Outdoor Soffit Lights Toronto

Personalized Outdoor Soffit Lights in Toronto

Outdoor pot lights are the perfect way to make your home livelier while adding a modern curb appeal. They are easy to install, customize, control, and affordable.

Universal Beauty
They Boost Security
Soffit Lights Are Cost-Efficient
They Serve Multiple Purposes
They Require Little to No Maintenance
They Remain Discreet
Universal Beauty

Soffit lights add unmatched beauty to your home that lasts throughout various seasons, making them perfect for improving the overall aesthetic appeal. They are a convenient way of blending outdoor and indoor elegance. They also add value to the property, meaning can attract potential buyers if you want to sell the property. You can comfortably leave them in place as they do not become outdated.

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They Boost Security

Adding outdoor soffit lights all around the house is an excellent way of increasing security without interfering with the visual pleasantness of the home. We can customize the fixtures to focus in the direction that needs the most light, and their even light distribution capacity will provide the illumination you need. You can capitalize on it by having motion-sensitive options near access areas like windows and doors.

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Soffit Lights Are Cost-Efficient

Soffit lights are cheaper than fluorescent or incandescent lights. They are also easier to install and consume less energy, translating to lower costs. Over 90% of the energy they absorb goes into lighting, with a minimal percentage wasted as heat. Since they can also last longer than traditional lights, you do not have to worry about replacement costs soon after the installation.

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They Serve Multiple Purposes

Outdoor lights can improve security and safety and increase property value and visual appeal. They have a decorative aspect that complements their primary lighting purpose. Their adjustability enhances their usefulness by making them easier to control to match the ambiance you prefer or the atmospheric conditions. If you want to make the most out of your outdoor spaces, contact us for the quick and efficient soffit lights installation.

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They Require Little to No Maintenance

Soffit lights do not require significant maintenance, especially the commercial-grade options we use. They are resistant to dust and excess moisture, making them ideal for outside placements. They also have a longer lifespan than conventional lights – you do not have to worry about changing them for many years. Since they can be controlled with smart devices, you do not have to risk your life by climbing a ladder to install or adjust them.

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They Remain Discreet

Outdoor soffit lights remain hidden under the overhang that connects the roof to the house structure. The section already exists all-round the house and is parallel to the ground. That means you can get sufficient lighting at night while maintaining a clean outlook during the day. You can choose to set timers that change their colour and brightness or integrate them with other exterior lighting fixtures for more convenience and discretion.

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Outdoor Lights That Give Your Property a Refreshed Appearance Throughout the Year


Outdoor soffit lights can blend well with the existing soffit board, meaning extensive renovations are not mandatory. We can also add them during new construction. Either way, you get lights that can withstand the harsh climatic conditions in Canada. Trades by Jack uses quality products and first-rate equipment that ensures the lights and soffit do not warp or crack. Our professional team prioritizes durability as much as functionality and aesthetics. The installation approach we choose ensures the lights remain hidden to maintain a streamlined appearance during the day.


Outdoor soffit lights come in a wide range of colours, making them easier to alternate according to the seasons or occasions. That terminates the need for climbing ladders to fix Christmas lights or add accents for any other celebratory function. They also require little to no cleaning, further taking away the ladder risks that many property owners deal with forcibly. The long-lasting nature of the lights also contributes to your safety – you do not have to worry about being part of the ladder-related injury statistics in the region. They rarely need replacement, and you can change the colours and brightness using smart devices.


Some outdoor soffit lights come with the option of motion activation. They can improve security around the house when strategically placed near windows, doors, or other openings that can serve as entryways. The full range of lights around the house also wades off potential burglars, especially at night, because they remain hidden during the day.



Gemstone lights usually go under the soffit during installation, meaning they go all around the house. However, they only use a fraction of the energy consumed by traditional fluorescent lights. A higher percentage of the energy they consume goes into lighting, with a minimal amount going to waste as heat. The lights also have better distribution, meaning they can cover a wider area and focus on a specific point if necessary. Additionally, soffit lights last longer, translating to fewer carbon footprints from fewer replacements.


Outdoor soffit lights are available in different colours, some being dimmable. They are also programmable and controllable with smartphones or tablets. Instead of walking to a specific switch area to make the changes you want, you can set a timer or adjust settings on your device from any location within the property. You can also have several switches located at strategic sections for easier control. Trades by Jack experts are readily available to install the lights according to your specifications, even if that includes integrating them with other lighting fixtures around the house. We can help you choose your ideal colour combinations to transform your home into a stunning haven with modern soffit lighting fixtures.


One of the main advantages of outdoor soffit lights is durability, which is up to six times longer than traditional lights. Installing them means avoiding regular replacements that are not only costly but also have higher carbon emissions. The bulbs also have qualities like resistance to water and dust that prolongs their lifespan. You can have the same bulbs for many years, especially when you hire a reliable and certified installation team that knows how to position them and can guarantee their longevity.



A beautiful interior with a less impressive exterior can be a problem, especially if you intend to sell the property. Most potential buyers lose interest when the curb appeal is not up to par. Even if you do not want to sell, the outdoor lights can make your home stand out by highlighting special features on the property. The bulbs remain discreet when they are switched off, maintaining a clean finish on the house, then making the property radiant when you turn them on. Investing in the lights is an extraordinary way of adding purpose to the primary function of the soffit.


Selecting light fixtures that blend with your architecture may not be easy. Our certified electricians can install them in a way that enhances the elegance of your exterior architecture to ensure your property stands out as one of a kind. We can put the lights under the roof overhang while keeping them out of sight and allowing illumination in the preferred direction at night. Remember, soffits are critical in every home because they block insect infestation and excess moisture penetration into the house. Outdoor soffit lights allow us to maximize their usage to give you the desired lighting effect without creating a dent in your finances. You do not have to alter the property design to accommodate the lights.


Well-designed and well-lit outdoor spaces are valuable assets that can make your life easier when used correctly. They can become an extension of the indoor area, perfect for entertainment or relaxation. Soffit lights are an affordable alternative, with many other benefits such as ease of installation and several personalization options. We believe that outdoor soffit lighting can influence the outlook of the design and can kill the mood even in the best of landscapes. That is why you should work with a team that understands how to use them strategically to ensure they do not divert attention from other magnificent outdoor features.

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Modern and Better Lighting Alternative

house light decoration

One of the best ways of setting the tone for celebrations is by having appropriate lighting fixtures. However, hanging and removing the lights is an uphill task that involves the dangers of accidental falls. We have the perfect solution for you – gemstone lights. You can enjoy the splendour of holiday lights without the risks or potential ladder injuries.

Unique outdoor soffit lights

Gemstone lights allow homeowners to modify them to suit unique style preferences – you never have to worry about your home resembling another in the neighbourhood. You can use your creativity and the available lighting technology to develop a masterpiece with the help of our experienced personnel.

Perfect Outdoor Lighting for Your Toronto Property

Soffit lights have several advantages that include:

Simple controllability

Exterior lights are not only fashionable; they are also adjustable using smart gadgets. Users can adjust the patterns, set timers, or change colours by pushing some buttons on a device. You get flexibility and complete control of the ambiance the lights create.

Outdoor suitability

The lights are not vulnerable to damage by external factors like excess moisture or dust. They last longer and are easy to install if a replacement becomes necessary.

Personalization options

Exterior soffit lights are versatile. You get many colour options, some being dimmable for the perfect atmospheric setting. Some have motion-activation features that make them ideal for use around entryways for better security. You can make any selection for a distinguished appearance within your neighbourhood.

Whether you want to create a festive mood or show solidarity with your favourite team, gemstone lights are the best choice. You can have them for many years without replacement, and they do not use too much energy. The lights do not require regular maintenance, including cleaning and can add resale value to your property. Feel free to contact us for more information, installation, or assistance.

Faster and Efficient Exterior Soffit Lighting Installation

Contact us for an estimate or more information if you want exterior light fixtures to make your home distinctive. We have a proven process that ensures we deliver exceptional results to our clients every time.

: We Provide the Necessary Information

Soffit lights have an impressive lifespan, but they only last long when installation is done correctly by professionals. Our adept team can ensure the lights remain flush with the roof and purposely hidden from the onlookers. We start the installation process by understanding your needs and crafting a plan according to the architectural layout of the house. We then complete the task quickly and share relevant information concerning maintenance. Our friendly team is available for inquiries or consultations. Feel free to reach us today.

Our Services Do Not End with Installation

We have the knowledge and experience to handle the installation process smoothly, but we believe that our clients deserve more. That is why we go the extra mile to clean the premises, so you do not have to go through the hassle of finding another service provider. Our certified electrical contractors have in-depth knowledge of gemstone lights and prioritize safety and quality. Hiring us means working with the best in the industry and boosting your home’s appearance affordably.

We Provide Assurance Through Safety Insurance

Every professional in our team has insurance coverage, and we give ESA certification upon job completion. Our soffit light installation experts also have licenses and extensive skills to handle every job appropriately to guarantee satisfaction. We only use commercial-grade products that do not succumb to damage by external elements and do not require maintenance or replacement regularly.

We evaluate potential issues that could damage the property and implement measures to mitigate them. The objective is to ensure you enjoy all the advantages of outdoor soffit lights, and that can only happen with stellar service delivery. Call Trades by Jack for clean and professional outdoor lighting solutions.

“I could go on and on about this company saying nothing less but wonderful things. From the sales agent, to the men that came to do the install, to the customer service. Highly recommend this company to anyone. You're valued and appreciated and they make sure you're very happy throughout the entire process from start to finish.”

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