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Install our outdoor soffit lights to brighten up the appearance of your home to guests, neighbours, passers-by, and your family. You will have full control to draw attention to the colours, textures, and forms of your house that you like.

They are Safe to Use
They are Beautiful
They are Fun
They are Programmable
They Protect your Family
They are Cost-Efficient
They are Safe to Use

There is usually an upsurge of ladder-related accidents during the Christmas holidays as people put up and pull down Christmas lighting. With outdoor soffit lights, you no longer have to worry about changing the lights. Soffit lights allow you to simply change the appearance of the outdoor lighting to match the occasion. The lights use individual waterproof connectors and convert high voltage home power (110V) to safe, low voltage power (12V), which is the reason the lights have CSA and ETL certifications.

They are Beautiful

Soffit lights controllers allow you to change the designs at will from wherever you are on your iOS or Android smartphone. You will be able to draw attention to the colours, textures, and foams of your home that you love most. You will be filled with pleasure, and passers-by and neighbours will be curious, inquiring where to get them from. You can program mesmerizing animations at night.

They are Fun

Our customers cannot help themselves but sit on their driveways to see their homes change colour. There are 11 patterns to choose from, each with different colour combinations for endless possibilities.

They are Programmable

The lights are versatile in that you can program them for different occasions. For example, you can do the deep purples, whites and gold for Easter, roll out the greens and reds for Christmas, bring out the pinks, reds, and whites for Valentine’s, and so on.

They Protect your Family

Outdoor soffit lights deter crime, help detect crime and help prevent concealment. Each bulb in a Gemstone Lights track is a 4-channel 12 V LED pixel with an output of 23 lumens. You can set the timer so that the lights come on automatically at dusk.

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They are Cost-Efficient

Outdoor soffit lights only consume 12 Volts of electricity. This and the fact that you will never have to buy another string of lights again means you end up saving money. The feedback from our customers is that they do not see a noticeable change in their electricity bill when they install soffit lights.

Programmable | Permanent | Year-Round Outdoor Soffit Lights

Superior Track Design and Construction

LED lighting solution is only as good as the fixture track used to install the lighting. The soffits lights track is made of the same materials used to build the soffits and gutters. We colour match the track, bend it, punch it, and assemble it comfortably under the soffit in near-perfect camouflage until the lights are turned on. The material is weatherproof, making it ideal for hot summer days and cold winter nights in Brampton. Soffit lights are North American Owned & Manufactured for the North American climate.

No More Ladder-Related Accidents

With soffit lights, you no longer have to scale the ladder to hang lights or replace broken bulbs. The Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre statistics show that non-work related ladder injuries are one of the leading reasons for emergency room visits, with approximately 9,000 visits each year in Ontario alone. Most of these accidents occur during the Christmas holidays when people are putting up and pulling down Christmas lights, keeping in mind you have to scale up and down the ladder tens of times before you are done, depending on the size of your home.

Improved Security

Recessed into the soffit beneath the roofline of your home, outdoor soffit lights provide sufficient illumination to act as a deterrent to criminals. The lights ensure there are no shadows where thieves can hide. You can further enhance security through motion-activated lighting. The use of high-efficiency LED bulbs ensures you get maximum security while at the same time conserving electrical power.

Soffit Lights Are Environmentally Friendly

If you care about the environment, soffit lights are the way to go. The lights use LED bulbs that are very energy-efficient – up to 90% more energy efficient compared to incandescent lights. The bulbs consume 12 V, with the bulbs drawing between 0.17 and 0.72 watts per bulb, depending on the colour and colour intensity chosen. LED lights produce zero toxic elements and last up to 80% longer compared to incandescent light bulbs at 50,000+ hours. Not only will you be doing your part to protect the environment with these lights, but the energy efficiency also means you end up saving money on electricity bills.

Full Control Over All the Lights

One of the greatest advantages of outdoor soffit lights is that you can control them from anywhere using an Android or an iOS app to get the mood or occasion you are after. You need switches to control the lighting, and you can install them for the sides, the back, and the porch and then a master switch to control all the lights. The master switch should have a programmable timer to allow you to turn on and off all the lights at once. These lights allow you to achieve this through dimmer switches. The dimmers work by altering the AC voltage, allowing only parts of the waveform to pass to the LED lamps.

Long-Lasting and Durable

The first question in most people looking for soffit lights is usually about their durability. LED bulbs used in soffit lights have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, and this is backed up by a 2-year warranty. Georgetown weather is very wet and cold in some months, calling for outdoor lighting that is weatherproof and waterproof. Outdoor soffit lights are weatherproof, waterproof, and resistant to salt air. LED lights can handle temperatures ranging from -40 degrees F (-40 C) to 176 degrees F (80 C). The track is made of aluminum which is also well equipped for Georgetown weather.

Accentuate Objects

Are you looking to add a touch of class to your home or to increase your home’s resale value? Outdoor soffit lights help you accentuate whichever part of the building you want to, allowing you to bring out the best feature, designs, and colours of your home. You can control the illumination to the objects you want to accentuate. The lights take up very little space, meaning they will not draw attention to themselves.

Highlight the Details of Your Home

One benefit of soffit lights is that they enhance the details of your home. You can reduce the brightness of the lights by almost half and still be able to display all the desired features. Using too much light, which is what happens when you use pot lights, leads to light pollution and runs up your electricity costs. It also creates hot spots beneath the lights, which causes the spaceship effect. Given the importance of the entryway to your home’s design, ensure there is colour synchronicity of the different architectural elements. You can use architectural uplighting to chase light up the different architectural elements.

Great for Wall Wash Lighting

Wash lighting is a unique lighting effect that is perfect for creating ambience. Wall wash lighting is achieved by mounting lights in such a way that a beam of light falls on the wall at a wide angle. It washes out textures and draws attention to the wall as a large flat surface. When spreading multiple lights, you should ensure the cast overlaps slightly. You do not want shadows and dark spots if you want a washing effect that is truly striking. The lights should be evenly focused, not be too powerful as this could risk overpowering the look – use LED lights like soffit lights for maximum efficiency.

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A Great Outdoor Soffit Pot Lights Alternative

house light decoration
Do you love hosting events at night? Are you a fan of holiday-themed lighting? Thanks to a solution by Trades by Jack, you no longer have to climb up a ladder whenever you want to run lights for a night event or a holiday. This solution is called outdoor soffit lights.

Outdoor Soffit Lights – An Improved Option

With soffit lights, you no longer have to deal with the spaceship effect and other drawbacks of outdoor pot lights. Soffit lights bring out the best in your architecture. The smart lighting technology used allows for different combinations of colours and brightness levels, allowing you to get the exact effect you want. This long-term solution has become very popular with Georgetown, ON residents.

Unique Outdoor Lighting for your Georgetown, ON Home

The year-round LED outdoor soffit lights have the following advantages:

Smart Device Controls

You can set up multiple timers, create different patterns, and change light colour at the touch of a button. You can set the timer to turn on the lights at a certain time each evening and turn them off at the desired time in the morning. The proprietary soffit lights custom programmed iOS or Android app gives you complete control of your lighting.

Colours are Fully Customizable

Outdoor soffit lights are barely noticeable during the day, thanks to their low-profile design. The lights come to life at night with mesmerizing animation. The dimmable lights can be customized in a wide range of colours. The lights use LED RGB or RGBW lights (R= Red, G= Green, B= Blue, W= White). You can go for red and white during the Christmas season, red and pink during Valentine’s, and so on.

Waterproof Connections

Soffit lights, thanks to their LED technology, can last 50,000 hours on average. The bulbs do not use the strip set up and can be easily replaced, thanks to their individual, waterproof connections. The lights can handle water jets and rain.

Energy Efficient

LED lights consume about 80% less energy compared to conventional bulbs. You will not notice a significant rise in your electricity costs with soffit lights. Energy efficiency not only saves you money, but it also ensures you do your part in saving the environment.

Are you constantly climbing up and down the ladder to put up holiday lights? This is time-consuming and dangerous. The state-of-the-art LED lights from Trades by Jack require very little maintenance since the bulbs are weatherproof and last over 50,000 hours. Contact the Trades by Jack team today to learn more about these innovative lights.

Why It Takes Less Time to Install Outdoor Soffit Lights and Our Installation Process

We Provide You with a Free Quote and Answer All Your Questions on Soffit Lights

Our installers have years of experience and are certified for the job. This certification is important as it ensures you will not void the manufacturer warranty. We undertake all our projects with accuracy and efficiency in mind. We understand the climate in Georgetown and Ontario and know exactly what our clients want. Our technicians are licensed, which means you will not be held liable in the unlikely event of an accident at your home. We are licensed to supply and install Gemstone Lights, and we will give you advice and answer any questions you may have about the lights. Call us today for free estimates.

Get Hassle-Free Installation by Our Experts and Clean up After we are Done

You want an experienced team to install your lighting system to ensure timely delivery and proper installation. We have a team of professional lighting installers who have completed many installation projects all around Ontario. Our experts have a good understanding of how lighting systems work. By coming to us, you can rest assured that your lighting installation and home are in good hands. Once the job is complete, our team will do a thorough clean-up.

We are Licensed and Insured

The dangers of dealing with a lighting installation contractor who is not licensed or insured are the increased risk of electrical fires, damage to your home, the risk of voiding the manufacturer’s warranties, and voiding your home insurance. The law requires that all contractors doing electrical installations be licensed by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). Our team has the necessary experience, tools, and equipment for the job. We are fully insured, and once the job is complete, our customers are assured of complete ESA certification. We endeavour to complete the job in time and to your satisfaction. We derive great joy from seeing our clients happy with the lighting installation.

“I could go on and on about this company saying nothing less but wonderful things. From the sales agent, to the men that came to do the install, to the customer service. Highly recommend this company to anyone. You're valued and appreciated and they make sure you're very happy throughout the entire process from start to finish.”

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