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    Retractable Pergolas

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    We offer innovative and comfortable solution for any outdoor living space – from cozy residential backyards to hotels, restaurants and golf courts. The durability and versatility of our retractable pergolas allows you to use them in all four seasons.

    SkyRoof Prestige
    SkyRoof Plus
    Retractable Pergolas
    Commercial Grade Construction
    Glass systems
    SkyRoof Prestige

    With its innovative sense of comfort, the SkyRoof Prestige allows you to retract the roof
    to fully feel the sky. The retractable ceiling of Skyroof Prestige provides an open roof space of %79
    of the total covered area, due to the synchronised movement of the creatively designed panels.
    The durability and versatility of this pergola even allows you to use it in all four Canadian seasons.
    By insulating the louvers and adding retractable glass walls, you can sit outside in the winter with
    your morning coffee and watch it snow. In the summer, open it right up and let the sunshine in.

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    SkyRoof Plus

    The Plus series provides a perfect choice in all weather conditions. It’s strong, it’s powerful, it‘s
    multi functional, and modular to cover large areas. The motorized roof consists of rotating
    aluminium panels. Palmiye’s revolutionary design allows the panels to seamlessly rotate up to 120 degrees.
    The durability and versatility of this pergola allows you to use it in all four seasons. Even in Canada.
    By insulating the louvers and adding retractable glass walls, you can sit outside in the winter with
    your morning coffee and watch the snow fall all around you. In the summertime, open it right up and let the breeze blow through.

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    Retractable Pergolas

    The Palmiye collection of retractable pergolas offers the right solution for any outdoor living space. With
    over 35 different models and hundreds of shapes and sizes and a practically infinite amount of different ways
    you can customize each one, Palmiye Toronto boasts the ability to cover any space, anywhere. All our pergolas
    are motorized and retractable. Sit outside in the rain, day or night, or open it up completely and let the sun shine through.
    Our retractable pergolas are awe inspiring. They will make you fall in love with your backyard.

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    Commercial Grade Construction

    Whether you decide to use one of our four season, bioclimatic pergolas or a luxurious retractable pergola,
    you will be enjoying a commercial grade product, found in some of the most exclusive establishments around
    the world. Our pergolas are widely used by hotels, restaurants, golf courses, banquet halls etc. The one thing
    these properties all have in common is their high-class decor and top rated design.

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    Glass systems

    Palmiye pergolas are much more than just a way to provide shade. We offer a array of different glass systems
    to complete the look and feel of your pergola. If you want to extend your backyard lounging season by a few months,
    or even all year round, we can help. We offer glass walls for all our pergolas; Sliding glass, hanging glass, fixed glass,
    adjustable parapet systems, even motorized parapets glass systems. Check out Glass Systems – Palmiye Toronto for a
    complete list of ways to beautify your pergola with glass.

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    Whether you decide to just have a freestanding Palmiye pergola or add in a motorized glass parapet system or
    one of our award winning motorized blind systems, it can all be controlled with your smart home system. Set it
    to timers or use a voice command to control your pergola. Also, add in a wind or rain sensor to protect your patio when
    you’re not home. Palmiye literally has you covered!

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    Why Choose Palmiye Pergolas?

    When you want to make the most of your outdoor living space there are several options available. At Trades by Jack we believe the best one is Palmiye for several reasons.

    If you live anywhere in southwest Ontario, from Niagara, Hamilton, Toronto, Pickering, or Oshawa to London, Kitchener, Guelph, or Barrie contact us today to find out more about Palmiye and receive a no-obligation quote to enhance your life.

    Palmiye pergolas and awnings offer a wide variety of beautiful and elegant styles.
    With interchangeable options for roof and sides, a Palmiye pergola can be created to suit every taste. Palmiye pergolas are also modular so they can be created in any size to suit your need.
    A well made pergola will afford you the ability to enjoy your outdoor space in a wide range of conditions. It can be designed to provide protection from harsh sun, rain, wind, even cooler temperatures so that you can use it for a much longer portion of the year.
    Palmiye pergolas can be designed and installed for a fraction of the cost of a sun room, or an addition to your home.
    Quality construction
    The Palmiye line is carefully designed and constructed to provide years of problem-free service. Lower priced products often start to rust out within 2-3 years.
    Increased home value
    A well crafted pergola will add substantial value to your home.
    Palmiye Toronto Rectractable Pergolas

    Commercial Grade Product for Your Home

    Produced in Istanbul, these beautiful products are
    renowned around the world for elegant design, excellence in
    manufacturing, and reliable performance. Palmiye has been providing
    pergolas and awnings to restaurants and businesses around the world
    for several years, and those same design an

    Four Seasons Outdoor Living Space

    Whether your goal is to create a pool house or cabana for your yard, or
    to extend the everyday living space of your home, Palmiye can give you
    a structure guaranteed to impress. A Palmiye pergola attached to your
    home can give you a sheltered outdoor living space at a fraction of the
    cost of building an addition or a sunroom with a much more attractive style. It can
    even be constructed to shelter from cold temperatures so it is useful
    year- round, even in Canada.

    Fully Automated

    Palmiye retractable pergolas are all motorized. Use your wireless remote control to open
    and close as you like. They are also available with smart home technology. Have Google Home, Alexa or any other
    home automation platform open and close your awning on voice command, or set it to close on a timer at night in
    case you accidentally leave it open. You can even order all our awnings with wind and sun sensors so that they’ll
    open and close on their own as the weather requires.

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    European style retractable pergolas for Residential and Commercial Use

    Pergolas Mississauga ONDo you take pride in your home’s outdoor area? There’s nothing quite like breathing in fresh, cool air while relaxing or hosting parties on your deck or patio. However, sometimes Mother Nature has plans of her own. If your time outdoors is cut short by too much sun or a sudden downpour or snow flurry, you can trust Trades by Jack to deliver a solution. Based in Toronto  and serving cities in Canada, we proudly offer Palmiye Pergolas, a collection of contemporary European style pergolas that will not only provide the shelter you need to maximize your enjoyment of your back yard, but will also improve the appeal of your outdoor living area with a gorgeous design.

    These aren’t your grandmother’s pergolas. Traditionally, pergolas are static structures, but ours are designed to be operational, so that you can either completely retract the cover for full exposure to the sun or rotate the slats for partial shade. There are numerous designs to choose from to find the perfect addition to your backyard space.

    Palmiye SkyRoof Plus and Prestige Retractable Pergolas in Toronto

    Trades by Jack is a licensed dealer of Palmiye. Our modern pergolas improve upon the classic designs of the past. Rather than a static structure, Palmiye pergolas are built to be functional with a retractable roof or rotating slats, allowing you to choose exactly how much shelter your patio or deck receives. You can bask in full or partial sunshine on sunny days, allow your potted plants a drink of rainwater without flooding them on rainy days, and cook a hot meal in your outdoor kitchen even when it’s snowing.

    A Range of Attractive Designs

    The Palmiye Pergola collection is available in a number of unique designs to complement the architecture of your home. The durable aluminum frame of the cover can be straight or curved, and the slats can have soft or rigid contours. With the sheer amount of options, you can be sure that you’ll receive a one-of-kind-pergola, built by the expert craftsmen at Trades by Jack.

    To learn more about the Pergola by Jack collection, or to begin designing a pergola for your home in Mississauga or elsewhere in Canada, contact Trades by Jack today.Also, visit our Showroom located in the Trades by Jack Headquarters at 5132 Timberlea Blvd in Mississauga.

    “I could go on and on about this company saying nothing less but wonderful things. From the sales agent, to the men that came to do the install, to the customer service. Highly recommend this company to anyone. You're valued and appreciated and they make sure you're very happy throughout the entire process from start to finish.”

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    “Everything went very smoothly from the initial meeting for the quote to the delivery of the materials and the installation. Everyone who we had the pleasure of dealing with were very professional and courteous. The work was done quickly and efficiently and the property was left clean and tidy. I would highly recommend this company.”

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