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Outdoor Soffit Lights Cambridge

Homes need both interior and exterior lighting. Outdoor soffit lights in Cambridge are your best bet when you need proper levels of outdoor illumination. Our lights are easy to install and offer total control over brightness and location. 

They Improve Safety
They are Fabulous
They Are Fun
They Are Programmable
They Improve Security
They Are Budget-Friendly
They Improve Safety

While movies like Christmas Vacation make it funny, falling off a ladder in the real world is never funny. A simple fall can cause life-changing injuries. Hospitals report that most of the severe injuries they treat during the holidays are of homeowners falling off the ladder while trying to install Christmas lights. At Trades by Jack, we are committed to keeping you and your entire family safe. We do this by installing our durable, customizable and reliable outdoor soffit lights in Cambridge. These guarantee you never need to go up a ladder again.

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They are Fabulous

What could be more attractive than driving to your beautifully illuminated home at night? With our soffit outdoor lights, strangers will slow down just to take in the glamour of your house. The feeling you will get thanks to this level of attention is undeniably amazing. We will give you the chance to get the custom look and design you want for your home. We can colour match the lights to your home and ensure they are invisible during the day.

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They Are Fun

The beauty of installing outdoor soffit lights is that they have numerous customization options. This is more so when you go for gemstone lights. Our installers allow you the flexibility of using them in any way you want. After they are installed, you will have a hard time resisting the urge to stand outside at night and just stare at the beauty the lights radiate. Don’t worry; you won’t be the only one. Your neighbours will also be out there with you, wishing their house looked like yours. Get ready for questions on how you achieved that look, who installed the lights and how much it cost.

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They Are Programmable

Outdoor soffit lights are not just for the Christmas season. Even with no major holiday coming up, you can turn these lights on to illuminate your house every evening. These lights are a perfect investment when you want to highlight particular features of your home at night or increase safety. Soffit lights give you the freedom to choose the lights’ colour and how bright they are. You can even set a timer so that the outdoor lights come on at dusk and automatically shut off at dawn.

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They Improve Security

According to public safety and security officials, a well-lit house is less likely to be broken into. You can boost security by adding motion-activated lighting in certain locations, such as near windows and doors. Doing so will help deter break-ins.

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They Are Budget-Friendly

The durability of our outdoor soffit lights in Cambridge makes them budget-friendly. You never have to spend more money buying and installing new lights every couple of months. Moreover, because they are LED lights, they consume a minimal amount of electricity. Most homeowners report not noticing any increase in their monthly electricity bills even after leaving the lights on overnight.

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Customized – Permanent – Year-Round Soffit Outdoor Lights for All Occasions

Brilliant Design and Construction

The tracks used in the installation of outdoor soffit lights are of high-quality aluminum, just like what is used for the eavestroughs. We don’t use plastic. As a result, you will never have to deal with the track warping in the summer heat or cracking in winter. Our system was created in Canada by Canadians for the Canadian climate. Moreover, since we use the same material as your eavestroughs, we are able to match the colours so that it is completely invisible in the daytime.

No More Going Up and Down the Ladder

When you want to install Christmas lights, you have to climb and descend a ladder tens of times to get the work done. With about 9000 emergency room visits each year due to non-work-related ladder accidents in Ontario, you can appreciate why our primary goal is to keep you off the ladder. The Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Center reports that climbing a ladder is one of the riskiest household activities. When you get our outdoor soffit lights in Cambridge, your days of hanging Christmas lights will be a thing of the past.

Improve Your Home Security

Burglars dislike homes that are well illuminated. Installing outdoor soffit lights will not only make your home more attractive at night and improve your safety as you stroll around the yard but also discourage break-ins. The best thing is these LED lights use very little electricity. So you don’t have to worry about your electricity bills skyrocketing.


Outdoor Soffit Lights Are Environmentally Friendly

Selecting the right lighting for your home’s architectural type will enhance the outside appearance significantly. This is one of the reasons why the installation of outdoor soffit lights has become more popular. The lights give the house a contemporary and sophisticated look, more so when you use gemstone exterior lights. This definitely adds value to your home. The lights offer remarkable ambient lighting. The many advantages of soffit lights that make them eco-friendly include their energy efficiency since they are LED, their ability to control brightness, remarkable durability and space-saving benefits. These are, without a doubt, the best choice you can make when you are focused on environmental friendliness.

Allow Complete Control Over Switches and Diming

Outdoor soffit lights provide you with the freedom of controlling them using several switches that are situated in different areas. You will also be able to control the whole system with a central control switch. Thanks to their low energy consumption, you can combine Gemstone lights so that they are controlled with one switch without any problem.
The master switch can be managed by a pre-programmed timer so that lights come on at a set time and automatically shut down at daybreak. With this programmable switch, you will never again forget to switch the outdoor lights on or off.

They are Very Durable

A common question homeowners have before choosing soffit lights is whether they are durable. The answer is a resounding yes. With these lights, you can count on their durability. They are long-lasting because they resist most elements, including water and sea air. However, to avoid problems along the way, ensure your outdoor soffit lights in Cambridge are installed using sturdy materials. The installation must also be done by a professional who offers a warranty. Keep in mind that for soffit lights, many installation specialists provide a warranty of up to 30 years on their work.


They Highlight Objects

You can use outdoor soffit lighting to highlight any part of your home that you want to draw attention to. These lights can be used to shine a gentle or bright light on specific areas of your home. The lights can offer regulated or bright lighting to any space depending on what you want to achieve. The lights are thus an excellent choice for homeowners who need a touch of elegance on their property. Keep in mind that soffit lighting is recessed. The lights are small and hard to see during the day.

They can Enhance Details

We require very little light at night. Too much light will cause your home to appear too bright and ruin the desired results. Too much light also creates an undesirable spaceship-like appearance. Our specialist installers will know how much lighting you need so that you don’t have to call us back to get the lights dimmed. We know how to use soffit lighting to enhance distinctive details on your property. The brightness of our soffit lights can be adjusted to suit your needs and highlight the right architectural features on your property. When selecting an outdoor light, choose a light colour that complements your architecture.

Achieve an Amazing Wall Wash

When the sun sets, your outdoor soffit lights will harmonize your scenery and create a fantastic ambience. You can play around with the lights to create indirect lighting that transforms dark spaces into warm and welcoming areas. This can be achieved with wash lighting techniques. The end goal with wall washing must always be producing composition and balance. The front of the house needs to be lit subtly and in a way that guides the gaze of a viewer from one architectural feature to the next. Regardless of how your home looks, efficient lighting calls for careful planning and proper installation. You may want to go with outdoor soffit lights because they save on both space and electricity. The installer you hire for the installation should also offer a warranty for labour and materials.

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Why Hire Trades by Jack for the Installation of Outdoor Soffit Lights?

house light decorationWe are happy to be the company homeowners in Cambridge turn to for the installation of outdoor soffit lights. Homeowners turn to us not just for our superior products and competitive prices but for a variety of other reasons, which include:

Installation Takes Us Less Time

We know that you want your outdoor lights set up fast and perfectly. Our trained professionals are committed to completing their assignments with perfection and efficiency. Thanks to years of training and hands-on experience, we know what our customers need. We will supply high-quality soffit lights and get them installed fast. All the work is handled by our insured and certified professionals. We will also be available to offer any assistance you need before, during and after the installation. Get in touch with us today for an estimate, quote or to ask any question you may have.

Trouble-Free Installation

Our ability to constantly offer superior knowledge and unparalleled competence are what sets us apart when it comes to the installation of outdoor soffit lights. We leverage our experience to ensure everything is done the right way. Our long history of finishing lighting installation projects makes us your safest bet when installing outdoor soffit lights in Cambridge. You will be in capable hands when you choose us. We also clean up once the work is done.

We are Licensed and Fully Insured

The beauty of working with a licensed and insured installation company is that you reduce the possibility of errors that may lead to poor wiring, electrical fires and issues that may damage your property. Trades By Jack is fully insured, and we offer ESA certification to all our clients after completing a lighting project. With us, you can count on a worry-free experience from the start to the completion of your project. We only work with materials that are certified and rely on tested and trusted installation methods to guarantee the best results.

Although every home needs proper lighting indoors and outdoors, not all homes have both. As you may already know, modern lighting is more than just illumination. It offers a way to improve the functionality and appearance of your home. Our team is focused on making your house look better and run smoothly. We use LED lights, so you never worry about the skyrocketing electricity bills.

There are many reasons why you should install outdoor soffit lights in Cambridge. To learn more about the available options, contact us today. We are happy to give you a free quote and provide any assistance you might need.

“I could go on and on about this company saying nothing less but wonderful things. From the sales agent, to the men that came to do the install, to the customer service. Highly recommend this company to anyone. You're valued and appreciated and they make sure you're very happy throughout the entire process from start to finish.”

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