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LeafGuard Gutters in Kitchener

Keeping gutters in the most efficient working condition can be a dangerous exterior maintenance responsibility and every homeowner’s nightmare. As a homeowner, you’ll have to either climb on top of a ladder or walk on the roof to remove all the debris that is stuck and frozen in your eavestrough. This puts you at the risk of falling off your ladder or roof and injuring yourself. If you choose not to complete eavestrough maintenance by yourself nor invest in gutter guards, your only other alternative is to periodically spend money on professional gutter cleaning services to prevent considerable interior and exterior water damage.


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When it comes to roofing systems, many homeowners are faced with the hard task of deciding whether to invest in LeafGuard gutters or continue spending money on regular gutter cleaning services. However, you don’t have to spend money on cleaning your gutters, when you can invest in a seamless one-piece gutter with a built-in protection system that will keep your gutters clean at no cost. Installing the seamless LeafGuard gutter system will filter out debris that normally clogs the gutter and ensures your property is protected against water damage.

Our LeafGuard gutters from Trades by Jack’s are high-end and come with a product guarantee and a manufacturer’s warranty. The systems are also made available in many colours, to ensure it fits the aesthetic design of your home adding curb appeal. Our professional team of experts will not only take care of your property’s water drainage from the roof but also advise you on the leading roofing solutions that will be suitable for your style, budget, and needs.

The LeafGuard gutter system automatically block out debris from your gutters, so that you won’t have to risk your safety by climbing a ladder or spend any more money on professional gutter cleaning services. As an exclusive installer of this highly effective gutter system, we have specialized LeafGuard installation services for the locals in Kitchener, throughout Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.

At Trades by Jack, we specialize in LeafGuard gutter installations for both commercial and residential clients. We proudly serve our customers by offering our custom LeafGuard gutters that are specific to each home’s need.

Exclusive LeafGuard Gutters Dealer in Kitchener

Investing in our quality LeafGuard gutters will prevent your gutters from clogging, eliminate the need for maintenance, and keep you and your loved ones safely off the ladder. Our seamless one-piece LeafGuard gutters are specially designed to offer the best protection against potential damage that plague ordinary jointed gutters.

Do You Need LeafGuard?

If you’re still not sure whether or not to invest in the LeafGuard system, just consider the usual scenario in Kitchener, where many homeowners have to deal with all the debris that gets stuck or frozen, which leads to the blockage of the gutters. Also, the leakages may cause water to enter into your exterior walls, doors, and windows, leading to mold, rot, and other damages caused by water. And if the water is not immediately diverted away, your gutter system will collapse – taking you back to square one.

The LeafGuard guaranteed gutters will not collapse, as they minimize the debris from getting in and allow water to drain freely. LeafGuard will also free you from the duty of cleaning your gutters which is required often for unprotected gutters.

How Do LeafGuard Gutters Work?

The LeafGuard gutter is an optimal seamless one-piece gutter design with a built-in protection system. The system will filter out leaves, twigs, shingle fragments, and other debris that cause ordinary eavestrough clogging. This ensures the debris does not build up inside your gutters and downspouts.

A Trades by Jack’s professional will first evaluate the condition of your current eavestrough and demonstrate how the LeafGuard system works. The existing eavestrough will then be removed and be replaced with the LeafGuard system, requiring little or no periodic maintenance throughout the season.

Our LeafGuard gutters keep your loved ones off of the unsafe ladders and safely on the ground. Trades by Jack’s professional representatives will direct you through all the options including colour choice and service procedures so that you can rest assured that the value of your home is well protected. Reach out to us today to set-up a Free no-obligation estimate.

Types of LeafGuards

Trades by Jack’s gutter guards are of high-quality and are available in a variety of colours. Our team of experts will work with you to help you install a custom LeafGuard system for your home. Some other gutter guards are available in the following materials:

  • Nylon or Foam Gutter Guards: These wedge-shaped guards are installed in the gutter system claim to be ideal for winters. They have a smooth finish to prevent the build-up of water and ice yet the foam disintegrates over time and constantly requires cleaning.
  • Mesh Gutter Guards: These come with a metal screen that is installed above the gutter to trap leaves and other debris. If you have mesh guards, you’ll have to regularly clean them to prevent debris from accumulating and allow water to drain uninhibited.
  • Bottle Brush Gutter Guards: These guards consist of spiky materials that warp through the gutter. They’re ideal for eavestroughs’ protection especially in areas with fewer trees.

“Workers were very professional and thorough. The eavestroughs look great and it rained today so we got to see them working perfectly. I would recommend this company for sure.”

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“They were on time, did a great job and cleaned up at the end of the day. It has rained since the installation and everything looks good, no issues. Great job and would recommend them for sure!”

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