Why Choose LeafGuard ?

When selecting a clog prevention solution for your home’s gutters you
need look no further than the LeafGuard System. With a patented
design that utilizes the scientific principle of Hydrostatic Adhesion
LeafGuard provides truly superior performance and a truly
maintenance free alternative. Guaranteed never to clog, and never to
separate from the fascia, LeafGuard lives up to it’s motto – Get It And
Forget It!
The unique one piece system with integrated cover is the only leaf
protection system that never needs cleaning, and looks great too.
Meticulously designed, the Leafguard System is not just a new
eavestrough. Every aspect of the installation has been reimagined to
function efficiently and harmoniously from end to end.
Utilizing an exclusive hanging bracket system the Leafguard gutter can
hold up to 250 pounds without pulling away from the fascia. That is the
equivalent of 8 feet of snow and ice piled up on top of the trough. The
system also is equipped with extra-large downspouts for rapid flow of
rain water and a specially designed adaptor to connect the downspouts
to the trough. We even found a better way to attach the downspout to
the wall, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off.
The LeafGuard system is also designed to ensure that no water gets in
behind the system to cause damage to your fascia boards or roof
To see a presentation of the LeafGuard system and receive a no
obligation quote to protect your home contact us today.



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