LeafGuard- Superior Design and Construction

There’s an old adage that says “In the long run you are usually better
off spending a little more than you expected instead of a little less than
you should have”.
It never fails, when you try to save money by purchasing a cheaper
product it either doesn’t work properly, or doesn’t last as long, and you
end up spending twice or three times the original amount. You also end
up frustrated and angry because the product didn’t do what it
At Trades by Jack we take this philosophy to heart, and strive to provide
our clientele with only the best products in their class. We want
customers that are happy with our products and service for years to
come not just happy with the price for a little while. That is why we are
proud to represent the LeafGuard system. Through painstaking design,
and considerable attention to detail in the manufacturing process,
LeafGuard provides unparalleled performance and longevity.
Using a principle known as Hydrostatic Adhesion the LeafGuard system
ensures that nothing but rain water gets inside your eavestroughs. In
fact the system is guaranteed for life never to clog thus providing
efficient and reliable management of rain water shed by your roof. The
LeafGuard system also uses a unique installation procedure that allows
it to hold up to 250 pounds without pulling away from your fascia. That
is the equivalent of 8 feet of snow! So you can rest assured that once
the system is installed on your home it is truly maintenance free.

The use of high quality recycled aluminum for the construction of the
system provides far superior durability and longevity. Add to that
installation by our fully trained and highly experienced employees who
display the same attention to detail and customer service, and you have
an unmatched customer experience. Contact us today for a n
obligation presentation of the LeafGuard system’s features and quote
for installation on your home.


Hal Katz



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