Why LeafGuard Is Right for You

First-Class Rainwater Management by LeafGuard

LeafGuard brand eavestroughs are a one-of-a-kind gutter system that is guaranteed to prevent clogs. The patented built-in hood and one-piece design makes LeafGuard the ultimate option when it comes to keeping your eavestrough clog-free and roof’s warranty intact. The featured built-in hood isn’t installed under your roof’s shingles like most other gutter covers. Additionally, the eavestrough is supported by internal hangers that are spaced every .6 meters apart to provide maximum support. This means that the LeafGuard system can withstand the heaviest of rains. In addition to these primary factors, there are a number of other benefits accompanying our eavestrough system.

How LeafGuard Helps Your Home:


The primary benefit of choosing the Leafguard eavestrough system is that it keeps your system clog-free. This is because the built-in curved hood keeps debris of all sizes from entering your eavestrough. No more climbing ladders and no more running your hand through gutter sludge. With our system, you get it and forget it.


Most other eavestrough protection systems require the cover to be installed under your roof’s shingles. However, our LeafGuard system is built into the eavestrough itself. This means that the cover itself requires no additional installation. Instead, the eavestrough and cover combo mount on your fascia board using extra-strength internal hangers.


Our LeafGuard system is guaranteed to stay clog-free from the moment it’s installed. If your new LeafGuard system ever has any problems or becomes clogged, we will personally come out and take care of it for you. For greater peace of mind, you can also rely on the Good Housekeeping Seal as proof of our product’s quality.


The reason eavestroughs are such an important element to your home is because they keep your home from succumbing to water damage due to rain. Without an effective eavestrough system that remains clog-free, runoff rainwater can pool at the base of your home. This can lead to damage to your landscaping, fascia board, and even your home’s foundation.

Stop Problems Before They Happen

Get ahead of any issues that may arise from runoff rainwater by having a clog-proof eavestrough system installed on your home today. LeafGuard is the only patented one-piece system that guarantees clog-free results. This means you never have to worry about cleaning your gutters out ever again. Best of all, you remain ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting your home from the damaging effects of rainwater toward your landscape, fascia, siding, foundation, and more.

Why LeafGuard is Best Gutter System

As the only one-piece gutter system that effectively keeps out debris, LeafGuard’s patented design has earned it a reputation as the most trusted gutter protection system in America for over 25 years. But what makes LeafGuard so superior?


LeafGuard’s superiority lies in more than just its ability to keep debris out of the gutter trough. Thanks to the unique curved hood design, debris won’t accumulate on top of the gutter system either, ensuring a completely clog-free system.


LeafGuard gutters are constructed from sturdy aluminum that is 20% thicker than the industry standard, making them highly durable and able to withstand adverse weather conditions. Additionally, our gutters are coated with a scratch-guard finish, ensuring that they maintain their attractive appearance for years to come.

Thanks to their seamless one-piece design, LeafGuard gutters are the strongest gutter system available, offering maximum protection against even the harshest weather. So, you can rest easy knowing that your home is well-protected and your gutters will look great for years to come.


As a homeowner, your property is likely the largest investment you’ll ever make, and maintaining its appearance requires a lot of effort. However, with LeafGuard gutters, you can simplify your life and enjoy peace of mind. Our gutters work so effectively that you can truly “Get It and Forget It!” This means one less thing for you to worry about and more time for you to focus on the things that matter most.


With LeafGuard gutters, debris simply slides off, eliminating the need for you to pull out a heavy and unstable ladder and climb up to clear them off. This means you can avoid hazardous cleaning tasks and feel confident that your gutters are well-protected.


With LeafGuard gutters, you can be assured of reliable protection for your home. Unlike other gutter options, LeafGuard’s unique one-piece design eliminates the risk of sagging or leaking, and each gutter is custom-built to fit the specific dimensions of each customer’s home. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that your gutters will provide seamless and dependable protection for your home.

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“I am so glad we installed the LeafGuard Gutter system at my house. The installation team were fantastic. Overall very happy with my choice. ”

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“I would like to thank Trades by Jack for installing the LeafGuard system at my place. It helps keep my gutter clog-free. Now, I don’t have to call a gutter cleaning service over and over again. You have helped me save money and time. Thanks again for your effective solution.”

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