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Gutters are important yet the most commonly neglected component of a roofing system. Well-installed and properly functioning gutters are important to direct rainwater away from your home’s foundation to protect your home against water damage. Unfortunately, most homeowners only pay attention to their gutters when something goes wrong. Eavestrough maintenance is not only messy but also a risky chore. It’s always best to have your eavestrough system repaired and maintained by experienced professionals. The professionals at Trades by Jack can handle all your gutter repair and maintenance tasks. Based in Guelph, we serve locals throughout Ontario and the GTA. We are the exclusive installers of LeafGuard gutters in Guelph.

Signs You Need A LeafGuard Gutter

Gutters are the most exposed part of your home. It’s important to ensure that your gutters are clean and free from debris at all times to enhance the free flow of water from the roof to the downspouts. There is no better way of keeping your gutters clog-free than installing LeafGuard gutters Guelph. How do you know that you need a LeafGuard gutter system?

Gutters must be clean and free from dirt and debris to enhance the free flow of water away from your home. If clogging becomes more frequent, it is time to install LeafGuard gutters. Clogging is common, especially if trees surround your home — the leaves falling from the trees could find their way into your gutters.

Persistent overflows are also a sign that you need to replace your gutters. Overflows indicate that your gutters could be full of dirt and debris. The excess water spilling from your eavestrough could damage your landscape and compromise the foundation of your home.

Conspicuous water spots and visible rust are also signs that you need a LeafGuard gutter system. Staining and rust are often due to constant flooding. You can eliminate these problems by installing a reliable LeafGuard gutters Guelph.

With a LeafGuard gutter system, constant gutter cleaning will be a thing of the past. Instead of spending time and money to clean your gutters regularly, it’s best to solve the problem at the source. When you install a quality gutter system, you will not have dirt and debris entering and clogging your gutter system.

Exclusive LeafGuard Gutters Dealer in Guelph

When you install a LeafGuard gutter system, you’re investing in the best rain protection system available in Canada. LeafGuard gutters keep water damage at bay, preserving your home’s exterior and foundation. The seamless designs adopted by LeafGuard gutters will also enhance the curb appeal of your home. The gutters allow you to enjoy improved aesthetics and unmatched functionality. At Trades by Jack, our LeafGuard gutters come with a clog-free guarantee, meaning that you will not need to clean your gutters regularly. LeafGuard gutters feature an inbuilt hood that covers the top of the gutters to keep out dirt and debris while allowing water in.

How Do LeafGuard Gutters Work

Water has fascinating properties: cohesion, adhesion, and surface tension. The unique design of LeafGuard gutter systems revolves around these properties. Cohesion means that water holds together and forms a smooth sheet as it rolls off the roof onto the LeafGuard gutter system. A natural attraction exists between the water molecules, allowing water to bend and follow a defined path. Leaves and debris do not adhere and therefore do not clog the LeafGuard system. Even if gravity is strong, it cannot exceed the strong adhesive force between water and the smoothly painted surface of the LeafGuard gutter system.

LeafGuard gutter systems have a patented design that keeps dirt and debris from the gutters. They have dirt and pest-shielding hoods. The seamless design ensures that there are no points of weakness. Unlike the case of traditional gutters, you will not have bulky-looking gutters hanging from the sides of your home.

With the cheap, low-quality gutters that flood the market, clogging is inevitable. However, LeafGuard gutters are clog-free. Clogged gutters will no longer be part of your home ownership. You will no longer have to climb ladders to clean your gutters every year. We offer a No Clog Guarantee with every gutter installation. Install a LeafGuard gutter system and take the headache out of your home ownership by having clog-free gutters.

The one-piece design LeafGuard gutters attach directly to the fascia board of your home. The gutters eliminate potential leaks that could damage the foundation and your home’s exterior. The downspouts of a LeafGuard gutter system are 30% bigger than conventional gutter systems. The larger downspouts will carry water more efficiently from your home.

Compared to the traditional gutter systems, the LeafGuard gutters are stronger and more durable. Since they are made from a seamless piece of aluminum, they will not bow or bend over time. The aluminum that makes LeafGuard gutters is 20% thicker than that of standard gutters. Your LeafGuard gutters Guelph will withstand the test of time.

A DIY gutter installation project could seem like an excellent way to use your time. However, some tasks call for an expert eye. Precision is vital when installing an eavestrough system. To get the best out of your LeafGuard gutter system, you should seek professional gutter installation services. Our professional installers at Trades by Jack have extensive experience; they will get the work done right the first time. We understand how to clean, install, and repair gutter systems while upholding the highest standards.

Professional LeafGuard gutters installation saves you time and money. You probably have other obligations that need your time and attention. Professional gutter installation experts are equipped with knowledge and experience to do the job quickly and efficiently. You risk spending more time and money fixing the mistakes that characterize DIY gutter installation. A professional will do the job fast, help you save on the cost of buying materials and help you pinpoint any potential damage.

We complete LeafGuard installations in one day or less. Immediately our installation experts arrive at your premises, they will disassemble your old gutters and dispose of them in the right manner. We form custom gutters during installation to ensure that they match the unique dimensions of your home. We shape the seamless gutters with a special roll-forming machine.

Our installers insert and fasten the LeafGuard gutters’ hangers two feet apart to enhance stability. We use high-quality screws to fasten the gutters on the fascia board. The quality screws and fasteners will hold up against the worst weather conditions.

Types of Gutter Guards in the Market

With so many types of gutter systems in the market, you need a professional to help you choose the most ideal. This is where Trades by Jack comes in. Our experts will help you select the most suitable eavestrough system. We are the exclusive installers of LeafGuard gutter systems that eliminate clogging, thus eliminating the need for costly cleaning and repairs. Some of the low-quality alternatives to LeafGuard gutters Guelph are:

Mesh Gutter Guards

The gutter guards are often made of steel. They have small openings that allow water to run through while blocking twigs, debris, pine needles, and other dirt. Mesh gutter guards are effective even in blocking small debris. However, the gutter guards will require occasional cleaning with a scrub brush and hose sprayer to remove the debris that might adhere to the mesh holes.

Nylon/Foam Gutter Guards

Nylon or foam gutter guards are easy and inexpensive to install, making them a common choice for DIY gutter installation. However, the gutter guards are not ideal for areas that experience heavy precipitation. Heavy rain could saturate the foam, making the gutters overflow.

Reverse-curve Guards

Reverse-curve guards are made from moulded plastic and lightweight metal. The water flows over the top of the guards and around the downward curve and then drops into the gutter beneath. Debris and leaves slide right off the edge to the ground below. However, reverse curve guards tend to be more expensive than mesh guards and screen options.

Bottle Brush Gutter Guards

The gutter guards contain spiky materials that bend through the gutters. Even if they protect the gutters against clogging, they are not suitable for areas with many trees.

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