Gutters Protect Against Clogs and Rainwater Damage

Low-Maintenance Design of Seamless LeafGuard Eavestrough System Helps

Cleaning out an eavetrough is a routine task for most modern GTA homeowners but it doesn’t have to be. There are a great deal of eavestrough protection systems available on the market that are designed to prevent clogs. Unfortunately, many of them are often ineffective and unattractive, leaving many homeowners with lackluster curb appeal and eavestroughs that still clog every chance they get. At Trades by Jack, we can prevent this from happening to your home. We have a patented one-piece eavestrough system with a low-profile and built-in hood that has proven, time and again, its ability to shed debris of any kind. This means you no longer have to worry with cleaning out gutter gunk and you get an attractive eavestrough protection system.

High-Quality Eavestrough System Designed to Protect

Our eavestrough systemis designed to prevent clogs by incorporating a built-in cover that completely guards the inside from debris like sticks, leaves, and pine needles. The front-facing opening is the only entryway into the trough, which is only accessible due to the principle of liquid adhesion. Liquid adhesion is a principle of physics that dictates the continuous flow of water along the designated path of the curved hood, leading directly into the trough. The water molecules want to adhere to the surface of the hood so you don’t have to worry about any excess water running off the system and into your yard. The patented LeafGuard systemgoes a long way in preventing severe damage to your foundation due to pooling water.

A True One-Piece Protection System You can Trust

Our patented system is extruded using one piece of heavy-duty aluminum to give you a true one-piece, seamless eavestrough protection system guaranteed to never clog. This makes our system unique from any other eavestrough and eavestrough protection system, which are constructed using multiple section. Multi-section systems are known to be ineffective, leaving you with seams that are susceptible to leaks and damage. You are also subjected to the increased potential for discontinuous troughs and covers that detach and fly off during heavy storms. Sectional or multiple piece systems significantly increase the chance of incurring damage to the fascia board, siding, and foundation of your home. Furthermore, their ineffectiveness still causes you to have to deal with cleaning the gunk out of your gutters. Don’t suffer the pains of gutter maintenance any longer and contact us about our seamless, one-piece eavestrough system.

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