Why Professional Eavestrough Installation is Important

A System for Efficient Rainwater Management

Having your home equipped with a highly efficient eavestrough system should be one of your top priorities as a homeowner. Eavestroughs protect your home from a variety of issues including damages to your foundation, landscaping, fascia, and more. At Trades by Jack, we have the only one-piece, seamless eavestrough system that’s designed with a built-in hood to keep your gutters clog-free for life. Our LeafGuard systemis available in several colors that can perfectly complement or enhance the style of your home. Additionally, LeafGuard uses ScratchGuard® paint finish, which removes any concern of your paint chipping, cracking, or scratching. Don’t wait any longer to have a premier eavestrough system installed on your home; bring in our team of eavestrough installation experts today!

Our Installation Process:

  • Preparation & Measuring: Our installers make an appointment to meet you at your residence to remove your old eavestough system if there is one. During the removal process, we take precise measurements of the area to ensure a perfect fit for the LeafGuard system.
  • On-Site Formation: After the measurements have been taken, our expert team roll-forms your new eavestrough system on-site in our factory on wheels. We form the eavestrough system using one continuous piece of heavy-duty aluminum. This creates a perfectly seamless system that fits beautifully onto your home.
  • Internal Bracket System: Our system uses non-corrosive brackets that are inserted into the trough and spaced them every .6 meters apart. Once the brackets are in place, the endcaps are placed to ensure a watertight seal.
  • Screwed on Installation: After the eavestrough is fully assembled with the internal hangers in place, we screw the system to the fascia board of your home. By using screws, we ensure that the trough won’t sag or pull away. We apply the screws above the water line to make sure that water can’t cause wood rot by seeping into the fascia.

Trusted Eavestrough Experts in

Our reputation is one of excellence and professionalism, which is largely due to the quality installations we perform. We know that an eavestrough system is only as efficient as the installation allows. If not installed properly, you lose all the benefits that an eavestrough system would normally provide. Poor installations can lead to exposure of your fascia, sagging, and many other issues that are detrimental to the health of your home. At Trades by Jack, we ensure that these issues won’t plague your home. For further reassurance, or LeafGuardsystems are backed by the Good Housekeeping warranty, which is a two year guarantee stating that if the product proves defective then your product will be replaced or reimbursed. To learn more about our seamless eavestrough system, contact us today for a free consultation.

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