Stay off that ladder! Even to Hang Christmas Lights!

According to the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre
climbing a ladder is one of the most dangerous things you can
do around your home! They say that there are approx 9000
Emergency Room visits every year in Ontario from non-work
related ladder falls. And installing a set of Christmas lights does not mean
just one trip up and down the ladder. Depending on the size of
your home you could be climbing up and down that ladder 10,
20, even 30 times before you are done.
Sure… not every fall is fatal, but not every fall is a sprained ankle
either. You could suffer broken bones, damaged ligaments,
dislocated joints, or more serious injuries such as concussion,
coma, internal bleeding, or impalement. Statistics show that for
the age group 65-75 ladder falls result in 59% of all fatalities
caused by falls. When you consider all the other ways a person
can fall, and the fact that we spend a relatively small
percentage of our time on ladders, that is a frightening thought.
Speak to us today about Gemstone permanent exterior lights
for your home so you can stay safe and enjoy life!


Hal Katz


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