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LeafGuard Installation Mississauga ONIt’s important to have smoothly functioning eavestroughs on your home for protection against rainwater and snowmelt. Anything that impedes the flow of water, like a clump of debris clogging the trough, or allows the water to spill onto your home, such as a leak between seams, puts your home at risk of moisture damage. If the eavestroughs on your home in Mississauga, Ontario, or elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area have seen better days, turn to Trades by Jack for LeafGuard installation.


No clogging

No cleaning

No leaking

No water damage

Highly Experienced Gutter Installers

Our extreme attention to detail and top-tier craftsmanship has made us the gutter installation contractor of choice for local homeowners. We’ve been installing LeafGuard gutters for more than a decade, always following the manufacturer’s best practices to a tee. With Trades by Jack on the job, you can trust that your new eavestrough system will perform as designed for years.

LeafGuard Features and Benefits


Sturdy One
Piece Design


Guaranteed to
Never Clog


Eliminates Damage
to Your Home



Customized to
Your Home


Paint Finish


Seamless Gutters for Optimal Performance

When you partner with us for LeafGuard installation, our technicians will size your gutters on site to ensure a perfect fit for your home. This method allows for an attractive, seamless design that is far less likely to leak like prefabricated systems, which are spliced together in sections.

Examine. Measure. Install.

Enjoy clog-free gutters with custom-fit LeafGuard. Get it and Never Regret it!

sturdy one piece design

Step 1

Check and remove
old gutter

sturdy one piece design

Step 2

Fabricate customized
gutter onsite

sturdy one piece design

Step 3

Easy installation in
one day

Built-In Eavestrough Protection

What makes LeafGuard gutters so beneficial to homeowners is the built-in protective hood. By shedding twigs, dirt, leaves, and other debris off the system, this cover helps ensure that only water can enter. The result is an eavestrough system that is guaranteed never to clog, so you can say goodbye to the tedious chore of cleaning out your eavestroughs.

Contact Trades by Jack today to learn more about our LeafGuard installation service. We’re the exclusive dealer of this remarkable product in Mississauga, ON, and the GTA, and we’ll protect your investment with a limited lifetime warranty.

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“I am so glad we installed the LeafGuard Gutter system at my house. The installation team were fantastic. Overall very happy with my choice. ”

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“I would like to thank Trades by Jack for installing the LeafGuard system at my place. It helps keep my gutter clog-free. Now, I don’t have to call a gutter cleaning service over and over again. You have helped me save money and time. Thanks again for your effective solution.”

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