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The unpleasantness of gutter cleaning remains an irrefutable fact. The accumulated gunk not only creates a big mess but also takes a lot of time and effort to clean. That is why most people leave them in that poor state if they cannot hire professional cleaners.

Trades by Jack has a team of experts who understand everything about eavestroughs, from the dangers to the labour intensity they require. We provide a lasting solution – LeafGuard gutters Toronto. The systems come with a protective hood that shields debris and a better design that enables optimal water passage. We apply our vast experience to ensure you get services that make you happy, and no gutter cleaning is necessary.

Signs that You Should Get a New Gutter

Signs of clogged gutters tend to be easily noticeable, like rotting fascia, soffit, discoloration, or staining. The issue may start small but can quickly expand and become costlier to repair. Mitigating the root cause as soon as you notice the signs is the best way of saving money and avoiding more issues. That is where LeafGuard comes in – the gutter systems are excellent at preventing home damage and saving you time and money. 

Indications that you need LeafGuard are:

Trees – It does not take many trees to fill a gutter and prevent water flow – one is enough to create the need for LeafGuard. Falling leaves may not cause an issue instantly, but they can be more troublesome during fall or early winter when shedding is at an all-time high. A gutter that can handle that much debris stress-free is necessary, and that is LeafGuard.

Gutters collect filth faster – Any gutter system that requires cleaning once or more every month is not worth having. A better option is to find a gutter system that does not force you to spend more time and effort cleaning. Remember, a good gutter should function well with annual or bi-annual cleaning. LeafGuard systems offer that and more – no more regular cleaning or clogging issues.

Water stains – Stains show that water does not flow inside the eavestrough as it is supposed to, which is a problem that can cause water-related issues. Stains materialize when the gutter has gunk that limits the space for water flow. They worsen over time, interfering with the visual appeal of the property.

You can book an appointment with our esteemed team to explore your gutter options to ensure you never deal with clogging or any other issue.

Exclusive LeafGuard Dealer in Uxbridge

One of the critical factors to consider when shopping for a gutter system is performance capacity. It is not enough that the gutter drains water – it should do so perfectly. That is what LeafGuard provides. The high quality makes them distinctive from all others, as they eradicate common issues homeowners struggle to fix or prevent.

LeafGuard tackles most issues for property owners. For instance, you will not deal with basement flooding or foundation damage after we are through with the installation. Our creative team will ensure the gutter colours match the exterior shades to create an elegant finish. You will get a visually attractive gutter that functions better than any other option in the market.

LeafGuard Gutter Functionality

LeafGuard gutters are the best investment, but they do not save you from gutter cleaning forever. You will have to clean them at some point during their lifespan, but not as frequently as you would do with the other gutter solutions. LeafGuard also gives better protection to the property due to its ability to withstand clogging.

Trades by Jack LeafGuard crew care for your home as much as you do. We do not install gutters that clash with the exterior design or reduce the aesthetic appeal. We work closely with you to ensure you get your preferred colour and a perfect match for your style. We also strive to reduce maintenance costs by achieving perfection every time we install the gutters – no need to worry about repairs soon after we do the job.

We have the tools and skills that make us better at the job. The difference between our services and DIY approaches is immeasurable. We protect the manufacturer’s guarantee by ensuring the gutters do not sustain defects during installation. We do not encourage wastage either – our team will craft the LeafGuard systems on-site after taking the property specifications to ensure they fit perfectly. Precision and accuracy are part of our priorities.

The manufacturing process used in our gutters also makes us better at installations. LeafGuard relies on the liquid adhesion principle – a technology that drives water into the eavestrough while repelling leaves and other detritus. Installation mechanisms also differ. LeafGuard does not require spikes to attach. They rely on internal brackets placed at two-meter intervals, meaning you never have to worry about their detachment or weak seams that can leak.

LeafGuard does not disappoint when it comes to its ability to handle water, thanks to its large capacity capable of withstanding up to 32 inches of rain per hour. Canada has never recorded that amount of rainfall, meaning you never have to worry about the gutters becoming overwhelmed. In addition, our LeafGuard gutters do not need caulking. They run smoothly throughout, diminishing vulnerability to leaks.

Our services differ substantially from DIY installations. For instance, we use our experience and expertise to ensure the gutters do not develop defects that could interfere with the warranty. We also avoid mistakes that can result in repairs soon after installation, ensuring you experience all the benefits of a professional. Remember, only a professional can protect your warranty. DIY installations can nullify the agreement. You can get a free estimate from Trades by Jack to start planning for a gutter upgrade. Our life-changing gutters will ensure you never worry about water damage again.

Available Gutter Guards in Uxbridge

LeafGuard costs more than gutter guards, a factor that often drives homeowners to settle for the latter. However, the lower price comes with more problems. So, why not pay a little more initially and forget about issues like clogging, cleaning, and leaks? We assure you of the performance level of LeafGuard and will disperse an adept team to ensure problems do not arise during installation.

Mesh Gutter Guards

Most people are conversant with mesh gutter guards because of their design, consisting of metal screens that you place on top of the eavestrough to trap junk. The mesh guards function well, with the inky downside being their ability to trap leaves between the mesh. Their surfaces also provide a bed for debris to land, meaning cleaning them is mandatory.

Foam Gutter Guards

Foam gutter guards consist of pores that allow the passage of water while blocking debris. They are available in different lengths that you place inside the eavestrough from where they protect the gutter system. Installing foam guards is straightforward – you cut the desirable foam length according to the gutter size.

Despite the many benefits, foam guards allow the passage of small particles or granules. Cleaning them becomes more challenging once the debris settles at the bottom of the eavestrough.

Reverse Curve

Reverse curve guards have a different design – they go above the gutter, with the hood curving upward towards the roof. They have a horizontal slot that leads to the eavestrough and guides the water through. The guards are highly performing. They do not allow debris to fall into the gutter, but they can reduce the curb appeal because they remain visible from the ground.

Bottle Brush Guards

Bottle brush guards resemble bottle brushes, making them easy to use. Installation is simple, the same as cleaning. You remove them to clear out any accumulated gunk before placing them back with the same ease.

Note: Your surrounding determines the cleaning frequency of the gutter guards. Using them where there are no trees is advisable.

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Clogging is not the only potential problem with trees near gutters. An increased possibility of a fire outbreak if lightning strikes is another issue. You can prevent both by choosing LeafGuard systems. Our professional and experienced team will serve you as soon as you contact us, starting with a free estimate.

“I could go on and on about this company saying nothing less but wonderful things. From the sales agent, to the men that came to do the install, to the customer service. Highly recommend this company to anyone. You're valued and appreciated and they make sure you're very happy throughout the entire process from start to finish.”

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