Gemstone – Outdoor House Lighting System

At Trades by Jack we are proud to represent the Gemstone Outdoor Lighting System. Gemstone is a permanent lighting system that replaces conventional outdoor pot lights, spot lights, and Christmas lights. It also provides outstanding flexibility of design and function.

What does Gemstone do?

Many of our customers come to us looking for an easy reliable alternative to standard Christmas lights, but a growing portion of them are asking the question “ Can Gemstone Lights help improve home security?” The quick answer is yes. Most articles, online or off, that discuss home security list having your home well lit as an important way to deter thieves. The Gemstone system can certainly do that, and do it in a very attractive way.

The Gemstone system is certainly much more attractive than installing individual spotlights, and will not leave blind spots around your home. It also provides beautiful architectural accents to your home’s appearance, and you can come home from an evening out without worrying about stumbling from your car to your front door in the dark.

Another advantage of the system is that you can set multiple timers to turn it on or off, so it can work even when you are not there.

But the real answer goes deeper than that. Because Gemstone lights are manufactured with high- efficiency LED bulbs the system can provide powerful lighting for your property while, at the same time using very little electrical power. That means, unlike conventional pot lights or spotlights, you can light everything up for pennies a day! No worries about large electrical bills. Each bulb provides 23 lumens of light- doesn’t sound like much, but when you have anywhere from 50 to 250 bulbs installed that provides you with some powerful deterrence.

 The Gemstone light system provides much more than just Christmas lights that are used for two months of the year and then packed away in the basement to be untangled next year. It also takes the place of architectural accent lights, pot lights, flood lights, motion activated spot lights, and specialty displays for holidays like Canada Day or Halloween. You can even light up the house with your own pattern to celebrate a birthday, or proudly display your team’s colors when they are playing a game.

Home decor

Homeowners often spend thousands of dollars, and uncounted hours of gardening to make their home’s appearance as attractive as possible, then stand and stare at their property trying to determine what is missing. “Why does it not look finished?” they wonder. The answer is often lighting! Any professional landscaper will tell you that the appearance of a property can be drastically improved by proper lighting. It draws the eye, and highlights elements of the installation dramatically, thus increasing the impact of the view. This effect is even more noticeable when viewing the property from the street instead of up close, allowing one to appreciate the entire vista as a whole. That’s why they call it Curb Appeal- it is best when viewed at the curb. Your home can receive all the attention and admiration of everyone that passes by. Now there is a way to achieve this goal that is simple, economical, and efficient. Whether you desire architectural accents, convenience lighting over walkways, highlights around trees or shrubs, or mood lighting around a deck or pool the Gemstone system can do it all. And this system can do it with minimal fuss. It can generally be installed in one day for an average size home efficiently and neatly with no reconstruction required.

Additionally the Gemstone system gives you something that conventional pot lights or spotlights cannot. You can program Gemstone lights to your every desire. The almost limitless number of combinations of colors and animation patterns allow you to have any illumination pattern you can conceive. And the system is controlled by you, using an app on your phone or pad, so you can change the patterns at will to keep it interesting. They also make great Christmas lights! That means no more climbing up and down a ladder in freezing weather every year to install and remove lights. Add beauty to your home the fun way with Gemstone lights!

How is Gemstone made?

At Trades by Jack we take pride in offering our customers only the finest products for their home. That is why we have chosen to work with Gemstone Lighting systems. It has been said that the best way to save money is to buy the highest quality product that you can so that later on, you don’t have to spend more money repairing or replacing your original purchase. At Gemstone that principle is taken to heart, and they strive to provide you with the best architectural lighting system possible.

The design of the Gemstone light system has been carefully crafted with your desires in mind. The Gemstone system not only gives you an almost unlimited selection of colours and shades to choose from, it also gives you true white light if you desire. You do not have to choose between white only  or colors, like some of our competitors. Gemstone also offers 6-9 times as many options for animation patterns. This gives you a much larger range of functionality so you can get much more use out of your system. You can program almost any pattern you can imagine. The Gemstone lighting system is the last light system you will ever need. Using high efficiency LED lights that last a minimum 50,000 hours, and require up to 80% less energy than conventional can lights or spots while lasting 25 times as long as conventional light bulbs.

The track which we use to install the lights is constructed of high quality aluminum, not plastic, just like your eavestroughs and soffits so you do not have to worry about summer sun warping the track or winter cold causing it to crack. The high grade aluminum track that is weatherproof, color co-ordinated to your eaves, and will last longer than most people will own their home. This system will light up your home beautifully for many years to come. Add to that an electronic control module with proprietary software that functions flawlessly and you have a lighting system that will provide you with the flexibility of architectural accents, full home lighting for security, as well as festive  lights for any holiday or party. Gemstone lights can light up the inside of a sunroom or pergola. This light system can even be installed in the edge of a deck, or around a pool for ambiance or safety.

It is also worth noting that the Gemstone system was designed in Canada, by Canadians, for the Canadian climate. With a full 5 year warranty you can be assured of the system’s reliability, and online tutorials provide any assistance you might need as you explore the programming options for your Gemstone system. Once you have Gemstone lights installed you will wonder why you did not do it sooner! In fact the only time you will buy any more lights will be if you move to a new home that does not already have a Gemstone system installed.


Not just boring old pot lights, the Gemstone system can provide an unlimited number of choices for the appearance of your home. Using the proprietary app to control the system you can select different colors and animations for every holiday. Christmas of course, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labor day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving can all be celebrated with different light shows on your home. You can even get the kids involved, picking colors for their birthday, mother’s day, or Father’s day.

The whole family will be delighted to see the results of their imagination come to life on your home. Not to mention the neighbors! Got friends coming over? They are guaranteed to find your home when you light it up like a beacon.

Back yard entertaining

At Trades by Jack we offer two lines of products that will help you create an entertainment space you can be proud to display. Palmiye pergolas and awnings offer protection from extreme heat, rain and winds, allowing you to use your space in any weather. We offer a wide selection of styles with several options for sides and roofs that can be retracted on the nice days to allow maximum enjoyment. Want your party to carry on into the evening? Gemstone lights will save the day. They can be installed on your home or pergola, or even in a deck or around your pool. Light up the night with bright or soft white lights, or keep the party going with multi-colored disco effects.


According to the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre climbing a ladder is one of the most dangerous things you can do around your home! They say that there are approx 9000 Emergency Room visits every year in Ontario from non-work related ladder falls. And installing a set of lights does not mean just one trip up and down the ladder. Depending on the size of your home you could be climbing up and down that ladder 10, 20, even 30 times before you are done.

Sure not every fall is fatal, but not every fall is a sprained ankle either. You could suffer broken bones, damaged ligaments, dislocated joints, or more serious injuries such as concussion, coma, internal bleeding, or impalement. Statistics show that for the age group 65-75 ladder falls result in 59% of all fatalities caused by falls. When you consider all the other ways a person can fall, and the fact that we spend a relatively small percentage of our time on ladders, that is a frightening thought.

Create the perfect back yard entertainment space

Do you want to have a beautiful place to entertain family and friends? Trades by Jack can help. Based in Mississauga, we provide products and services to home owners throughout southwest Ontario. From London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, and Cambridge to Niagara, Hamilton, Ancaster, Toronto, Pickering and Oshawa we have been helping homeowners for a decade. We also extend services north through Brampton, Richmond Hill, and Thornhill, to Barrie.





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