The Advantages of Permanent Outdoor Lights/Gemstone Lights

There are several reasons to consider permanent outdoor lights
for your home:

1. Avoid the hassle of installing and removing your lighting
every year. Climbing up a ladder to put up or take down
Christmas lights every year is a huge inconvenience. It is
time consuming, dangerous, and very difficult and
uncomfortable in freezing winter weather.

2. Avoid the expense of having someone else do it for you.
Having your lights installed can cost anywhere from
$200.00 to $2000.00 depending upon the company you hire
and the size of your home. Spend this twice a year for ten
years and you have will have spent thousands of dollars,
which you will have to spend again in the next ten years.
That’s not even considering inflation! And don’t forget to
make sure that the company you select is fully insured,
and registered with WSIB. If they are not, and there is an
accident during installation you are responsible.

3. Storing your Christmas lights every year can take up
valuable space in your home, and can cause accidental
damage to your lights. Every year when you bring them
out you will spend time untangling them, and replacing
damaged or burned out bulbs, or even entire strings of

4. Gemstone permanent light systems use high efficiency LED
bulbs which use up to 80% less energy than conventional
bulbs. That means you save a significant amount on

5. Conventional Christmas lights are limited in colors and
patterns while Gemstone is only limited by your
imagination. You can have a totally new look every year
without spending a fortune for new lighting equipment.

6. Conventional Christmas lights are useless when they are
packed in a box in your basement. Gemstone lights give
you unlimited options for highlighting your home the
other ten months of the year.

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Gemstone system, and a quote for installation on your

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