Avoid Costly Water Damage to Your Home

Clog-free eavestroughs are essential to the health of any home. There are several “solutions” available that claim they can keep your eavestrough clear of debris but the results are definitely mixed. These aftermarket solutions range from gutter covers to gutter screens and everything in between. However, there is only one patented clog-free solution that guarantees results and that is our LeafGuard eavestrough system. The LeafGuard system is designed with a built-in hood that works on the principle of liquid adhesion to ensure that the only thing that gets in your eavestrough is water. Now the question is if you already have an existing eavestrough, is it better to replace it or try and aftermarket product? Determining just what LeafGuard offers is a great way to determine which direction you may want to go.

How LeafGuard Helps Your Home:

  • Clog Free: First and foremost, the primary benefit of choosing Leafguard as your eavestrough system is that it keeps your system clog-free thanks to the built-in curved hood. This means no ladders and no more running your hand through gutter sludge. Simply put, you get it and forget it.
  • Installation: Our method of installation keeps your roof’s warranty intact. This is because unlike most other eavestrough protection methods, the cover is built into the eavestrough itself. This means that the cover never touches your shingles. Instead, the eavestrough and cover combo is mounted on your fascia board using heavy-duty internal hangers.
  • Warranty: The LeafGuard system is guaranteed to remain clog-free throughout the duration of its life. The LeafGuard guarantee is that if you ever have any problems or gutters repairs, we will come out and take care of it for you.
  • Prevent Damage: Our eavestroughs are designed to be clog free guaranteed so you don’t have to worry about the damaging effects of excess rainwater ruining your roof, fascia, landscaping, or foundation.
  • Seamless: The seamless design practically eliminates the potential for your new eavesdrop system to rust or sag, cutting out costly repairs fees that are traditionally found with non-LeafGuard systems.

Making the Decision to Switch to LeafGuard

Now that the benefits of switching to a LeafGuard system are little clearer, it’s time to consider whether or not replacing your current eavestrough system is worth it. In short, the answer is yes. With LeafGuard, you avoid the potential damage to your roof that is present with other protection systems. The LeafGuard system is guaranteed to remain clog-free and you don’t have to worry about yearly maintenance like you would with sectional systems.

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