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LeafGuard Gutters London ONDo you own a home in the London, Ontario, area that has damaged or missing eavestroughs? If so, turn to Trades by Jack for help. It’s imperative to have a functioning eavestrough system to protect your home from the harmful effects of rain and snow. Thankfully, we are the exclusive dealer of LeafGuard gutters, one of the most effective options on the market, if your eavestroughs need to be replaced.

A Clog-Proof Design

One of the key ways eavestroughs fail is due to clogging caused by leaves, twigs, and other debris that falls into the system. To prevent this from happening, LeafGuard gutters feature a debris-shedding hood that allows only water to flow into the trough. And, the hood is part of the same piece of aluminum that the trough is made from; it’s not an accessory. This design is so effective that LeafGuard gutters are guaranteed never to clog!

Impeccable Installations

At Trades by Jack, we are masters at installing this industry-leading eavestrough system. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced. They will size your new LeafGuard gutters to fit your home perfectly, eliminating unsightly seams like you find on prefabricated systems. The result is clog-free eavestroughs that are also far less likely to leak.

For more information about the benefits of LeafGuard gutters, contact Trades by Jack today. We’re the exclusive dealer of LeafGuard gutters for London, ON, homeowners, and we’ll include a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer to protect your investment.

Low-Maintenance Eavestroughs

We proudly install LeafGuard gutters, renowned in the industry for exceptional performance. What makes these eavestroughs special is that the debris-shedding hood is made from the same piece of weather-resistant aluminum as the trough, a design that is stronger than prefabricated systems where eavestrough protection is typically an add-on. LeafGuard gutters are so effective that they’re guaranteed never to clog, and we are the only home renovation contractor serving the London area that offers it.

Gutters That Keep You from Risky Ladders in London

Have you ever postponed a gutter cleaning task, eventually hiring someone else to do the job? You may not be the only one. Eavestrough cleaning is an unpleasant task that most people shy away from for as long as possible. That is understandable, given the potential injury you could incur from falling off a ladder as you try to clean the gutters without professional skills. Trades by Jack aims to prevent that by providing the perfect substitute – LeafGuard gutters Toronto. The five-star rainwater drainage systems are exceptional in their design and performance. You get unrivalled quality without the stress of gutter cleaning.

Indications That a New Gutter is Due

Some gutters can lose effectiveness over time, causing moisture-related issues such as water penetration and rotting soffit and fascia. Clogging causes most of those problems, but you can fix that by installing LeafGuard. Our gutter systems have a seamless design consisting of a top covering that sheds off most of the debris to reduce the need for cleaning. If you wonder when to upgrade to the superior option, watch out for the following signs.

The proximity of trees to the gutters – LeafGuard installation is the only way to prevent clogging when you have a tree nearby. You do not have to wait until early winter or fall when shedding increases or when you plant many trees to make the change. One tree is enough to fill the eavestrough with dry leaves and resulting clogging. Failure to address the leaves can cause many issues, such as fire if lightning strikes.

More regular maintenance – Gutter cleaning frequency varies depending on location. Most systems function when you clean them once or twice a year, while others may require monthly cleaning to perform optimally. Whatever the case, you should remember that such processes are dangerous and tiresome. The task is also avoidable with the correct measures, such as installing LeafGuard gutters that remain clean and highly effective throughout the year.

Water over the gutter – The effectiveness of gutter systems is in their ability to allow water passage through without spillages. You have a problem if water runs on the sides, often indicated by stains underneath the eavestrough. That occurrence means the troughs have gunk or leaves obstructing the water. You can quickly fix that by getting systems that are less susceptible to clogging.

You can schedule an appointment with us for more about LeafGuard and its numerous benefits.

London Gutter Dealer You Can Trust – Trades by Jack

Nothing beats the comfort that our gutters provide. They function effortlessly, eliminating worries about landscape erosion, basement flooding, mildew growth, soffit and fascia rotting, driveway damage, and foundation destruction. As the exclusive dealers, we will ensure you get the best installation services that hinder common gutter problems, including clogging.

We ensure you enjoy the main difference between our high-class LeafGuard systems and traditional ones – higher efficiency, style, and durability. You never have to worry about overlapping – we match them with the available space to give you a sleek finish that adds to the curb appeal.

How LeafGuard Works

You must understand that LeafGuard gutters do not eliminate the need for cleaning entirely, but they lower the possibility of damage to the property more than any other gutters can do. That comes with the attached benefit of enhanced property protection – you never have to worry about water-related damage.

The design of LeafGuard gutter systems sets them apart from the traditional options. The innovative technology used in their design guarantees water flow into the eavestrough as leaves and other gunk fall to the ground. They use internal brackets to attach instead of spikes that traditional gutters have. They do not detach easily and do not require caulking, meaning they do not have seams that can cause leaks easily. The hood cover deflects debris while allowing water passage to prevent clogging.

The Trades by Jack crew is passionate about delivering excellent gutters to London residents. We aim for outstanding customer service – part of that is selecting gutter systems that complement your home style and colour. We also ensure the gutters we install can handle the most adverse weather, typically 32 inches of rain per hour. You never have to worry about their incapacity, given that Canada only receives a third of that amount of rainfall. You can rely on our experience to give you the best outcome.

We strive to be preemptive in our approaches – our installation services keep you from seeking repairs soon after placement. We maintain the utmost quality to maintain the validity of the manufacturer’s warranty and deliver quality services. Our objective is to help you save as much money as possible, and our pride comes from satisfying your gutter needs. You do not have to consider DIY methods when we already have the experience, know-how, equipment, and commitment to serve you outstandingly.

We understand that every home is different, just like every preference. That is why we form the gutters at your home to guarantee they match the house specifications. LeafGuard does not require regular maintenance, especially with our quality installations. You never have to worry about colour mismatch – we select complementary hues. You can get more information from our team if you want to begin your gutter upgrade process.

Gutter Guard Types

Some people consider the cost of gutter guards with the LeafGuard when comparing the two, but that does give a complete perspective. The following gutter guard types are more popular because of their lower price ranges, but that does not make them the better solutions. They do not provide the benefits that LeafGuard bring, meaning you are likely to spend more on their repairs later. Paying a little extra for LeafGuard is a better option – it saves you from worrying about gutter cleaning, clogging, leaks, and other water-related issues like mould growth. You will not spend more money on repairs after we install them.

Mesh Gutter Guards

Mesh guards as easy to use – you place them on top of the eavestrough. The metal screens perform their primary function well but are less effective than LeafGuard. The main issue is debris accumulation reduces their performance over time. Cleaning is mandatory but not easy, especially when debris gets stuck between the mesh.Foam Guards

Foam gutter guards have several advantages, including their availability for all seasons and simple usability. Handling them does not require expansive technical knowledge – you cut the foam using a scissor and place it inside the eavestrough. They provide sufficient protection while allowing water to pass through into the trough.

Regular cleaning is unavoidable when you have foam gutter guards, and it is not always easy. You may have to scrub off the gunk that settles on the eavestrough, which is time-consuming and tedious.

Reverse Curve

Reverse curve gutter guards are more visible and costlier to install – they influence the curb appeal and may require a professional installer. The guards go over the eavestrough, with the top protruding toward the roof. 

They have a horizontal slot that slides into the gutters. Water flows over the curve into that slot and slides to the trough.

The gutter guards are perfect at blocking debris because of their design, but they may not be a good alternative if you have reservations about the exterior visual attraction.

Bottlebrush Gutter Guards

Bottlebrush gutter guards offer the utmost flexibility in terms of maintenance. You can remove them to clean and place them back without the hassle or the intervention of a professional. However, they are not the best option if you want to avoid regular cleaning, especially with trees that can shed their leaves nearby.

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Our pride comes from delivering unrivalled products and services, including free upfront estimates. As the exclusive LeafGuard suppliers in London, we assure you that nothing will interfere with our quality standards. You deserve nothing but the best, and that is what we provide.

Additional Home Upgrades

At Trades by Jack, we’re well experienced in a range of top-tier home improvement products, such as:

  • Vinyl siding – Our vinyl siding is beautiful, resists damage from the elements, and is super easy to clean.
  • Asphalt roofing – We only want the best for our customers, and that means GAF asphalt shingles. And because we’re a certified GAF contractor, you can trust that your roof replacement is in good hands.
  • Outdoor lighting – With a permanently installed and programmable outdoor lighting system, you can truly make your home stand out on the block.
  • Pergolas and awnings – We can help you make the most of your patio or deck by installing a retractable pergola or awning, either of which makes a gorgeous addition to any home.

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