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Our outdoor soffit Gemstone Lights in Toronto provide an intriguing way of bringing the right level of illumination to your space. You can install these lights yourself and enjoy complete control over the brightness as well as the location of the lights.

They Keep You Safe
They Are Beautiful
They Are Fun!
They Are Programmable
They Protect Your Family
They Are Affordable
They Keep You Safe

Falling off a ladder while putting up Christmas Lights isn’t as funny as Clark Griswold makes it look. In fact, during the holidays, hospitals report a surge in severe injuries from Christmas light related ladder falls every year. For many of these victims, it’s a life altering event and in some cases, it is life ending. Our number one objective is to keep our customers off of the ladder. With Gemstone Lights in Toronto, you’ll never have to climb the ladder to hang your Christmas Lights ever again.

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They Are Beautiful

Everyone who drives by your home will slow down and take a look. Your neighbours will ask you where you got them. You will have a smile on your face every time you come home after dark and see how much your home stands out. And with the programmability, you can have a different look and design each and every day. Also, since they are colour matched to your soffits, you won’t even know they’re there in the day time.

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They Are Fun!

All of our customers love to sit out at the end of their driveway and play with their Gemstone Lights in Toronto App. The kids can’t get enough of dragging their finger over the colour wheel and watching as the whole house changes colour at their every whim. Neither can the adults for that matter! The customization is endless and you will have the ability to decorate your house with light any way that you like.

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They Are Programmable

Gemstone Lights in Toronto aren’t just for Christmas. When there is nothing to celebrate they can make great pot lights. But when you have Gemstone Lights in Toronto, you’ll usually find something to celebrate. Program your team’s colours during the playoffs. Go red and white for Canada Day, green for St. Patrick’s Day, red and pink for Valentines Day, your favourite colour for your birthday…. You get the idea.

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They Protect Your Family

A well lit home is a safer home. All public safety and security officials will tell you that there are fewer burglaries in homes that are well lit. Gemstone Lights in Toronto can certainly take care of that for you. Each light is a four channel 12 Volt LED pixel with 23 lumens per bulb with one every nine inches along the track. You can set the timer to come on each night at dusk so you don’t forget.

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They Are Affordable

Since you’ll never have to buy another string of lights again, or pay someone to hang/remove them for you, you’ll find that Gemstone Lights in Toronto will save you money. Also, since they are LED lights the electricity that they draw is very minimal. Our customers report to us that they haven’t even noticed a slight change in their electricity bill even when they have them on every single night.

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Customized • Permanent • Year-Round Soffit Outdoor Pot Lights for All Occasions

Superior Design and Construction

The track which we use to install the lights is constructed of high quality aluminum, not plastic, just like your eavestroughs and soffits so you do not have to worry about summer sun warping the track or winter cold causing it to crack. It is also worth noting that the Gemstone system was designed in Canada, by Canadians, for the Canadian climate. And since it’s made from aluminum, just like your soffits, we colour-match it to your home perfectly so that it remains virtually invisible in the daylight.

No More Ladders

According to the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre climbing a ladder is one of the most dangerous things you can do around your home! They say that there are approx 9000 Emergency Room visits every year in Ontario from non-work related ladder falls. And installing a set of Christmas lights does not mean just one trip up and down the ladder. Depending on the size of your home you could be climbing up and down that ladder 10, 20, even 30 times before you are done. With Gemstone Lights in Toronto, your Christmas Light hanging days are in the past.

Improved Home Security

Having your home well lit is an effective way to deter thieves. The Gemstone system can certainly do that, and do it in a very attractive way. Because Gemstone Lights in Toronto are manufactured with high- efficiency LED bulbs the system can provide powerful lighting for your property while, at the same time using very little electrical power.



Choosing the proper lighting for your home’s architecture goes a long way in enhancing its curb appeal. Everyone loves a beautifully illuminated home in the evening. In recent days, outdoor pot light installation has gained immense popularity. But, do outdoor pot lights increase home value? Illuminating your home using outdoor soffit pot lights is an excellent way of adding a modern and sophisticated touch to your home. These lights provide a desirable level of ambiance lighting while making your home look enchanting at night. Soffit pot lights have become popular for many reasons: energy efficiency, water resistance, control over dimming and switches, durability, space-saving, environmentally friendly, and providing accentuated lighting.

Feature Control Over Dimming And Switches

With soffit outdoor pot lights, you have the option of controlling the lights with multiple switches located in different areas. Due to their low energy consumption, there is no problem even if you decide to combine different LED lamps in one switch.
It is advisable to have one switch for every part of the house, such as the sides, the porch, and the back. You can also have another master switch that controls all the lights with a programmable timer. With this option, you can turn on all the exterior pot lights at once.
Sometimes, you will want your exterior pot lights to provide bright light around your home. However, at other times, you may desire soft lighting. A leading advantage of pot light installation is the option to add dimmer switches. When you have a dimmer switch, you can adjust the brightness level you get from the lamps according to your desire.

Great Outdoor Pot Lights Alternative - Long-Lasting And Durable

With the growing popularity of the soffit outdoor pot lights, you might be wondering, are soffit lights a good idea? Soffit lights are an excellent idea, especially in terms of durability. This outdoor lighting system will serve you for many years. The lights are waterproof, weatherproof, and salt air-resistant. When choosing pot light installation, you should go for durable metal. Also, ensure that you choose an installation professional who offers a warranty. Many installation experts offer a warranty of up to 30 years on their services.


Accentuate Objects

You can use soffit outdoor lights to highlight any part of your home. The lights can give off a soft glow or a strong light source that illuminates a certain part of your house. Because of its small space, recessed lighting is concealed from sight and does not demand attention. Regardless of your home’s style and design, soffit outdoor lights can provide bright or controlled lighting to any space, according to your preference. This lighting option is an excellent alternative for homeowners seeking to add a touch of class to their homes.

Enhance Details Better Than Soffit Outdoor Pot Lights

The light output on most homes that use soffit outdoor pot lights is often too bright. Very bright lighting could leave hot spots on the home architecture beneath the lights, causing a spaceship effect. There are several ways of enhancing soffit lighting and ensuring it enhances the details of your home. You can have the brightness of exterior pot lights reduced to less than half their original brightness. Soffit lighting and entryway lighting are different from one another. The entryway to your home is a crucial architectural element. When deciding on pot light installation, you should ensure that different architectural elements are in colour synchronicity. This lighting technique involves placing lights in the landscape at your home’s foundation.

Make A Great Wall Wash

Wash lighting brings your landscape all together after dark and sets the stage for an unmatched ambience. You can create indirect lighting by applying various wash lighting techniques, transforming your dark space into a friendly and familiar space. Lighting your home from the ground up allows you more control and flexibility over the overall lighting effects of your home. When doing uplighting, the goal should be to achieve balance and composition. The whole idea behind lighting your home from the foundation up is to cast a gentle wash of light across the home. Regardless of your home’s design or style, proper lighting requires ample planning and installation. Due to their space and energy savings, soffit outdoor pot lights are an excellent choice for homeowners.

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Outdoor Soffit Pot light Alternative

house light decorationThere’s a certain beauty to participating in neighbourhood celebrations by stringing lights on your home. It can, however, become quite the task as you make the journey up and down the ladder for every occasion that calls for lights. A solution can be found at Trades by Jack, a licensed dealer of Gemstone Lights in Toronto.

Gemstone Lights Toronto – Improved Outdoor Pot Lights

Gemstone Lights in Toronto transforms your home into an architectural masterpiece. Thanks to smart lighting technology, you can create a mesmerizing outdoor effect that will redefine your home’s exterior. This long-term solution has become increasingly popular with homeowners in Mississauga and other cities in Ontario.

Outdoor Lighting for your Mississauga Home

The unique advantages of our year-round, outdoor LED lighting include:

Smart Device Controls

With the ability to set up multiple timers, switch up patterns, and change light color at the touch of a button on your smart phone using the Gemstone Lights in Toronto App, you can enjoy complete control and versatility without the maintenance.

Fully Customizable colors

Gemstone Lights in Toronto feature a low-profile design in the day but can be personalized with mesmerizing animations at night. What’s more, the dimmable lights can be customized in a range of colors, including warm white LED, for fun or ambient lighting year-round.

Waterproof Connections

Gemstone Lights in Toronto are engineered to last 50,000 hours on average and can be easily replaced, if needed, thanks to individual, waterproof connections.

Show your support for your favourite team and participate in holiday decorations without the time-consuming maintenance of climbing up and down a ladder with state-of-the-art outdoor LED lighting from Trades by Jack. To learn more about this innovative product for your home in Mississauga, Ontario, or the GTA, contact Trades by Jack today!

Why Gemstone Lights in Toronto Installation Takes Less Time Than Installing Soffit Outdoor Pot Lights and How We will Take Care of the Process

We Provide You With a Quote And Answer All Your Questions In Regards To Gemstone Lights in Toronto – the Best Outdoor Pot Lights Alternative

We have a team of professional and licensed experts who will do the job with the utmost accuracy and efficiency. Given our many years of experience, we understand what exactly our clients and customers want. Our experienced, insured, and licensed experts supply and install pot lights. In addition, we offer concise and constructive advice on any issue regarding outdoor pot lights. Contact us today for quotes, estimates, and inquiries.

You Can Expect Hassle-Free Installation and A Clean Up After We Are Done

Our experience in pot light installation has enabled us to differentiate ourselves from our competition, given out superior knowledge and experience in light installation. We have a long history of successfully completing light installation projects. Our experts understand how lighting systems work firsthand. By choosing our services, you can rest assured that your light installation will be in good hands.  We always clean up after completing an installation project.

Safety Insurance Provided By Inspector

We are fully insured; therefore, we guarantee all our customers a complete ESA certification after the completion of the installation of the lights. With our licensed and skilled installation experts, we guarantee you a worry-free experience and complete satisfaction. We only employ certified products and effective solutions to ensure that there is no damage to your home. We derive our joy and accomplishment from seeing our clients happy with the results of our services. It is always a good choice to work with a licensed and insured pot light installation company. It reduces the risks of electrical fires, faulty wiring, and overall damage to your home.

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