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All our gemstone lights Toronto are weatherproof and made of high-quality materials. They come in a variety of outdoor lighting designs, including surface-mounted and recessed lighting that is available in mains voltage, low voltage, and modern LED models.

They are Safe
They are Appealing
They are Fun
They are Programmable
They Protect Your Family
They are Cost-effective
They are Safe

It’s no secret that hanging Christmas lights may leave many enthusiastic homeowners with chronic backache, but other hazards, including physical harm and tragic falls, can also occur. With our Gemstone Lights in St Catherines, climbing the ladder to hang Christmas lights will be a thing of the past.

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They are Appealing

Soffit lights improve the overall appearance of the home. It’s no secret that a well-lit home looks more appealing at night than a dark one. Soffit lighting can enhance the sophistication and elegance of your home’s exterior. It can be used to draw attention to architectural features like gables or dormers, as well as add dimension and depth to the overall look of the mansion.

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They are Fun

Soffit lighting is fun and can create a welcoming atmosphere. This can be particularly appealing to prospective buyers. A home can stand out in the market and draw more buyers with the right soffit Gemstone Lights in St Catherines. When it comes to real estate, curb appeal is extremely important. With endless customization options, you can decorate your home just the way you want it.

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They are Programmable

Another advantage of soffit lighting is the ability of some LED bulbs to change colour. If you decorate your home for the holidays, this is a useful feature to have. Soffit lighting allows you to create a beautiful outdoor area that can be enjoyed all night. Our Gemstone Lights in St Catherines are not just for Christmas. You can program the lights to match any occasion, including themed parties, Valentine’s Day, or St. Patrick’s Day.

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They Protect Your Family

Increased home security is one of the most significant advantages of soffit lighting. In general, better-lit homes are safer homes at night. Intruders are less likely to attempt to break into a well-lit home than a dark one. Soffit Gemstone Lights in St Catherines add light to dark areas such as steps, porches, and entryways. More lighting serves as a deterrent to burglars and intruders. Criminals will find it more difficult to conceal themselves in a well-lit home. Every bulb has a 12 Volt LED pixel with 23 lumens.

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They are Cost-effective

Energy efficiency is one of the primary advantages of soffit lighting. Many soffit lights include LED bulbs, which consume far less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs. When compared to traditional exterior lighting, this can significantly reduce your electricity bills. You will also save money because you don’t have to keep hiring someone to hang and remove the lights for you.

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Permanent, Year-Round, Customizable Soffit Outdoor Pot Lights for All Occasions


When installing soffit lights, we use high-quality tracks made from aluminum, not plastic. Therefore, the lighting will withstand harsh weather conditions; you do not have to worry about warping due to the winter cold or the summer sun. All our Gemstone Lights are designed in Canada, with the Canadian climate in mind. We have a wide variety of designs, meaning that we will choose a design and colour that matches your home best. Using outdoor Gemstone soffit lights to illuminate your home is a great way to give it a modern and sophisticated look.


Climbing a ladder is among the most dangerous activities you can engage in or around your house, according to the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre. Studies indicate that non-work related ladder falls cause approximately 9000 emergency room visits in Ontario each year, and putting up Christmas lights requires you to use the ladder severally. Depending on the size of your home, you may have to climb that ladder 10, 20, or even 30 times before you are finished. Ladders will no longer be in the picture with our Gemstone Lights at St Catherine’s.


More lighting serves as a deterrent to trespassers and burglars. Criminals may find it more challenging to cover up themselves in a well-lit home. This increases their visibility to neighbours, surveillance cameras, police, and passing cars. This is particularly advantageous for homes located in high-crime areas. Soffit lights could significantly improve safety by allowing property owners to navigate their homes more easily in low-light conditions. This is a huge advantage if you are out late, work at night, or walk your dog at night. Soffit lighting can be timed or linked to a home automation system.



LED lights are an amazing addition to your green home because they are energy-efficient. LED lights can save up to 80% of the energy used by incandescent bulbs while producing less heat. Are you considering going green? LED outdoor soffit pot light alternatives are the way to go. You have the benefits of bright lighting without having to worry about your home’s carbon footprint. LED light bulbs are naturally energy efficient. Because they require fewer volts to light up and produce less heat while in use, they waste less energy when used.


It is entirely up to you whether you prefer to control the soffit lights with different switches in various areas or with just one main switch. Due to their lower energy consumption, combining multiple LED lamps in one switch is not a problem. It’s a good idea to have a switch for each area of your home, such as your front porch, sides, and back. You can also have a master switch that controls all the lights; you can control this switch with a programmable timer. You can use this option to turn on all the lights at once at a specific time, such as when you get home from work.


Whether you need general lighting, accent lighting, or ambient lighting, outdoor soffit lights provide more than enough illumination for all your needs. The illumination is suitable for a variety of locations, including homes, offices, schools, and commercial buildings. Depending on the type of impression you require, these lights can emit as much light as big floodlights. Soffit lighting can produce more vibrant light than fluorescent lighting. For use in wet conditions, an outdoor lighting system ought to be water-resistant.



Outdoor Gemstone soffit lights can be used to illuminate a specific area of your home with a bright source of light or with a gentle glow. You can use these lights at night to spotlight any area of your house. One of the most efficient ways to enhance curb appeal and security is to install exterior soffit fixtures. Soffit lighting, which illuminates a home’s eaves and overhangs, can draw attention to the architectural features while also creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. They can add lighting to dark outdoor areas or points of entry. This helps homeowners navigate their homes at night and keeps intruders at bay.


Most homes with soffit outdoor pot lights tend to have excessively bright light output. Extremely bright lighting may cause hot spots on your home’s architecture below the lights, resulting in a spaceship effect. You can use several tips to improve soffit lighting and ensure it highlights the beautiful details of your residence. The brightness of your exterior pot lights can be lowered to less than half of their initial brightness. Soffit lighting and entryway lighting are different. The entrance to your house is an important architectural feature. When deciding on pot light installation, make sure that all of the architectural elements blend in.


What if a simple change could completely alter the landscape around your residence? You do not need to spend money or time renovating your yard to make it look great. All that is required is the proper wash lighting. Do you want to know what wash lighting is and exactly how you could use it to make your landscape stand out? Wash lighting entails placing lights and carefully positioning their beams to illuminate your landscape. Any type of lighting can be used to highlight specific areas of your yard. The look, mood, and flow of your landscape can also be further influenced by the use of different light colours. In the end, wash lighting involves more than just illuminating your yard at night.

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Outdoor Soffit Pot Light Alternative

house light decorationEveryone loves illuminating their home for holidays and other special occasions. The only downside will be if you have to keep climbing up and down the ladder to hang the lights. With the Soffit lights from Trades by Jack, you will never have to climb the ladder again to hang lights. Soffit lighting installation has many advantages, including improved house security and curb attractiveness. Soffit lights are frequently utilized to give extra accent lighting to improve a home’s appearance. The design and curb appeal of a home are significantly influenced by lighting. In addition to highlighting distinctive architectural characteristics, it helps set the mood. Soffit lighting can boost house security and safety by adding more exterior light in strategic locations.

Gemstone Lights St. Catherines

The significance of grow lights and pot lights has recently gained its niche. However, illuminating your home with outdoor soffit pot lights is a great way to give it a sophisticated and contemporary look. They add a magical effect to your outdoor space at night and deliver an optimal level of ambiance lighting that is absent in other lighting alternatives.

Outdoor Lighting for Your St. Catherines Home

The leading benefits of our LED lighting include:

Durability and Resilience

LED soffit lights are also extremely long-lasting and resistant to a variety of environmental hazards. Their airtight outer casings will block all rain, sun, and wind. This ensures that your lighting performs optimally; you will not need to perform costly maintenance to keep them operational.  This is especially true if you choose a strong metal for the soffit area of your roof.

Compact Design

Another significant advantage of outdoor LED soffit lights is their compact design during installation. These fixtures take up little patio or deck space because they fit snugly into your roof’s soffit and sit flush along the underside of your awning. As a result, they make an excellent addition to relatively small outdoor amenities.

Customizable Lighting

You can even control the pattern and brightness settings of modern LED soffit lighting. With just a few taps of your smartphone, you can design your home exactly how you want it to appear and show it off to your neighbours. This eliminates the need for you to climb to the roof to adjust the lights manually, making it easier to prevent household injuries.

Gemstone Lights Installation in St Catherines Takes Less Time Than Installing Outdoor Pot Lights

At Trades by Jack, we have experienced soffit lights installation experts who will get the job done right the first time and within the shortest time possible. We take time to listen to our clients and understand their needs. We give out clients clear and concise advice regarding soffit light installations.

Seamless Soffit Lights Installation and We Maintain A Neat Working Area

Given our many years of experience in installing soffit lights, you are assured of a hassle-free light installation. We have completed countless soffit lights installation programs in St Catherines. You can be sure that we will install the lights the right way. We will not leave your yard looking untidy. We always clean up after completing the job.

Skilled and Licensed Installation

All our soffit light installation services are insured. Therefore, should anything go wrong, we’ve got you covered. We guarantee customer satisfaction and a smooth experience with our skilled and licensed experts. We are careful when installing the lights to ensure that we don’t damage your home. You can never go wrong by choosing Trades by Jack to install your soffit lights.

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