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Eavestroughs collect debris fast, which is expected considering their positioning. Additionally, they are difficult and dangerous to clean, frequently needing the expertise of a qualified roofer or gutter installer. A gutter system that does not accumulate debris is the perfect solution – LeafGuard gutters in Oakville and Cambridge.

We offer LeafGuard systems and know the great risk of climbing a ladder to clear eavestroughs. So, we ensure you receive excellent services that will meet your needs for a long time. We help you get rid of the stress associated with gutter cleaning permanently.

What Determines Your Need For LeafGuard Gutters?

Clogging is typically the most obvious indicator of gutter issues. Once they overflow, you have to replace the eavestrough. If not, they may result in water-related problems that are difficult to fix. 

LeafGuard gutters are a safe choice because they don’t clog easily and hence do not lead to moisture issues. Should you require further persuasion regarding the superior gutters’ quality, keep an eye out for the following indicators.

  • Trees situated near the roof edge – It takes one tree to clutter gutters with leaves and other debris. When shedding is at its height in the fall and early winter, you might need to pay more attention to the falling leaves. In the event of lightning, the likelihood of fire outbreaks goes up. Note that if you have more than one tree, these issues can get worse.
  • Continuous cleaning – Gutter cleaning should be done every six to twelve months. If your system gathers too much junk and needs cleaning more frequently, think about upgrading it. Rather than organizing monthly cleaning routines that take too much time and endanger you, invest in one-time LeafGuard gutters.
  • Water stains beneath the eavestrough – Such stains suggest that water is flowing outside rather than inside, which is not what should be happening. Investigating such incidents is necessary since they frequently reveal dirt build-up. Splashes on the sides result from too much dirt obstructing the smooth water flow. Stains can lower a property’s curb appeal and value if they remain there. We have an ideal solution in our LeafGuard systems.

We Are Cambridge’s Sole Distributors

No gutter system performs as well as LeafGuard. The majority have a tendency to clog easily, contradicting their principal function of channelling water away from the house. If you don’t mind spending the better part of your time cleaning them, you can still choose the inferior options.

Compared to competing systems, LeafGuard offers a number of benefits. They include protecting the foundation, the soffit, and the fascia. Additionally, the gutters prevent you from stressing about driveway damage, landscape erosion, or mould build-up.

We ensure that you get a sleek design that doesn’t deviate from the appearance of your home by correctly installing the LeafGuard gutters in accordance with your home’s specifications.

LeafGuard Gutters Performance Process

LeafGuard gutters lessen the need for routine gutter cleaning, yet the need for cleaning is not entirely done away with. Always have this in mind when buying LeafGuard systems. However, this does not negate their value since they still reduce the risk of water damage by preventing water from collecting near the foundation.

You must examine LeafGuard’s design before you can comprehend how it operates. The continuous style operates on a unique principle that makes them effective. Because of their enhanced performance, water can drain through the eavestrough while debris falls off. They do not require spikes for attachment to the fascia, and their style provides an enhanced look. Without diminishing the gutter’s strength, we use internal brackets that are easy to notice.

Additionally, LeafGuard gutters are exceptional at handling more water volumes. They can handle up to 32 inches of water per hour, which is three times as much rain ever seen in a long time. That implies that you never have to be concerned about rainwater overflowing at any time. Ease your worries; we have been installing LeafGuard gutters for a while and have gotten better at it.

Thanks to our tools, expertise, and skills, we will provide outcomes that complement your external design. We cater to our clients’ needs with the goal of preventing them from financing repairs. For this reason, we recommend that you consult experts rather than doing installations on your own. We further encourage the purchase of high-quality gutters that can last for a long time.

Another distinction between our gutters and standard gutters is caulking. Ours don’t need caulking, so there’s no risk of leakage. The seamless design ensures that water flows continuously, and the built-in hood prevents leaves and other debris from falling inside the eavestrough and clogging it. You get a two-in-one solution that provides the greatest form of protection.

Our LeafGuard is backed by warranties that prove the systems are error-free. We provide your compensation if need be. You won’t have to worry about cancelling the warranty or paying for damages when you use our services.

From measurements to cutting and positioning the gutters, our installation team leaves nothing to chance. Since we are precise, routine maintenance is not necessary. Additionally, we choose colours that enhance the appearance of your home. When you get in touch with us, you will learn more about our free estimates and adherence to your preferences for style and price.

What Gutter Guards Are Available on the Market Today?

LeafGuard gutters can be substituted with gutter guards, even though the latter don’t perform as well. While gutter guards are less expensive, they cannot survive as long as the LeafGuard. Due to unique technology, the gutter systems we install in Cambridge don’t clog, saving you from expensive maintenance or repairs.

Mesh Guards

Mesh gutter guards have a design that consists of metal screens that cover the eavestrough to trap debris. However, they are only useful for larger debris. Furthermore, you still need to clean the mesh of the accumulated debris. Otherwise, the debris keeps water from entering the trough. If some debris gets caught between the mesh, cleaning might not be easy.

Foam Guards

Due to their adaptability to all seasons, foam gutter guards are popular. They fit into the eavestrough where they collect debris. However, granules and other small particles can still get through and clog the gutter. That defeats the purpose of installing gutter guards because you still have to deal with routine cleaning. The fact that few tools are needed for installation is an advantage. A pair of scissors and a measuring tape is all you need. Before installing it, you cut the foam to fit the gutter’s length.

Reverse-Curve Guards

Some individuals find reverse gutter guards undesirable, while others find them acceptable. They are set up with the hood bending upward on top of the gutter. Water slides through a horizontal gap in them and into the eavestrough. The location of the hood prevents debris entrapment. You must frequently clean the guard slot because small particles may settle on it or slide into the water-filled trough.

Bottle Brush Guards

Choose a bottle brush if you want a simple, inexpensive gutter guard that will work well. They are easier to use because of their cylindrical shape, which resembles a bottlebrush. However, they are unfavourable since there is a greater risk of debris accumulation due to their bristles. If you have surrounding trees, the guards are not recommended since the bristles can trap eaves.

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Our LeafGuard gutters are among the best gutter systems available. We will take it a step further by providing superb craftsmanship. Our topmost goal is to make it a valuable investment for you, one that will serve you for years. Every installation will be successful because we have every intention of doing so. By contacting us today, you can learn more.

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