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LeafGuard Gutters Available in Vaughan

If you have had your gutters for a while, you know how messy they can get and the stress of cleaning them. High exterior positioning makes them prone to detritus accumulation and heightens cleaning challenges. Gutter cleaners must climb ladders to reach the heights, which makes the task potentially harmful to inexperienced personnel.

Property owners in Vaughan are lucky to have a simple solution. LeafGuard systems are advanced versions of regular systems that free you from assuming dangerous gutter-cleaning positions.

As the exclusive dealer, Trades by Jack provides all the answers you need about these five-star systems. We understand the challenges of regular gutters and pride ourselves on giving you a reliable and lasting alternative.

Are Gutter Systems Necessary for My Property?

You do not have to wait until your existing gutters start exhibiting signs of trouble to change to LeafGuard. Similarly, you cannot ignore the swap once those telltale signs manifest. There are several indications that your current gutters are not serving you effectively, a common one being overflowing water. Any gutter system that does not trap water within the eavestrough compromises the safety of the property by allowing excess moisture to seep through the structure. The only cost-efficient and long-lasting solution would be getting a more reliable and superb system like LeafGuard. Other signs that can cause more trouble when ignored include:

Signs of water leaks under the eavestrough

Water stains are distinctive, making them easier to notice on the side or under the eavestrough. That is always a sign of more substantial issues, mainly pointing to the incapability of the eavestrough. The main culprit is usually grime that collects on the base of the trough, prohibiting the free flow of water. Over time, rainwater splashes on the sides to create an eyesore that eventually reduces the property value.

The proximity of trees to the roof edge

Trees shed their leaves naturally, but cleaning them can be tasking, more so in fall and early spring when shedding is at an all-time high. The number of trees surrounding your property determines how frequently you have to clean. Leaving the leaves and detritus increases danger as lightning can strike them to cause a fire.

Continuous cleaning

Ideally, gutters should remain optimally functional throughout the year without demanding too much cleaning. Cleaning them once or twice annually is usually enough unless their condition deteriorates and you find yourself arranging for more frequent cleaning, in which case you should get the one-time LeafGuard gutters to prevent injuries and save time.

We Are the Exclusive Dealers in Vaughan

You may experience issues like clogging and poor water drainage if you have regular gutters, but those issues will be history when you invest in LeafGuard gutters. That is enough indication of the superiority of LeafGuard gutters compared to conventional gutter systems.

Our LeafGuard systems also bring additional advantages, such as enhanced protection of the house structures and exterior fixtures like fascia, soffits, and basement foundations. Other problems like landscape erosion and fungi or mould growth are less likely to happen with our advanced system.

As the exclusive LeafGuard dealers, we prioritize excellence when installing the gutters to ensure they match perfectly with the house. We will give you a compact design that blends with the architecture.

Understanding How LeafGuard Systems Perform

You will experience some cleaning relief after installing LeafGuard, but that does not mean you should ignore them completely. Occasional cleaning will still be necessary – the only difference is that the gutters will continue to function optimally without overburdening you with the cleansing requirements. Optimal drainage means you will never have to worry about your property dealing with excess moisture damage.

The LeafGuard performance procedure mainly depends on its design – a continuous flow that does not include seams. The seamless design makes it more efficient by eliminating the chances of debris falling into the trough or accumulating to hinder water drainage. The design also influences the visual appeal and installation procedure. We do not use spikes to hang them – internal brackets are enough to secure them tightly. The best part is that they remain invisible from the ground and never compromise the gutter system.

The ability to handle large volumes of water adds to the benefits of the LeafGuard system, another reason they are superior to conventional gutters. The capacity to handle up to 32 inches of rain per hour means you never have to deal with overflows. Besides, that is three times the amount of rain Canada receives. That, together with the flawless installation by our crew, gives you the ultimate assurance and protection.

Our experience with LeafGuard gutters helps us avoid making costly mistakes, guaranteeing your satisfaction. We ensure the gutter placement enhances the house design as we focus on giving you solutions you can enjoy for many years. Our technical know-how, attention to detail, passion, and industry-specific equipment make our work stand out. They are why we bring more value than DIY.

Our gutters do not require caulking like the traditional ones, translating to zero likelihood of leaks. The smooth design means water passes seamlessly toward the downspouts. The hood coverage prevents debris from landing inside the gutter, effectively preventing clogging. The two-in-one system guarantees total protection.

Trades by Jack takes pride in helping you save money through lasting and reliable gutter solutions. Our LeafGuard gutters have warranties that shield you from spending more money in case of damage. Our precise measuring, cutting, and installation protect you further by ensuring you do not void the warranty. We never want you to pay for damage or spend more money on maintenance. How we handle the gutters, from the colour selection and adherence to your budget and style, reflects that. You can get in touch for a free estimate.

What Gutter Guards Are Available in the Market Currently?

Although LeafGuard gutters are unmatched, you can use gutter guards as their alternative. The guards may not provide the advantage of cost efficiency and long-term savings, but they can serve you momentarily. Remember, LeafGuard gutters come with a one-of-a-kind technology that stops obstruction by debris, meaning a repair-free system that you will not have to clean regularly.

Mesh Guards

Mesh guards have a basic structure consisting of metal screens atop the eavestrough. The positioning captures leaves and large debris but does not work effectively for smaller particles. One of the downsides is that you must remove the gunk once they accumulate. Otherwise, they render the mesh guard useless by preventing the passage of water inside the trough. Clearance can be time-consuming and stressful when the gunk gets stuck between the mesh.

Bottle Brush

The bottle brush is a favourite for most people because it does not require expertise to put it in place. They are also inexpensive. Their distinctive design sets them apart and gives them functionality. Their cylindrical appearance is unmistakable, as they resemble a bottlebrush. Their bristles trap debris.

Foam Guards

If you want a less conspicuous gutter guard, the foam guard is the perfect choice because it stays inside the trough. Their popular benefit is their appropriateness for all seasons, but their inability to capture small particles is their main disadvantage. Using them will bring short-term cleaning reprieve as they remain prone to clogging.

A straightforward installation process is an added advantage with foam guards. You can handle the task as a DIY because it does not require complicated tools. Easily accessible items like scissors and a measuring tape are all you need. You cut the foam based on the length of the gutter before placing it inside.

Reverse-Curve Guards

Reverse-curve guards often get mixed reactions, with some people not minding their visibility after installation and others disliking them. They are installed atop the gutter, and the hood is curved upwards. Water drains into the gutter through a horizontal slot. The position of the hood prevents entrapment of detritus, although smaller particles can still settle on the guard slot or make their way into the trough with water, which means you have to clean them periodically. 

We are Ready for Consultation

Our LeafGuard gutters are the best of the best gutter systems, and we better that with our excellent craftsmanship. We install them to last, meaning we do not take chances from the initial step to the last one. We will answer your questions and do consultations before providing a free estimate. Feel free to get in touch for a successful installation.

“I could go on and on about this company saying nothing less but wonderful things. From the sales agent, to the men that came to do the install, to the customer service. Highly recommend this company to anyone. You're valued and appreciated and they make sure you're very happy throughout the entire process from start to finish.”

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