colour of the lights change in real-time. You will definitely love this too. The customization options are simply endless. You can adorn your home the way you want and change the colours to match the season or holiday.

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They can be programmed

Our Gemstone Lights in Simcoe Port Dover are not for the holidays alone. When the holidays end, they make amazing pot lights. You can also adjust them to match any celebration, may it be the playoffs or a birthday party. For Valentine’s Day, you can switch the lights to red. When it is St. Patrick’s Day, you can adjust the colours to green. The options are limitless.

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They keep your family safe

As you may already know, a home that is well-lit is safer. Public safety, as well as security officials, report that well-lit homes report fewer burglaries. Gemstone Lights in Simcoe Port Dover can protect your family by keeping your home well-lit all year round. Each light has a quad-channel 12-volt LED pixel. Every bulb has an illumination of 23 lumens. There is a bulb for every 9 inches on the track. The lights can be set to go on at night and turn off at dawn.

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They are inexpensive

The programmability of Gemstone Lights in Simcoe Port Dover guarantees that you don’t have to purchase any other string of lights for years or pay an electrician to remove or install them. As a result, these amazing lights are a great time and money saver. Furthermore, because these are LED lights, they consume very little power. Our customers only report a minimal change in power bills even when the lights are left on overnight.

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Customized – Lasting –Soffit Outdoor Pot Lights for Every Season and Occasion


Our Gemstone Lights are installed on a superior-quality aluminum track. It is as sturdy as the eavestrough. This means you don’t have to be bothered with extreme summer or winter temperatures causing the track to warp or crack. Our Gemstone system is also designed for the climate in Canada.


The Ontario Injury Prevention As you may already know, installing Christmas lights requires multiple trips up and down a ladder. This increases the risk of an accident. Gemstone Lights in Simcoe Port Dover eliminate these issues. Once they are installed, you can adjust them using an App to match any holiday.


Studies show that a well-lit home is less likely to be burglarized. Our Gemstone system will help improve the security of your home. These lights are built using high-efficiency LED bulbs that offer powerful lighting without consuming much power. These lights can be set to be as bright as you want.



The right lighting will significantly enhance the curb appeal of your home. Needless to say, virtually every homeowner loves a well-illuminated home at night. In recent years, the installation of outdoor pot lights has amassed immense popularity. Illuminating your outdoor space with Gemstone Lights adds a contemporary and sophisticated feel to your property. These lights can be adjusted to offer the desired level of ambient lighting while making your house appear gorgeous at night.


The beauty of installing soffit outdoor pot lights is that you can control them using multiple switches. The switches can be in various locations around your home. Since they consume very little power, combining multiple LED lights in a single switch will be fine. For convenience, you should install a switch for different parts of the house, such as the porch, sides and backyard. You can install a master switch for controlling all the outdoor lights. The master switch can be equipped with programmable timers so that you can switch on or off all the outdoor lights at once.


Gemstone Lights in Simcoe Port Dover have become the perfect alternative to outdoor pot lights because of their durability. These lights will work reliably for years. They are weatherproof, resistant to salt air, and waterproof. The rule of thumb when choosing these lights is to opt for long-lasting metal. You must also work with an experienced installation professional that includes a warranty. With soffit outdoor pot lights, most professionals offer warranties of 30 years or more on services.



The best thing about soffit outdoor lights is that they can be used to accentuate specific areas of your house. You can program them to offer a strong or soft glow when illuminating different areas of the house. Thanks to their small size, the lights can be hidden out of sight during the day. Irrespective of the design and style of your house, soffit outdoor lights offer controlled lighting that matches your style. These lights are perfect for homeowners looking to accentuate their homes.


Soffit outdoor pot lights usually give out a light that is too bright. Lights that are too bright can cause the spaceship effect. These lights are thus not perfect for enhancing details around your house. With dimming switches, the brightness on Gemstone Lights in Simcoe Port Dove can be reduced. The dimming capability can ensure that different elements are illuminated to the perfect brightness. The lights can also be placed in the landscape of the house’s foundation to achieve colour synchronicity.


Washing lighting is perfect when you want to highlight the landscape after dark. It creates a fantastic ambience. Indirect lighting can be created using different lighting techniques. You will also get more flexibility and control when lighting your house from the ground. With up-lighting, the focus must be on casting a gentle light wash across the property. Keep in mind that good lighting requires both planning and professional installation. Soffit outdoor pot lights are perfect for outdoor light thanks to their energy efficiency, programmability and durability.

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Outdoor Soffit Pot Light Alternative

house light decorationThere is a certain type of joy and beauty that comes with stringing lights on your house during the holidays. This can, however, be too demanding, especially when you have to make multiple trips up and down the ladder to string up the lights. There is also a great risk that comes with climbing a ladder. There is, however, a solution to this problem. Trades by Jack is a licensed dealer of Gemstone Lights in Simcoe Port Dover.

Gemstone Lights Simcoe Port Dover – Enhanced Outdoor Pot Lights

When you want to transform your home into a masterpiece, nothing does it better than Gemstone Lights in Simcoe Port Dover. The lights offer smart light technology that enables you to create an outdoor effect that is mesmerizing. The lights will redefine the exterior of your home. The best thing is that the solution is long-term. This is why it is becoming more and more popular in Simcoe Port Dover.

Outdoor Lighting for Your Port Dover Home

The undeniable beauty of year-round outdoor LED lighting includes the following:

Smart Device Control

After the installation of the lights, you will get the Gemstone Lights App. This will enable you to set up timers, change the colour of the lights, and switch up patterns with the simple touch of a button. This allows complete control over your lights.

Fully Customizable Colors

You no longer have to replace lights with the ones that offer the colour you want. Gemstone Lights in Simcoe Port Dover can be personalized to any colour with the simple touch of a button. You can adjust the brightness of the lights and customize the colours for ambient light or fun all year-round.

Waterproof Connections

On average, Gemstone Lights in Simcoe Port Dover are built to last 50,000 hours. When the need arises, they can be replaced. They have individual and waterproof connections.

Gemstone Lights offer the convenience you have always dreamt of. The high-tech LED lighting offered by Trades by Jack allows you to show support for your team or enjoy a holiday by decorating your home in the appropriate colours. All this can be done without exposing yourself to the risk that comes with climbing a ladder. To find out more about Gemstone Lights in Simcoe Port Dover, get in touch with Trades by Jack today!

Why Does the Installation of Gemstone Lights in Port Dover take less time than the installation of Soffit outdoor pot lights?

When you come to us, we will take care of every step of the Gemstone Lights installation in Simcoe Port Dover. We start by providing you with a detailed quote. We are also happy to answer the questions you may have about Gemstone Lights. We will also help you understand why they are the best outdoor pot lights alternative.

The beauty of working with us is that we have an in-house team of experienced professionals who are licensed to complete the installation accurately and efficiently. Our years in the business enable us to understand precisely what our clients want. We are also insured and licensed, so you never have to worry about substandard services. Our experienced experts are also happy to offer constructive advice on problems relating to outdoor pot lights. Give us a call today for estimates, quotes and inquiries.

Hassle-free Installation

We are committed to offering you a hassle-free experience when it comes to the installation of Gemstone Lights in Simcoe Port Dover. This is what has enabled us to distinguish ourselves from the competition. We also have a great track record of successfully completing Gemstone Lights installation projects in Simcoe Port Dover and the surrounding areas. Our team knows how the lighting systems work. When you choose us, you can count on a clean installation. At the end of the installation, we will clean up for you.

You Get Safety Insurance Offered by Inspector

At Trades by Jack, we are fully insured. We always guarantee complete ESA certification after the installation of Gemstone Lights in Simcoe Port Dover. Our skilled and licensed installation experts guarantee a worry-free experience during installation as well as complete customer satisfaction. We only use certified products as well as tested and effective solutions. We will also guarantee there is no damage to your property during and after the installation. We take great pride in seeing our clients happy with the results. Working with an insured and licensed pot light installation company will reduce the risk of faulty wiring, electrical fires and damage to your property.

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