Better Than Outdoor Pot Light Installation – Gemstone Lights

There’s a certain beauty to participating in neighbourhood celebrations by stringing lights on your home. It can, however, become quite the task as you make the journey up and down the ladder for every occasion that calls for lights. A solution can be found at Trades by Jack, a licensed dealer of Gemstone Lights.

Gemstone Lights – Improved Outdoor Pot Lights

Gemstone Lights transforms your home into an architectural masterpiece. Thanks to smart lighting technology, you can create a mesmerizing outdoor effect that will redefine your home’s exterior. This long-term solution has become increasingly popular with homeowners in Mississauga and other cities in Ontario.

Outdoor Lighting for your Mississauga Home 

The unique advantages of our year-round, outdoor LED lighting include:

Smart Device Controls

With the ability to set up multiple timers, switch up patterns, and change light color at the touch of a button on your smart phone using the Gemstone Lights App, you can enjoy complete control and versatility without the maintenance.

Fully Customizable colors

Gemstone Lights feature a low-profile design in the day but can be personalized with mesmerizing animations at night. What’s more, the dimmable lights can be customized in a range of colors, including warm white LED, for fun or ambient lighting year-round.

Waterproof Connections

Gemstone Lights are engineered to last 50,000 hours on average and can be easily replaced, if needed, thanks to individual, waterproof connections.

Show your support for your favourite team and participate in holiday decorations without the time-consuming maintenance of climbing up and down a ladder with state-of-the-art outdoor LED lighting from Trades by Jack. To learn more about this innovative product for your home in Mississauga, Ontario, or the GTA, contact Trades by Jack today!

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