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Eavestroughs can get messy quickly, which is understandable given their positioning. They are also challenging and dangerous to clean, often requiring the skills of a professional roofer or gutter installer.

A simple solution is a gutter system that does not accrue debris – LeafGuard gutters Toronto.

At Trades by Jack, we provide LeafGuard systems and understand the high risk associated with perching on a ladder to clean eavestroughs. That is why we ensure you get premium services that will make you happy for the longest time. You can eliminate gutter-cleaning stress permanently.

How do you Know You Require LeafGuard Gutters?

Clogging is usually the most common sign of trouble with gutters. You have no choice but to swap the eavestrough once they overflow. Otherwise, they can cause moisture-related issues that become almost impossible to mitigate. LeafGuard gutters are a safe option – they are not vulnerable to clogging, meaning they do not bring the risk of excess moisture. Watch out for the following signs if you still need convincing about the quality of the superior gutters.

  • Trees close to the roof edge – A single tree is enough to fill the gutters with leaves and debris. You may need to pay extra attention to the falling leaves in fall and early winter when shedding is at its peak. Clogging increases during those seasons, the same as the possibility of fire outbreaks if there is lightning. The problem can worsen if you have multiple trees.
  • Constant cleaning – Regular gutter cleaning should happen between six months to one year. Consider upgrading the system if yours accumulates too much gunk to require more frequent cleaning. Invest in one-time LeafGuard gutters instead of scheduling monthly cleaning routines that consume too much time and put you at risk of injuries.
  • Stains underneath the eavestrough – Water stains indicate that water flows outside the eavestrough instead of inside, which should not be the case. Such occurrences require further investigation, often unleashing grime accumulation. Too much debris hinders smooth water flow, causing splashes on the sides. If left unresolved, the stains can reduce a property’s curb appeal and value. Our LeafGuard systems are the perfect solution.

We Are the Exclusive Dealers in Oakville

No other gutter system functions as effectively as LeafGuard. Most tend to clog quickly, defying their primary role – draining water away from the house. However, you can still get the less superior options if you do not mind spending most of your time cleaning them.

LeafGuard brings several advantages over other systems. They include protection of the foundation, soffit, fascia, and basement. The gutters also keep you from worrying about landscape erosion, driveway destruction, or mould growth.

We install the LeafGuard gutters perfectly according to the house measurements, ensuring you get a sleek design that does not interfere with the outlook of the property.

LeafGuard Gutters Performance Process

LeafGuard gutters reduce the frequency of cleaning your gutters, but they do not eliminate the task entirely. That is an essential factor to remember as you invest in quality systems. However, it does not mean the gutters are not beneficial – they still lower the chances of water damage by preventing water from pooling close to the foundation.

To understand the performance procedure of LeafGuard, you must first check out its design. The continuous style has a unique principle that enables them to work efficiently. Their superior functionality allows water to flow through the eavestrough while debris falls off. Their style also gives them a better appearance – they do not need spikes to attach to the fascia. We use internal brackets that remain visible without compromising the sturdiness of the gutter.

LeafGuard gutters are also superior in handling more volumes of water – up to 32 inches per hour, which is three times the amount of rain Canada has received at any time. That means you never have to worry about overflowing rainwater at any moment. Our expertise should also put your mind at ease. We have been installing LeafGuard gutters for several years, getting better every time. 

We will give you results that compliment your exterior design – thanks to our equipment, knowledge, and skillset. We serve our clients intending to keep them from spending money on repairs. That is why we recommend hiring specialists instead of handling installations as a DIY. We also advocate for quality gutters that can remain durable for an extended period.

Caulking is another difference between our gutters and regular ones. Ours do not require caulking – no chance of leaks. The smooth design allows an uninterrupted flow of water, with the inbuilt hood ensuring leaves and other detritus do not land inside the eavestrough to cause clogging. You get a two-in-one system that offers maximum protection.

Our LeafGuard comes with warranties that show the systems do not have defects and guarantees your compensation if there are any. With our services, you will not have to worry about voiding the warranty and paying for damages. Our installation crew does not leave anything to chance, from measurements to cutting the gutters and placing them. We are precise, which eliminates the need for regular maintenance. We also select colours that complement your house outlook. You can find out more when you contact us, including free estimates and adherence to your budget and style.

What Gutter Guards Can You Find in the Current Market?

Gutter guards are an alternative to LeafGuard, but do not have the same performance capabilities. The former has the advantage of lower cost, but they may not last as long as the LeafGuard. The gutter systems we provide in Oakville have a unique technology that keeps them from clogging, saving you from costly repairs or cleaning.

Mesh Guards

Mesh gutter guards have a design consisting of metal screens that cover the eavestrough to trap leaves and other particles, but they may only be effective for larger debris. Besides, you still have to remove the accumulated junk from the mesh. Otherwise, they prevent water from entreating into the trough. Cleaning may not be painless if some detritus gets stuck between the mesh.

Foam Guards

Foam gutter guards are popular because of their suitability for all seasons. They fit inside the eavestrough where they capture the detritus – granules and other tiny elements can pass through to clog the gutter. That defies the reason for getting gutter guards – you still have to deal with regular cleaning. Another benefit is that you do not require many tools for installation. A pair of scissors and measuring tape may be sufficient. You cut the foam according to the gutter length before placing it inside.

Reverse-Curve Guards

Reverse gutter guards can be an eyesore for some people, but the visibility may not bother others. You place them on top of the gutter with the hood curving upwards. They have a horizontal slot where water slides through into the eavestrough. The hood positioning does not allow entrapment of debris. However, tiny particles can settle on the guard slot or slide into the trough with water, forcing you to clean them regularly.

Bottle Brush Guards

If you are looking for a cheap gutter guard that does not require much effort to put in place, choose a bottle brush. They have a cylindrical design that resembles a bottlebrush, which aids in their usability. They have bristles that make them disadvantageous because of the higher chances of debris accumulation. The bristles can trap eaves, making the guards unsuitable if you have trees nearby.

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