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Eavestroughs protect your home’s foundation, basement, and walls from water damage. They also prevent damage to your landscaping, driveway, fascia, soffit boards, and patio. Installing a gutter system also improves your home’s curb appeal. However, clogged and damaged eavestroughs will not serve their purpose.

If you clean your own eavestroughs, you are putting your life in danger because working while balancing yourself on a ladder is dangerous. In addition, regular cleaning and repair of gutters are expensive because you have to buy the equipment and supplies needed for the job. At Trades by Jack, we provide a solution to regular cleaning and repairs through the clog-proof LeafGuard gutter system. We are the exclusive installers of this revolutionary gutter system in Cambridge and the Greater Toronto Area.

Who Needs the LeafGuard Gutter System?

When do you know you need Leafguard gutters Cambridge? A gutter system that is overflowing or leaking will cause damage to your foundation, walls, basement, fascia, soffit, and landscaping. Here are a few signs that you need the LeafGuard gutter system:

  1. Clogging: Clogging causes the gutter system to overflow, causing untold damage to your home. Clogging makes water flow alongside the soffit, fascia, and walls and fall on the foundation, meaning having no gutters at all is actually better than having a clogged one. The major cause of clogging is leaves, twigs, and other debris. You need a gutter system that does not clog like the LeafGuard gutter system, especially if you have trees in your compound or near your home. The LeafGuard system’s built-in curved hood component will also keep fir and pine needles away.
  2. Heavy rain: Heavy rain can strain the gutter system. If you live in Cambridge, you need a handy gutter system that can withstand heavy rains. LeafGuard is sturdy, thanks to the .032-gauge aluminum it is made of, which is about 20% thicker than what is used in standard gutters. LeafGuard’s downspouts are 30% larger than those used by the competition. LeafGuard gutter system is designed to handle rains of up to 32 inches per hour.
  3. Cold weather: Cambridge experiences cold winters that are characterized by heavy snowfall and ice formation. Although the LeafGuard gutter system does not prevent the formation of icicles and ice dams, it does prevent ice accumulation inside the gutter, which can cause sagging and complete damage. You can also get eavestrough heaters to reduce the chances of icicle and ice dam formation.
  4. Peeling paint and rust: Cambridge can experience extreme weather conditions. The gutter system gets particularly battered by the elements, and this can cause the paint to peel off. Rust and corrosion indicate your gutter system’s protective coating has worn through and is nearing the end of its life. You need a gutter system that has a paint system that can withstand the elements. All Leafguard gutters Cambridge come with the ScratchGuard® paint finish that will not crack, chip, rot, peel, or rust. ScratchGuard finish also features built-in colour retention ability.
  5. Improved curb appeal: If you are looking to increase the resale value of your home or simply enhance your home’s curb appeal, the LeafGuard system’s seamless, one-piece design not only prevents the pooling of water but also gives you a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing look. LeafGuard gutters come in different designs and colours, allowing you to choose what best works for your home.

With Leafguard gutters Cambridge, you will no longer have to clean your gutters at the start of every season. This not only offers convenience but also reduces the risk of accidents.

Exclusive LeafGuard Gutters Dealer and Installer in Cambridge

At Trades by Jack, we are the exclusive dealer and installer of LeafGuard gutters in Cambridge and the GTA. LeafGuard gutters ensure the safety of homeowners because they neither clog nor require regular maintenance keeping homeowners safely off the ladder. The one-piece design of LeafGuard gutters makes them efficient. They are innovatively engineered, which ensures adequate protection against possible clogs and leaks that are prevalent in traditional gutter systems.

How the LeafGuard Gutter System Work

The LeafGuard gutter system does not clog, which reduces the risk of ladder-related accidents and helps you avoid the tedious chore of gutter maintenance. So, how does this gutter system work?

One-piece Design: LeafGuard eavestroughs feature the patented one-piece design. This ensures there are no leaks, which usually start at the seams of a gutter system. It also ensures there is no clogging since twigs, leaves, insects, and even pollen cannot get in.

Built-in Hood: LeafGuard gutters feature a built-in hood design that ensures the gutter remains clog-free throughout its lifespan. The liquid adhesion feature keeps water flowing through the front-facing entrance as debris is shed to the ground.

ScratchGuard Paint Finish: The ScratchGuard paint finish makes the eavestrough system scratch, rust, blister, flake, crack, peel, rot, split, and chip resistant.

Installing the LeafGuard Gutter System

LeafGuard can work on any root type and roof pitch. Unlike standard covers and gutter add-ons which are installed on roof shingles, LeafGuard gutters are installed directly to fascia boards. The fact that the curved hood does not touch the shingle of the roof means there is no risk of voiding your roof’s warranty. Our team will help you pick the right colour and style for you. Reach out to us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

LeafGuard gutters come with internal hangers spaced every .6 meters for incredible support and structural integrity. The length is customizable on-site – we will cut the gutters based on the precise measurements of your home. In most cases, our team takes one day only to finish the installation. The gutters have to be installed by a certified professional like those we have at Trades by Jack for the warranty to apply. The warranty is transferable. Once we have installed the LeafGuard gutter system, our installers will discard the old gutters.

Avoid the common temptation of DIY installation of LeafGuard gutters Cambridge. Hiring us ensures you do not void the LeafGuard gutters’ warranty. We have the tools, equipment, and supplies necessary for the job, meaning you actually save money when you come to us. Hiring us also ensures the gutter system is installed professionally, reducing the risk of failure.

What Gutter Guards Are Available on the Market?

The traditional K-Style and Half-Round gutters come with different types of guards to keep debris away. Understanding how the different kinds of gutter guards in the market work will help you appreciate the superiority of LeafGuard gutter guards.

  • Mesh Guards: These guards have metal screens which are installed over the eavestroughs. The work of the mesh is to trap leaves, twigs, and other debris at the top, allowing water to flow freely. However, you will have to clean the leaves and twigs that accumulate at the top regularly.
  • Nylon or Foam Guards: These are wedge-shaped guards that somewhat protect your eavestrough system. These guards are usually installed inside the eavestrough system. They usually come in a sleek design, but their major undoing is that they get clogged, requiring regular cleaning.
  • Bottle Brush Guards: These gutter guards are made of spiky materials that capture debris. They bend to allow water through and keep debris away. They are not recommended where there are many trees.
  • Reverse-Curve Guards: These guards are built into the roofline. They may nullify your roof’s warranty. They may also collapse if too much debris or ice accumulates.

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LeafGuard gutters give you peace of mind that your basement, foundation, and walls are protected from water and ice damage. At Trades by Jack, we are the exclusive dealers of Leafguard gutters in Cambridge and throughout the GTA. Call us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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