LeafFilter – Is It Good For Gutter Protection?

LeafFilter vs LeafGuard: What To Choose?Gutter cleaning is becoming a thing of the past with the invention of gutter protectors. These are some of the most reliable and widely used gutter cleaning aides ever invented. But just like any other invention, gutter protectors come in a wide variety, with LeafGuard for gutters and LeafFilter for gutters being the most common types of protectors available.

So, what is the difference between LeafGuard and LeafFilter?

Also known as reverse curve gutter cover or gutter hood, LeafGuard gutters are simply reverse curve gutter guards. Their mechanism is based on the concept of liquid adhesion. On the other hand, LeafFilters have tiny holes with small diameters, making it possible to restrict the flow of debris. Note that these holes can be blocked by small particles, which is why they should be cleaned frequently.

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Truth About LeafFilter: Is it Better Than LeafGuard?

benefit LeafGuard LeafFilter
Keeps Out Debrischeckmark 30checkmark 30
Eliminate Leakscheckmark 30cross 30
One-Piece Designcheckmark 30cross 30
Customized to Your Homecheckmark 30cross 30
Never Have to Cleancheckmark 30cross 30
No Pull Guaranteecheckmark 30cross 30

To help you figure out what is the best gutters protection system, we have made it easier for you to learn the truth about LeafFilter for gutters by creating a LeafFilter vs LeafGuard comparison chart. Be sure to study this chart before you get LeafFilter for gutters or LeafGuard for gutters protection. Here is why LeafGuard gutter protectors are the ultimate choice for property owners.

Keeps out debris: LeafGuard gutters are often based on the reverse curve design. That means the gutter’s front opening collects rainwater while the curved arch restricts the entry and flow of debris. This unique design keeps leaves and other debris from clogging your gutters.

Eliminate leaks: LeafGuard is simply a reversed curve gutter protector designed to create a water flow path. It is designed to protect the bottom of the gutter system by redirecting leaves and other types of debris away from the gutters. This gutter protection system uses the principle of liquid adhesion to keep water flowing and divert debris, a unique mechanism that eliminates leaks.

One-piece design: LeafGuard gutter protector is the only one-piece seamless gutter protection system available, and the whole system is made with improved aluminum material. (which is 20 percent thicker than standard industry length). It has an in-built hood meant to redirect leaves and other types of debris from the gutter system. The LeafGuard is cut at a custom length (onsite), and the installer uses a custom machine to create a gutter channel with some holes on the surface and arched cover to allow water to flow while redirecting debris away.

Customized for your home: You don’t have to worry about the installation or customizing LeafGuard gutter protectors for your home. This is because we have a team of trained specialists who can handle the installation process for you. Note that these gutter protectors are not designed as add-ons for gutter systems but rather an integral part of the entire gutter system.

Never have to clean: While the process of cleaning LeafGuard gutters can be challenging and time-consuming for a typical property owner, there’s a way around this issue. Just contact LeafGuard (the manufacturer) or experienced LeafGuard installers to get them cleaned. So, you don’t have to worry about getting the LeafGuard gutter protectors cleaned.

No pull guarantee: LeafGuard gutter protectors are backed with a lifetime warranty that supports regular gutter cleaning as long as the LeafGuard gutters are installed professionally. Besides, the company offers no pull guarantee, which gives property owners peace of mind that their gutter systems are protected.


LeafGuard Advantages Everyone Should Know

LeafGuard Keeps Out







LeafGuard eliminates ladder-related accidents


fall fatalities
(age 65-74)


non-occupational ladder
falls per year

10 feet

average height
of fall

Thanks to LeafGuard gutters, homeowners can forget about numerous problems. We can assure you that with LeafGuard you can Get it and Don’t Regret It!


Clog free design


Scratch guard finish


Eliminates guards and leaks


Durable one-piece system


Debris and weather protection


Customized to your home

Advantages of LeafGuard for Gutters Protection

Clog-free design

So, which are the best gutter guards for heavy rain? The LeafGuard gutter system is guaranteed never to clog. It features a clog-free design, and it is guaranteed that it will never clog. That means you don’t have to worry about pooling water on your gutter systems or the dreaded water leak onto your property. Also, you don’t have to risk your safety by having to climb ladders to unclog your blocked gutters. The difference between LeafGuard and LeafFilter is that the latter need periodic cleaning to remain effective. Check out the LeafFilter reviews before installation.

Scratch guard finish

LeafGuard for gutters usually comes with a unique ScratchGuard® paint finish that doesn’t chip, crack, peel, rust, or rot like most gutter systems. That means property owners no longer need to worry about twigs and debris leaving dents or scratches that might lessen your property’s curb appeal.  

Eliminates leaks

As mentioned earlier, LeafGuard gutter protectors are designed to prevent clogging. They are also equipped with a high-quality heating cable to prevent the formation of ice dams and the hazards that may arise because of snow buildup along your roof’s edges, particularly during the winter. This clog-free design prevents instances of water pooling within the gutter system and eventual leaks.

Durable one-piece system

LeafGuard gutter protectors feature a durable, one-piece design with a curved hood that serves as a barrier to leaves and twigs. This is a seamless design that eliminates areas where rainwater or snowmelt can seep back to your property.

Debris and weather protection

LeafGuard gutter protectors strengthen the entire gutter system by creating a box-like protective cover. These gutter protectors can help your gutter system hold onto the extra weight of ice and snow during winter.

Customized for your home

In addition to excellent functionality, LeafGuard gutter protectors offer a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing look for your property, thanks to its unique and seamless design. These gutter protectors are available in a variety of colours, which means you can maintain the current colour scheme of your property’s exterior.


Things to Know About LeafFilter Construction, Mechanism, and Materials

sturdy one piece design

Sturdy One Piece Design

LeafGuard gutters are made from aluminum 20% thicker than industry standard and downspouts 30% larger than industry standard. The gutters are supported every two feet, twice the industry standard, ensuring protection against the harshest of weather conditions.

Is LeafGuard worth the money? To determine whether you should get LeafFilter or LeafGuard, it’s essential to learn the truth about LeafFilter and LeafGuard – the construction, mechanism, and materials. Here is what you should know.

LeafGuard gutter protectors are made of a long, solid aluminum sheet that is curved in a way that allows water to flow away into the gutter. Its construction includes a hood intended to protect the bottom section of the gutter and restrict the entry of larger debris into the gutter system after LeafGuard installation.

The length of the metal sheet (custom or standard length) depends on the manufacturer. In most cases, the LeafGuard manufacturers use aluminum material, which is about 15% to 20% thicker and thus more durable than average or standard aluminum sheets.

Note that this aluminum sheet is designed using special machines that create a unique channel for the gutter. Also, a curved arch and small holes are made on the aluminum sheet’s surface. The curved arch serves as a cover and prevents entry of larger debris while water can pass through the small holes.

Generally, the mechanism of LeafGuard gutter protectors is based on the liquid adhesion principle. Adhesion is a strong force that exists between two different types of molecules.

So is LeafFilter worth it? Compare both LeafFileter and Leafguard reviews to determine what’s best for your situation.

LeafFilter Efficiency and Effectiveness Worth Paying Attention To


  • Keep Out Debris
  • Eliminate Leaks
  • One-Piece Design
  • Customized to Your Home
  • Never Have to Clean
  • No Pull Guarantiee

No other gutter system is designed to provide LeafGuard's level of quality protection, eliminating the problems homeowners worry most about:

  • Rotting fascia and soffit
  • Basement flooding
  • Landscape erosion
  • Mold and mildew
  • Damaged foundation
  • Damaged driveway
  • Damaged roof
  • Insects and pests

LeafGuard for gutters outperforms nearly all other gutter protection options. When put side-by-side against other gutter protectors on the market, such as LeafFilter for gutters, LeafGuard tops the competition by offering the most reliable gutter protection. So far, there’s no other gutter protection system that is designed to offer the level of protection associated with LeafGuard gutter protectors.

Even when you compare LeafGuard vs LeafFilter, you will realize that the former outshines the latter in terms of effectiveness and efficacy.


How to Install and Maintain LeafFilter

Inspect. Measure. Install.

LeafGuard is custom fit by our professional installers to the exact specifications of your home. No need to worry about performance, fit or unsightly seams. With LeafGuard enjoy clog free gutters guaranteed. Get it and Forget it!



Check and remove
old gutter



Fabricate customized
gutter onsite



Easy installation
in one day

Is gutter LeafGuard easy to install? This is one of the common questions among homeowners intending to get this gutter protection system installed. Professional LeafGuard installation is a vital part of the long-term success of your gutter system. The entire LeafGuard gutter installation process involves three steps, which include:

Step 1: Inspect and remove the old gutter

Step 2: Create a custom LeafGuard gutter onsite

Step 3: Easy installation in a single day

Homeowners planning to buy LeafGuard gutter systems can rest assured of getting the highest quality workmanship and client service. Indeed, we are proud to have an outstanding reputation for excellent LeafGuard installations and a high level of customer satisfaction. We are the licensed expert LeafGuard installers who successfully install custom LeafGuard gutter systems according to the specifications of your house.

Remember, all LeafGuard installations are usually covered under a lifetime warranty. So, you don’t need to worry about performance or unsightly seams. If you plan to install a LeafGuard gutter system, contact us and get a free estimate.


Is LeafGuard Worth Money?

Lifetime No Clog Warranty

Guaranteed for the Life of Your Home or LeafGuard will clean it out for free.

Limited Lifetime Paint Finish Warranty

  • Exclusive ScratchGuard® Paint Finish
  • No Chipping, peeling or cracks


So What is The Best Gutter Protection System: LeafGuard or LeafFilter?



  • Keeps Our Debris
  • Keeps Out Leaves
  • Keeps Out Pollen
  • Keeps Out Insects
  • Eliminates Gaps and Leaks
  • One-Piece Design
  • Scratch Guard Finish
  • Customized to Your Home
  • No Pull Guarantee
  • Never Have to Clean
  • On-site Design
  • Made from aluminum 20% thicker than industry standard
  • Lifetime No Clog Warranty



  • Installed on your existing gutters
  • Made from surgical grade stainless steel
  • Mixed reviews about the efficiency of the installation crew

What is the difference between LeafGuard and LeafFilter? Is LeafFilter worth the money? To answer these questions, you should learn the truth about LeafFilter systems and their benefits. For instance, LeafGuard for gutters prevents rotting of fascia, damage to the foundation, basement flooding, roof damage, landscape erosion, and pest infestations. You can also check LeafGuard and LeafFilter reviews written by homeowners who have been using these gutter protection techniques for quite some time and find out that reviews would indicate – LeafGuard is the superior product with the most satisfied customers.

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