Outdoor Soffit Lights Mississauga

Customized Outdoor Soffit Lights in Mississauga

Our outdoor soffit lights in Mississauga are the best solution for providing your outdoor space with the ideal levels of illumination. They are easy to install and provide total control over the brightness and location of the lights.

They Improve Safety
They are Gorgeous
They are Lots of Fun
They are Programmable
They Keep Your Family Safe
They are Affordable
They Improve Safety

It’s not at all funny to fall off a ladder. Unfortunately, hospitals record the highest incidences of serious accidents during the holidays as more homeowners attempt to hang Christmas lights. Some of the injuries have a profound impact on people’s lives. At Trades by Jack, keeping you off the ladder is our top priority. That is how we keep you and your family safe. With our outdoor soffit lights in Mississauga, you will never have to climb up a ladder to fix them. Our products are durable and installed to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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They are Gorgeous

Nothing is more gratifying than approaching your home after dark and beholding its beauty. The feeling is even better when neighbours and persons walking by pause to admire how stunning your house is. With our outdoor soffit lights, you get to enjoy all this and then some. We give you the option to acquire the personalized style and appearance you like. In addition to being hidden in the soffit, the lights can be colour-matched to your home so that they are completely invisible during the day.

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They are Lots of Fun

When we are done installing outdoor soffit lights, it is often difficult to resist the impulse to stand outside and admire their beauty at night. Your neighbours won’t be able to get over the incredible impression these lights make. Be prepared to answer inquiries about the source and installer of the lights. There are countless modification options available for outdoor lights, particularly when using Gemstone lights. You are free to use them in any way you choose to decorate your home.

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They are Programmable

Outdoor soffit lights are not just for the holidays. When there is no special holiday around the corner, they make wonderful outdoor lights. Your home will be illuminated by the lights at night in a way that enhances its beauty and improves security. With Gemstone lights, you will have control over how bright the lights are and the colour they light up in. Moreover, you can program a timer to turn on the exterior lights at night and turn them off in the morning while you are away. With the timer, you will never forget to turn the lights on or off.

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They Keep Your Family Safe

A well-lit home is less likely to be burglarized. This is according to public safety and security professionals. Outdoor soffit lights will further make it safer for you to move around your house at night without tripping. To enhance security, you can add motion-activated lighting to specific areas, such as close to entrances and windows.

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They are Affordable

Our exterior soffit lights in Mississauga are very durable. For years, you will not need to purchase replacement lights or hire a specialist to install or replace them. Over time, you will realize a ton of savings when you install our soffit lights. Considering they are LED lights, they require very little electricity to light at full blast. Most homeowners report that even after leaving the lights on every night, they rarely notice a rise in their monthly electricity bills.

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Customized – Permanent – Yearlong Soffit Outdoor Lights for All Occasions

Exceptional Design and Construction

Like your eavestroughs and soffits, the track we use when installing the lights is made of high-quality aluminum, not plastic. This means you won’t have to worry about it being bent by the summer heat or cracked by the winter cold. Our soffit light system is developed in Canada by Canadians for the Canadian environment. The fact that it is made of aluminum, much like your soffits, allows us to correctly match its colour to your home so that it is virtually invisible during the day.

No More Climbing Ladders

Climbing a ladder is one of the riskiest household tasks, according to the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre. In Ontario, it has been estimated that non-work-related ladder falls result in about 9000 visits to the emergency room each year. Furthermore, installing Christmas lights necessitates multiple trips up and down a ladder. Depending on the size of your property, you might need to climb and descend the ladder 10, 20, or even 30 times before you’re done. Your days of hanging Christmas lights will be a thing of the past, thanks to our soffit outdoor lighting in Mississauga.

Improved Security of Your Home

A simple way to deter robbers is to keep your outdoor space properly lit. The outdoor soffit lights can do that effectively and in a very attractive way. Soffit lights give your property powerful lighting while consuming very little electricity. This is because they use high-efficiency LED bulbs.

Our Outdoor Soffit Lights Are Eco-Friendly

Choosing the appropriate lighting for your building’s architectural type can dramatically improve the outside appeal of your home. Recently, installing outdoor soffit lighting has become increasingly fashionable. However, the big question is this – do outdoor soffit lights increase the value of a property? A fantastic approach to give your home a modern and sophisticated look is to use our Gemstone exterior lights. Soffit lights offer several advantages, including energy efficiency, water resistance, control over dimming and switches, durability, space savings, environmental friendliness, and accent lighting.

Offer Control Over Both Diming and Switches

When installing outdoor soffit lights, you have the option of controlling the lights with a number of switches positioned in various places. Alternately, a single main switch can be installed to operate the entire lighting system. Due to their low energy consumption, mixing different Gemstone lights in one switch will not have any issues. The sides, porch, and back of the house should have their own switches. You can also add another master switch to control all the lights and a timer programmed to control the switch. Your property can occasionally be brightly illuminated using exterior soffit lights.

They are Long Lasting

You might be pondering whether soffit lights are a wise choice for your house given their growing popularity. The answer is yes. This is particularly so when you consider them in terms of durability. The long lifespan of this outdoor lighting system is an undeniable advantage. The lights are resistant to all environmental factors, including sea air, ice and water. However, you must choose a soffit light installation that uses robust materials. Additionally, you must confirm that the installation professional you pick offers a good warranty. Many installation experts back up their work with a 30-year warranty.


Draw Attention to Objects

Outdoor soffit lighting can be used to accentuate parts of your house. The lights can cast a soft glow or a powerful light source that draws attention to a certain area of your house. Due to its compact size, recessed lighting is concealed from view and does not attract attention. Regardless of the style and architecture of your home, soffit lights may provide bright or controlled lighting to every location, depending on your preferences. Anyone wishing to add a sense of elegance to their homes will find this lighting option to be a perfect replacement.

Enhance Details

The majority of homeowners are unaware of how little light we really require at night. This is why most homes tend to have exterior soffit lights that are so bright that homeowners spend extra cash to get them dimmed and eliminate the spaceship-like look. There are several ways to enhance soffit lighting and ensure it emphasizes the distinctive features of your home. For instance, outdoor soffit lights can be turned down to a level that is just half as bright as it was before. To attain the best light levels, you should adjust the brightness based on the architectural style of your home. A pro tip when choosing outdoor lights is to make sure the colours of your architectural elements are coordinated before deciding on the soffit lights to install.

Create a Remarkable Wall Wash

After dark, wash lighting harmonizes your scenery and produces a unique ambience. You may create indirect lighting and transform a dark space into one that is warm and inviting by utilizing several wash lighting techniques. When placed properly, outdoor soffit lights in Mississauga have a way of smoothly blending into the surroundings. Regardless of the design or architecture of your home, efficient lighting requires proper planning and installation. You may want to consider using outside soffit lights because they conserve both space and electricity. You should also make sure the installer you choose to work with offers a comprehensive warranty on both labour and supplies.

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Why Choose Trades by Jack for Outdoor Soffit Lights Installation?

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We take great pride in being the company homeowners in Mississauga turn to for the installation of outdoor lights. In addition to our competitive prices and superior products and services, here are some of the main reasons you should work with us.

It Takes Us Less Time to Complete the Installation

Our team of trained professionals will carry out the assignment with the utmost correctness and efficiency. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are well aware of the needs of our customers and take the time to understand their unique preferences. Our licensed, insured, and certified technicians will provide and install the highest-quality soffit lights that fit your budget. Furthermore, we offer transparent and beneficial support for any issue relating to outdoor lights. For questions, prices, and estimates, contact us today. We are always happy to hear from you.

We Offer a Hassle-Free Experience

We have been able to differentiate ourselves from the competition by offering superior knowledge and competence in soffit light installation. This is all because of our years of experience installing outdoor lights. We have a long history of completing lighting installation projects effectively. Additionally, our experts are familiar with how lighting systems work. If you choose our services, you can be sure your light installation will be in capable hands. We also take time to clean up once the installation is completed.

We are Fully Insured

It is always a great choice to work with a licensed and insured soffit light installation company. Doing so reduces the possibility of electrical fires, poor wiring, and other types of property damage. We at Trades by Jack are fully insured and provide every one of our clients a thorough ESA certification after every lighting project. With the assistance of our knowledgeable and licensed installation technicians, we guarantee a worry-free experience and complete satisfaction. We only use certified materials and tested methods to ensure you only get the best results.

Every home needs lighting both indoors and outdoors. This does not, however, imply that every homeowner makes use of both. Modern lighting is about more than just being able to see after dark. It offers a great way of improving the overall appearance and functionality of your home.

Are you interested in outdoor soffit lighting in Mississauga? Get in contact with us for a free quote. We are always pleased to hear from you and provide you with any assistance you need.

“I could go on and on about this company saying nothing less but wonderful things. From the sales agent, to the men that came to do the install, to the customer service. Highly recommend this company to anyone. You're valued and appreciated and they make sure you're very happy throughout the entire process from start to finish.”

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